This way of feeding is hurting the child's spleen and stomach. Many parents are using it. Please correct it in time.

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This way of feeding is hurting the child's spleen and stomach. Many parents are using it. Please correct it in time.

Introduction: Every child is the baby of the family. Most parents and elders of the next generation will take good care of the child's growth. Physical development and health are inseparable from three meals a day. From the first introduction of complementary food to eating, the baby has changed from completely relying on formula or breast milk to a variety of foods, and parents will also face different problems, such as the baby does not eat carefully or has a poor appetite. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to match nutritious meals, and the baby either eats a few bites or not. Faced with such a headache, a large number of parents simply picked up bowls and spoons and tried their best to coax and feed them. Nutrition is extremely critical to the growth and development of children, and as parents, it is also very important. It is also a common phenomenon to coax children to eat. Chasing after feeding is harmful to children.

"Chinese-style food" is harmful and not beneficial

There is a plot in the TV series "An Jia", Hai Qing plays the second child treasure Mother Gong Beibei is also an obstetrics and gynecology specialist. After get off work, she saw her in-laws taking care of Dabao to eat, the baby was watching cartoons, and the old man was feeding spoonfuls by spoonfuls. Seeing such a scene, Gong Beibei was helpless after a busy day of work. As a doctor, she knew that this way of eating was wrong, but she was not good at talking about the elderly. So Gong Beibei directly took away the iPad that Dabao was watching, which caused Dabao to cry loudly. Almost every family with a baby will have this situation. As a young person, seeing the unscientific feeding method of the old man, he wants to correct it, but it is not necessarily able to convince the old man. Every family uses all kinds of methods to coax the baby to eat a meal smoothly. Chase to feed, use cartoons or mobile phones to coax feed, and even adults do various funny actions to attract children's attention, and take the opportunity to feed a meal. Traditional Chinese medicine has always said that "disease comes from the mouth". The World Health Organization has also stated that 80% of diseases are caused by eating. For young children who are growing and developing, they should not only pay attention to nutrition and what to eat, but also pay attention to the way of eating. , how to eat, chasing and coaxing to feed, and even some elderly people worry that the child will not chew the food directly after chewing it, and these "Chinese-style feeding" are harmful and not beneficial. Improper feeding methods will weaken the spleen and stomach of children, and the digestive ability of young children is much worse than that of adults, especially babies who have begun to contact complementary foods and meals. Adults feed at their own pace or by distracting the child's attention. Many times, it is impossible to fully grasp whether the baby chews the food in his mouth and starts the second bite. Children watch cartoons or mobile phones fascinated, swallowing before chewing, these will lead to gastrointestinal indigestion and affect the function of the spleen and stomach. Adults cannot accurately grasp the most appropriate amount of food, and most of the time they will feed their children too full, which will put a huge burden on the already small stomach and weaken the gastrointestinal function. At a certain age, the baby already has the ability to chew and operate. If the adult feeds it, it is easy to reduce the time for chewing food, lose the opportunity to exercise the chewing ability, and is not conducive to facial muscle training. It will also deprive children of opportunities for fine motor training, such as grasping a spoon. "Chinese-style feeding" is harmful and not beneficial.

Pay attention to the best time for children to eat independently and exercise their ability to eat independently

Children have reached a certain age and have the ability to eat by themselves. Self-eating can not only control the amount of food but also To exercise hand movements and coordination of various parts of the body, parents should pay attention to several signals to determine the best time for children to eat independently. Most babies show interest in adult food when they are 8 months old. When the adult eats, he will reach out to grab or open his mouth to stare at the adult, and the food will be delivered to his mouth. Observing these details indicates that Children have the desire and ability to eat independently. When preparing complementary food or meals for the baby, many parents put great effort into preparing a variety of foods, but the baby is not interested. The baby's complementary food or meal should be prepared according to the developmental characteristics. The color is bright and appetizing, and it is easy to grasp and chew and digest, which will greatly enhance the child's desire to eat. Seize the best time to eat, but also pay attention to several ways to effectively exercise your baby's ability to eat independently. 1. Cultivate a sense of dining rituals At the best time for babies to eat independently, it is necessary to establish a sense of dining rituals, not only to let children pay attention to eating from a psychological perspective, but also to let children sit at the dining table and eat food by themselves like adults. Every time it's meal time, everyone sits at the table, and the baby knows that it is time to eat, prepare and look forward to it. 2. Develop the habit of concentrating during meals. Adults should lead by example not to play mobile phones during meals. Babies can also develop the habit of concentrating on eating. Even if many children cannot complete meal activities on their own and need to be fed by adults, be careful not to do things that distract your child while feeding. For example, to make him quiet, turn on the TV or mobile phone, and let the child watch while feeding. Don't chase after feeding, forming such a habit, it is very difficult for him to sit at the table and eat quietly. 3. Don't give rewards for eating. Some parents use incentive measures to improve their children's enthusiasm for eating, such as buying toys or fulfilling other wishes after a good meal. This kind of reward method can easily make children anxious when eating and cause indigestion. To guide children's interest in eating, they should not rely on rewards but work on the color, shape and matching of meals. 4. Parents have to be patient and let go when it’s time to let go. The baby starts eating not only very slowly, but also eats all over the place. These are normal phenomena for young children, but many parents can’t see it at this time. Wanting to clear the table as soon as possible, I started feeding as soon as I hurriedly picked up the spoon. Parents should give their children enough time and opportunities, let go when it is time to let go, be patient, let their children eat independently, and they will become regular with more exercise. Conclusion: "Chinese-style feeding" adults think that children eat food, nutritional supplements, and peace of mind, in fact, it will bring a series of health risks. Either anorexia occurs, or dependence does not eat without cartoons and mobile phones or toys. When a child eats the first complementary food and first meal, it is necessary to form a habit, pay attention to the timing of self-feeding, and exercise the baby to eat by himself in a suitable way, which is beneficial to health and brain and mental development. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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