Sports activities that are not suitable for primary school students, parents must not harm their children without knowing

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Sports activities that are not suitable for primary school students, parents must not harm their children without knowing

The boy named Tongtong has just entered the second grade of elementary school this year. He has been very physically fit since he was a child. Recently, after completing a 2,000-meter long-distance run with his father, he always feels breathing difficulties and rapid heartbeat. "My son likes to exercise since he was a child, so he rarely even has a cold or fever, but since I started taking him to the park for a long run more than a month ago, he often feels uncomfortable." . After all, he usually takes his son to play football, badminton, running, etc., and has never seen his son react so uncomfortable. Therefore, the couple specially took the child to the hospital for a detailed examination, fearing that he might have a heart problem. After examination, the doctor diagnosed that the child's cardiopulmonary function was abnormal. At the same time, he learned that during the recent 2000-meter long-distance running, although the duration did not exceed the daily value, in order to exercise his endurance, there was almost no rest time throughout the whole process. Then the doctor hurriedly warned Tongtong's parents: "Long-distance running puts a heavy load on the heart. For him who is only 7 years old, long-distance running can easily increase the thickness of his myocardial wall, which limits the expansion of the cardiac chambers. It affects the normal state of cardiopulmonary function. Wait until he grows up and then arrange this kind of exercise!" Many netizens learned after seeing this news that long-distance running, as a very popular aerobic exercise in recent years, is not suitable for all ages. . According to the big data survey, from 2009 to 2020, the proportion of children suffering from spinal cord injuries due to the practice of dance lower back movements increased from 9.1% to 34%. It is not difficult to see that the negative impact of improper exercise on the physical and mental health of children is immeasurable!

Children who are still in elementary school, don't rush into these common sports!

1. Long-distance running As one of the most popular aerobic sports nowadays, long-distance running is not only loved by adults, but some parents also like to take their children for long-distance running. However, as a heart-loading exercise, it is actually not suitable for young children. Because the thickness of the myocardial wall increases during long-distance running, the expansion of the cardiac chambers is restricted, which in turn affects the normal state of cardiopulmonary function. At the same time, there will also be developmental abnormalities in the child's immature joints. General experts recommend that children aged 8 to 12 should try a long-distance running of about 5 kilometers, but they should be interspersed with jogging, rest, etc., and should not be carried out without interruption. 2. Tug-of-war tug-of-war has extremely high requirements on the physical strength and explosiveness of the participants, and also requires certain skills to win. From the knowledge of physiological development, it can be seen that children who are in the stage of growth and development are immature in terms of cardiopulmonary function and other functions of the body. If they suddenly perform excessive physical load and sudden bursts of strength, the blood supply to the heart will speed up. After the heart rate will naturally increase, which is not good for the heart. What's more, the tug-of-war needs to maintain a stretched posture for a long time, and it is impossible to maintain balance when exerting force, which will undoubtedly damage the child's soft tissues, and even dislocate the joints. Therefore, tug-of-war is more suitable for children in junior high school. 3. Handstand Many parents have heard that handstand is helpful for the exercise of the big and small brains, and it can also benefit the body shape, so they will also arrange for their children to perform handstand exercises. However, for children who are too young, this sport actually brings a lot of harm. For example, prolonged inversion will increase the pressure around the eyes, which is very unfavorable for the development of the eye system. In addition, during the inversion process, the change in the direction of blood circulation will cause insufficient blood supply to the brain, which will also impose a large load on the operation of the cardiovascular system, which is harmful to the child's brain development. In addition to the above sports, such as rope skipping, strength training, frog leaping, etc., are not suitable for children who are still in elementary school. After all, at this time, the child is in a stage of rapid physical development, but it is also a stage where all organs and bodily functions are not fully developed, and cannot be measured by the standards of adults. Otherwise, it may not only fail to achieve the effect of physical fitness, but also affect physical and mental health.

Several sports suitable for elementary school students can not only strengthen their body, but also make them smarter

According to a big data survey, the number one student in the college entrance examination from 2016 to 2019 Among them, at least 50% are sports enthusiasts. For example, Yang Chenyu, the top student in the 2019 college entrance examination, who set the record for the highest total score in science since the resumption of the college entrance examination in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, has been playing badminton and football since he was a child. Experts also pointed out that ball games can help improve hand-eye coordination and improve thinking. It is worth mentioning that playing table tennis has a very positive effect on preventing myopia. Because when you focus on playing table tennis, the eyeballs will move with the table tennis ball, enhancing blood circulation, which is very beneficial to eliminate eye fatigue. It can also effectively prevent myopia from appearing in the eyes. Swimming ranks first among sports that improve metabolism, enhance lung capacity, and reduce the gravitational burden on joints caused by exercise. Because swimming in water can not only fully stretch the limbs, but also reduce the gravity of the joints and the damage to the ligaments under the action of buoyancy. In addition, the most brain-building exercise that has been confirmed by brain experts, that is, bouncing sports, is also very suitable for children in elementary school. Such as skipping rope, kicking shuttlecock, dancing, etc., in addition to making the limbs and eyes more coordinated, they can also make a variety of brain nervousness more energetic and play a role in strengthening the brain in the process. Conclusion: It is said that "life lies in exercise", as Kalinin said: "Exercise is a necessary condition for children to be healthier and develop better physical strength and various abilities!" Therefore, parents should not only urge children to exercise , but also to choose scientific, appropriate and reasonable exercise methods to ensure that children can grow up healthily! (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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