The "new type of unfilial piety" is spreading day by day. Children in big cities feel unrestrained, but the elderly are anxious

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The "new type of unfilial piety" is spreading day by day. Children in big cities feel unrestrained, but the elderly are anxious

Wen|Jing Ma 01 chatted with a friend from 1991 some time ago, he said that more than half of their college classmates are still unmarried. You must know that they are already in their early 30s, and most of them are still unmarried, which was a very unimaginable thing 30 years ago. Thirty years ago, our economy was underdeveloped. Every household had girls in their early 20s, and matchmakers had already crossed the threshold, so getting married in their 20s was a very normal thing! Thirty years have passed, and our economy is relatively developed, but the age of marriage is getting later and later, and some people don't even want to fall in love, because they feel that the work pressure is too high, or they think it is too troublesome to fall in love! Today's young people like "three nos": no love, no marriage, and no children! This kind of concept is really unfilial to the old people who have the old concept of "there are three kinds of unfilial piety, and no descendants are the greatest"! This is actually a "new type of filial piety". Now the "new type of filial piety" is very popular. 02 Young people live in big cities, and the salary they get every month will buy some things they like. For example, some young people like to play with figures, then play with figures, or go out to eat and drink with their classmates and friends, and at the end of the month The money was also spent. Many young people think that buying a car is better than buying a house. If you buy a car, you can drive out and enjoy the scenery, but if you buy a house, no one can see it. So if you have money, you should buy a car first instead of rushing to buy a house. And without a house, getting married is a relatively difficult thing, because young people don't want to get married at all. There are also some young people who feel that it is too troublesome to have children after they get married, the work pressure is too great, they do not have so much money to raise children, and they do not want to get married. There are even some young people who have the idea of ​​DINK Pretty cool. 03 But for the elderly, their children get married and have children, so that his life task will be completed. The elderly usually save a sum of money in their hometown, hoping to use it for their children when they get married, but this money will not come in handy for a long time, and it will also make the elderly very anxious. Some elderly people in rural areas have no money, but he also hopes that his children will get married and have children as soon as possible, and even hope that the children will return to their hometown to accompany the elderly. After all, the old man is old and has various physical discomforts. I hope that when the child gets married and returns home, he also has a support. But the children who have arrived in the big city are like kites with lost strings, not only unwilling to get married, but also unwilling to go home.

Why is the "new type of filial piety" more and more popular? These reasons are very distressing

Reason 1: Urban housing prices are high. For example, in a big city like Guangzhou, most people have a salary of 4,000 to 5,000 yuan, and the house price has soared to 40,000 to 50,000 yuan, that is, their own year. You can only buy a one-square-meter house without eating or drinking. And if you can't buy a house, life means not enough stability and wandering. At this time, getting married and having children seems to be a more luxurious thing. Reason 2: Young people are more tempted Young people now like to play games on mobile phones, or travel has become very popular, but getting married and having children will cause them to play mobile phones and play games and travel time is compressed. So they still feel that they are more comfortable and more comfortable, and if they get married and have children, they will put a pair of shackles on him, so they don't want to. Reason 3: Young people have a lot of work pressure. Although their living conditions are better now, their happiness has not improved because the work pressure is very high. Most of the young people change jobs every few years, the job is unstable and the work pressure is high, all of which will affect his marriage. Therefore, the "new type of unfilial piety" may be a product of history. If young people can lower their expectations and start a family before starting a career, then it is still feasible to get married and have children. (The pictures are all from the Internet, please contact to delete if there is any infringement) For more exciting content, please click: One of the twin brothers is in high school and the other is in vocational high school. After 7 years, the gap between the two makes people sigh. , after primary school, high and low scores
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