Adolescent children can't avoid one thing when they transition to maturity, and they only know after experience.

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Adolescent children can't avoid one thing when they transition to maturity, and they only know after experience.

What makes adolescent children so difficult to discipline? From a physiological point of view, when children reach puberty, their bodies gradually mature. The maturity of their bodies will make them look at the world from a different perspective. For example, their views of the opposite sex have quietly changed, and they have begun to have feelings of curiosity and goodwill towards the opposite sex. Psychologically speaking, adolescence babies are more mature, have their own ability to judge the world, desire to be respected, and desire to become independent. So under the influence of this kind of psychology, they always want to prove that they have grown up. Moreover, the perception of the relationship between the sexes has also changed. Because of the psychological desire to mature, they will imitate adults and start falling in love, which will be the last thing parents want to see. Xiao Li has a daughter who just entered junior high school this year. She is the only daughter in the family. Xiao Li and her husband have always loved their daughter very much. My daughter has always been very worry-free since she was a child, but she did not expect that after junior high school, Xiaoli found that her daughter gradually became more worry-free. The teacher called Xiaoli and said that her daughter was very close to the boys in the class, and she was suspected of having a puppy love. The teacher's words made Xiaoli uneasy. After returning home, he wanted to find out whether the child had puppy love by looking through his daughter's diary. Unexpectedly, when Xiaoli was flipping through her daughter's diary, she was discovered by the child. After that incident, her daughter was very wary of Xiao Li, and Xiao Li couldn't even have a good conversation with her daughter. Thinking of her daughter, Xiao Li was full of depression and didn't know how to solve the problems on her child. Many parents are still confused and confused in getting along with their adolescent children. Let's talk about how to face the problem of "adolescent children falling in love".

Do not blindly prevent puberty and puppy love

During adolescence, children will gradually move towards adults due to hormonal and psychological changes, even behavioral changes. The behavior will also imitate adults. Therefore, about the matter of children's puppy love, everyone actually understands that this is a child imitating adults. They don't understand the meaning of puppy love, and they don't know what "love" will bring to them. However, puppy love must be dealt with. If the parents do not handle it well, the parent-child relationship between the child and the parents will gradually become estranged. Many parents will only force their children to break up by making a lot of noise. This kind of forcible behavior of hitting the mandarin ducks will make the children more intensely confrontational. Because children have a strong rebellious mentality during adolescence, and parents have a strong desire to discipline their children, they can't bear the rebelliousness of their children, and they will only form more intense confrontations with their children, which can easily make children act impulsively. . Children imitate adults, they may run away from home with their romantic partner, or they may have sex to retaliate against their parents. Due to the lack of sex education for children by Chinese parents, it is difficult to make children truly aware of the harm.

After discovering that the child is in puppy love, three aspects should be done in place

When the child reaches adolescence, the most difficult problem for parents to deal with is the situation of puppy love. It is something that children must go through, marking their gradual maturity. First, keep a stable mind. Generally, after a child falls in love at school, parents can detect the slightest sign. Many anxious parents cross-examine their children as if they were prisoners. The more parents do this, the more they will push their children further. When talking with children, parents should maintain a stable attitude, not to question them, and not to always expose their children's secrets. Try to have a heart-to-heart exchange with children and guide them to take the initiative to mention their love, so that parents can give positive guidance to their children. Second, popularize physiological knowledge. Many children have a very hazy and vague concept of love. It is generally due to the influence of online novels and TV dramas. Although love is beautiful, it can also make a lot of big mistakes because of ignorance. Parents can't remove the seeds of love from their children's hearts, they can only teach them what true love looks like. Educate them about the physiological knowledge they should have. And let the children abide by the bottom line, at least to ensure the health of the body. Finally, conduct reasonable grooming. Puppy love is also divided into many types, some children can successfully find a love object, while some children will unilaterally fall in love. Children who are unilaterally in love will have troubles, and children who break up because of puppy love will also have troubles. Parents should rationally channel their emotions. If you don't know how to communicate with your children, refer to the books we recommended just now, I believe you will find the answer you want. The response of most parents to puppy love is: "Whoever dares to fall in love, I will break his leg!" With such a stern attitude, after the child develops such a normal affection, they do not dare to Talk to parents. Conclusion: Only after the parents' mentality is stable, children are willing to tell their emotional troubles to their parents. When parents are young, they can also understand why their children are so eager for love. As long as the parents give some comfort and understanding, the child will be able to easily pass through under the guidance of the parents, a period full of expectations for the opposite sex. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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