The way of life of young parents after 90

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The way of life of young parents after 90

Wen | Wen'er, the youngest born in the 90s, has already reached the age of getting a marriage certificate. It can be said that the main force of fertility now is the post-90s, and more and more post-90s are beginning to lose their childishness and innocence, becoming fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, and starting a new stage of life. It is said that the post-90s generation does not take the usual path as a parent, and the post-90s generation pursues a sentence. If the birth of children is not used for playing, but for commanding, it will be meaningless. Two days ago, I heard a friend say: "The power went out for an hour two days ago. I asked the two children to take turns to fan me. I slept, and when the call came, they fell asleep. Hurry up and make calls, and if you get older, you won’t be able to call anymore. The post-90s make it easy to call up the post-15s, haha.” There is also the video from a while ago, where the mother sleeps and the daughter chooses vegetables. Netizens describe the way of life of parents born in the 90s as follows: the older ones, the younger ones, the real and vivid.

The post-90s can't start a family and start a business without the support of their parents. After having children, most of them also need their parents to contribute.

They say that the post-90s It's an older generation, and I agree with this sentence as a post-90s generation. Now there are few job opportunities, high pressure, stagnant wages, and soaring prices, especially housing prices, it is too difficult for young people to buy a house by themselves and start a family, most of them need family support. Many married and children born in the 1990s have completed major life events with the help of their parents. Then after having a child, parents need to help with the child, otherwise it will be too difficult to support the family by one person. It can be said that many post-90s are now gnawing on the old. Many parents also know that young people are under a lot of pressure now. They take the initiative to help after their children get married and start a family, and donate money to support the lives of their children and small families. Therefore, it is said that the post-90s gnawing on the old is forced to gnaw on the old in the social environment, on the other hand It is also the parents who take the initiative to let their children eat old age.

The post-90s nibble on children, change their ways to be parents, and cultivate children's independence from childhood

The post-90s become parents, no I would like to be the kind of selfless parents like the older generation again. Such parents are great, but they also have too many shackles, and it is not easy for children and parents. After becoming parents in the 90s, they realized this. They want to be parents who have themselves and their children as friends. Therefore, they put down the burden of selflessness, treat their children and themselves as independent individuals, and do not spoil children, and cultivate their ability to do housework from an early age. This is not only for their own relaxation, but also to cultivate children's independence and sense of family responsibility, and is also conducive to the healthy development of the parent-child relationship.

The post-90s can be said to be old and young, but it also means a heavy responsibility on the shoulders

Now, after the 90s, there are parents who can gnaw on the old without much worries, and there are children below who can play and command. Therefore, I think the post-90s generation is the happiest stage. Parents are not old, they can still be children in the eyes of their parents, and they can still enjoy their parents' care and concern. At the same time, the child is still young, and I have experienced the various tastes of being a parent while taking care of the child and accompanying the child to grow up. But it also means that there are old and young, not only the identity of parents, but also the identity of children. It means that you have to work hard and not relax, so that parents can have a comfortable old age and children have a good growth environment. This is a pressure and an inescapable responsibility. [Topic discussion: Have you gnawed on the old and gnawed on the young? 】Senior nursery teacher, psychological consultant. He understands parenting and psychology, and also pays attention to the mother's self-growth and family management, and strives to be a caring person for mothers. Welcome to [Parenting Cheats], you can find the answers here for everything you want to know about parenting care, growth and development, family education, and mental health!
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