The latest second child and third child welfare has been released. There are 10 welfare benefits for giving birth to a child. Hurry up and give birth while you are young

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The latest second child and third child welfare has been released. There are 10 welfare benefits for giving birth to a child. Hurry up and give birth while you are young

Text|Yingma The National Health and Health Commission's Development and Reform Commission issued the "Guiding Opinions on Further Improving and Implementing Active Birth Support Measures", which proposed that marriage, fertility and parenting education should be considered together through policies in related fields such as finance, taxation, insurance, education, housing and employment. Active Fertility Support System! That is to say, the country calls us to have children, not only to have one child, but also to have two or even three children. In the generation of our parents, we had to hire a midwife at home because we had no money. Now, not only do we have to go to the hospital to give birth to a child, we even have to go to the hospital for an obstetric examination when we are pregnant, and various medical benefits are much better! A few days ago, a friend from Shanghai returned to the company to receive a maternity allowance after giving birth to a second child. There were more than 140,000! The 140,000 maternity allowance is already the annual salary of many people, and there is nothing wrong with the child. Basically, it can cover the expenses before the child is three years old!

There are 10 benefits to having a baby, starting with pregnancy, see how many you've enjoyed

First: Free folic acid In the first three months of pregnancy, we recommend folic acid supplementation, because folic acid can prevent neural tube defects in the fetus. In the corresponding maternal and child health care hospital or health center, you can get 6 months of folic acid with the ID cards of both spouses, from the first three months of pregnancy to the first trimester. Although this is not a lot of money, it is also a benefit. After all, it can be received for free, which can greatly reduce the deformity of newborns. The second one: Free pre-pregnancy prenatal and postnatal care inspections, that is, when you are not pregnant, you can go to relevant institutions for free prenatal and postnatal care inspections. Not only are relevant doctors consulted, but also blood is drawn to test various physical conditions. There will even be eugenics items that can check B-ultrasound to understand the mother's physical condition in order to better prepare for pregnancy. Of course, this pre-pregnancy prenatal and postnatal care inspection is not available everywhere, you can call and ask the community. No. 3: Free obstetric examination. For example, Guangxi is a high incidence period of thalassemia. In some places, amniocentesis will be performed for pregnant women for free to check whether they have thalassemia. Different places have different free obstetric check-up items. You can also consult the community or related maternal and child health care centers. No. 4: Reimbursement of childbirth expenses This is mainly reimbursed by medical insurance and maternity insurance. Even rural medical insurance is reimbursed. I remember that when my sister-in-law gave birth to a nephew, she didn’t spend a penny, and it was still paid at the time of checkout. Added 200 bucks. No. 5: Free screening of children at birth, hearing screening at birth, screening for hypothyroidism, and screening for phenylketonuria. These screenings are all free screening at the state's expense. No. 6: If a mother on paid maternity leave does not have maternity insurance, the salary during maternity leave will be paid by the maternity fund, just like I said before that a friend in Shanghai received more than 140,000 yuan after giving birth to a child, because his monthly salary was All have nearly 40,000 yuan. So maternity leave can make up so much money. No. 7: Husband's maternity leave When the wife gives birth to a child, the husband also has 15 days of maternity leave, and if the wife does not buy maternity insurance, the husband's maternity insurance can also be reported. It is said that it can be reported more than 10,000. No. 8: Breastfeeding leave In many places, the maternity leave is three or four months. After returning to work, the company is still breastfeeding. At this time, the company should give the mother one hour a day to breastfeed. You can go to work late in the morning or at noon. Take an extra hour off when you get home, or leave work an hour earlier in the evening. No. 9: Parental leave Before the child is three years old, both husband and wife have 10 to 15 days of parental leave. They can accompany the child or take parental leave when the child is sick. This is also not deducted from wages. No. 10: Buying a house or renting a house with discounts Many places have started to have low-rent housing, or guaranteed housing will have some tilts for families with second and third children. Of course, this depends on the policies of various places, and even some places will give birth to Second and third child families directly buy a house at a discount. The country now encourages the birth of children, and encourages to have more children. If there are still children who like children, then they should hurry up.
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