"Female version of Chen Shimei" swipe: admitted to the career editor, abandoned her boyfriend for the exam

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"Female version of Chen Shimei" swipe: admitted to the career editor, abandoned her boyfriend for the exam

Text|Jing Ma 01 Lawyer Wang Shifang will connect with some netizens on the Internet to answer some parents' short stories about marriage and love and related legal knowledge! A female netizen who has just been admitted to the career editor on the Internet, she said that I was admitted to the career editor. I think my boyfriend is not good enough for me, so I want to break up with him, how can I make it easier for him to accept Bar! The female netizen explained the story of her and her boyfriend. The boyfriend's family conditions are very ordinary, and her job is also very ordinary. She is in sales, and this girl has no stable job because she has to take the career test. Most of the Time is for exam preparation. At this time, a lot of expenses are provided by the man, so during the four years of love, the man spent 50,000 to 60,000 yuan on the woman. 02 The woman was admitted to the career editor, and her colleagues also introduced her to boys with better conditions, but she instantly felt that she had been in a relationship with her for 4 years, and the boyfriend with a good relationship was not good anymore. She felt that the conditions of her boyfriend were not suitable for her. I don't like myself, so I want to break up with my boyfriend! But I'm worried that my boyfriend is more extreme. How can I tell my boyfriend that it would be better? So come to help lawyer Wang! The woman kept repeating in the live broadcast room: I hope that the other half in the future will have a better economic strength and a more stable job! When I was not admitted to the career editor, my boyfriend was still good and treated me well, but when I was admitted to the career editor, I had a different vision and different requirements. I asked, so I want to break up! This girl keeps repeating that she is not cheating money, after all, spending 50,000 to 60,000 yuan in love for 4 years is not much! He didn't say that the money would not be repaid at all, but he would still repay part of it. Many netizens were very angry when they saw it: while sucking their blood, they despised them! You must know that during the 4 years of the exam, it was your boyfriend who worked hard and gave not only financial support, but also emotional support. Attorney Wang mentioned in his summary: This society is so realistic, there are more such men, many of them will break up with their girlfriends when they are admitted to civil servants, so they can't accuse others of anything from the commanding heights of morality! 03 For example, the case of Li Yanchang and her husband Cheng Weiming, who had been making a lot of trouble before. Both of them graduated from medical secondary school. When the couple got married, they married naked, but then the husband slowly got into a postgraduate doctoral degree, and the wife also had a job because she needed to take care of the whole family, but gave up the opportunity to study. Husband, I am slowly getting to my undergraduate degree. But my husband has to divorce his wife when he gets a doctorate degree, and he has another girlfriend! So in a love or marriage relationship, if one of the two people is running forward desperately, and the other is standing still, it is difficult to continue to go down! The cruelest truth in marriage is unworthiness!

So no matter if you have a son or a daughter, parents should not ignore these points in education

Point 1: try your best to be in love Take less advantage. For example, many girls think about spending boys' money when they are in love. This kind of mentality is no problem in most people's eyes. But if you meet an extreme guy, and gradually you find that two people are not suitable, or you run all the way forward, when he is still standing still, it will become very difficult for you to break up at that time. Point 2: It is best not to take care of children full-time. A lawyer friend mentioned that women are often vulnerable during divorce. Because in traditional families, men go out to earn money and women take care of them at home, especially when there is no one to take care of their children at home, many women will quit their jobs to take care of their children at home. At the time of divorce, I didn't know how much money my husband had at all. As a result, my husband only had a bunch of debts and no money at the time of divorce. Either dad or mom, try not to be a stay-at-home mom as much as possible, or consider something you can do while raising your kids. Point 3: Marriage is not about looking for a long-term meal ticket. After getting married, you have to work hard on your own. It does not mean that you will find a long-term meal ticket when you get married. At times, you will be really miserable. Marriage and love are both about matching. Whether it’s dating or getting married, it’s best for two people to follow the same steps, otherwise they don’t deserve it, and it’s easy for them to part ways. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete) For more exciting content, please click: If you miss the best childbearing age, don’t give birth? Study: Older mothers are more likely to have smart babies
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