The mother-in-law and husband do not take care of the daughter after caesarean section, and the mother divorces after confinement, netizens: agree

time:2023-02-07 author:Make one's mouth water
The mother-in-law and husband do not take care of the daughter after caesarean section, and the mother divorces after confinement, netizens: agree

Text|Jing Ma Recently, a mother in Luanzhou, Hebei Province just gave birth, and was sitting in a wheelchair with her child who just had a full moon in her arms, preparing to divorce her husband! It turned out that she gave birth to a daughter due to caesarean section. Both her mother-in-law and her husband disliked her daughter and did not take care of her. As a result, only the 80-year-old grandmother took care of her, which made her feel very chilled, so the first thing she did after confinement was to divorce. The woman said, "Why should I endure when I meet a provocative mother-in-law!" Most of the netizens below agreed. One of the male netizens said, "As a compatriot, I support the woman this time." Another netizen said: "Stay away from this kind of family with wrong views! Support every brave person." When every mother is pregnant, she experiences vomiting in the first trimester, anxiety in the second trimester, anxiety in the third trimester, etc. Sweet as candy. Because the child stays in the womb for one more day, it will grow up a little more, and I also hope that the child can grow up healthy. It is difficult to wait until the melon is ripe and the child is born. Whether it is a boy or a girl, the mother thinks that the child is healthy! As the child's father and grandmother, she doesn't care because she dislikes the child as a girl. As a mother, she must feel so chilled. Moreover, during the confinement period, many mothers will experience postpartum anxiety and depression due to the decline of hormones in the body. In addition, the baby is crying and needs to breastfeed, and needs to be coaxed to sleep and need to change diapers. These miscellaneous things make mothers even more Emotions break down easily. At this time, the mother hopes that there is a person who knows the cold and heat and can take care of the child together, but the father of the child does not ask at this time, and the grandmother of the child also dislikes the girl and ignores her, how sad the mother must be! Divorce after confinement, it is because I have saved enough discomfort, sadness and disappointment in confinement, so I decide to divorce after confinement.

After confinement, what kind of care does a mother need? The father knew earlier

★ that he needed to acknowledge the mother's hard work. Outside the delivery room, the baby was usually carried out first. At this time, many fathers did not let go of the baby and carried the baby directly into the ward, while the mother was taken out. Forgotten in the delivery room! Generally, when a child is born, not only the father will come to the scene, but also the grandma or grandpa, who will hold the child and hand it over to the grandma or grandpa. The father should stay outside the delivery room and wait for the mother to come out. At this time, he stepped forward to hug his wife and told her "it's hard work", which is the greatest respect and love for the postpartum mother. ★Needs a correct diet Before confinement, the habit of confinement is to eat big fish and meat, eat greasy chicken soup right after giving birth, can't eat fruit, can't eat vegetables. Now it has been found that these are all wrong dietary concepts. At the beginning of postpartum confinement, because the gastrointestinal peristalsis is relatively slow, it is recommended that mothers eat some foods that are easier to digest. For example, millet porridge, or some porridge noodles and the like. If it is a caesarean section, you should also give your mother some radish soup or soup for exhausting gas, so that the stomach can start peristalsis as soon as possible. Gradually give the mother some vegetables, fruits and meat food, and a balanced nutrition can make the milk nutrition more balanced, also help the child's health, and help the mother's postpartum recovery. ★Need family to take care of the baby. Except for breastfeeding, mothers try not to hold the baby at other times, because when the uterus is repairing, the waist cannot use too much strength. The baby is a heavy object for the mother. Often holding the baby will easily lead to the mother's uterine prolapse and poor postpartum repair. So coaxing sleep, changing diapers, etc., should be handed over to the child's father or grandmother. ★Need family care. Moms are prone to depression and anxiety after giving birth because of the decline in hormones. At this time, people in the family should not say something to stimulate the mother in front of the mother. For example, the baby must be out of milk when crying. Speak in a softer tone, observe your mother's emotions, and let her be more. Confinement is a very critical period for mothers. With more understanding, love and respect from the family, the mother can feel warmer in her heart and reduce the psychological problems of the mother after childbirth. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete) For more exciting content, please click: Refuting rumors, listening to mother-in-law in confinement? Seven tricks to teach obstetrics confinement, the seventh trick is very important Postpartum confinement, eat the right 4 nutrients, stay away from "confinement disease", breastfeeding babies are healthier
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