Guo Tao posted photos of his son's fitness

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Guo Tao posted photos of his son's fitness

What are your kids doing during the summer vacation? Doing homework, playing games and sleeping in is the state of many children, but some children may be quietly getting stronger. Many people don't know Guo Tao's son's name, but only remember the cute nickname "Stone" and the way he choked when he ate eggs. When he participated in the parent-child program, he was still a "little rock", and in a blink of an eye he was 15 years old and grew into a "big rock".

Guo Tao posted photos of his son's fitness, Xiao Shi is stronger than his father

Guo Tao often posted photos of his son's growth on the Internet, The summer vacation is coming to an end, Guo Tao shared Xiao Shi's holiday life, once again bringing surprises to everyone. Suddenly, Xiao Shi was a little fat, but he was actually more muscular. Familiar with the various equipment in the gym, you will feel full of strength when exercising. Stone is used to wearing headphones when exercising. He is very focused during the process, and he can persevere even if he is sweating. Even if he feels very sour after training, he will laugh. At the age of 15, he is taller than his father, giving people a tall and burly feeling. Compared with his chubby appearance when he was a child, today's little stone is like a man, and he was criticized as "the little stone has grown into a big mountain". However, what is inconsistent with his figure is that Xiao Shishi's face is relatively delicate and always smiling, giving people a feeling of affinity, which can be called a perfect counterattack.

Xiao Shi can beat his father in arm wrestling, and his fitness achievements are visible to the naked eye

Guo Tao's education for children is more serious, and it can be seen that when Shi Shi was a child I'm a little scared of my dad. But Guo Tao knows how to "teach according to his aptitude", and under his education, Xiao Shishi has become better and better. Stone has been playful and naughty since he was a child, so Guo Tao enrolled him in some interest classes, including music and sports. Now Shishi loves fitness, and works hard during the summer vacation. He can exercise and maintain his body, so that he can become self-disciplined. Guo Tao, as a parent, is very supportive. Those children who participated in "Where Are We Going, Dad" have all grown up. Some are getting sweeter and sweeter, some have become domineering presidents, and there are still a few people who love fitness and sports like Shitou. When facing a naughty child, many parents want him to learn quieter skills such as piano and painting, and want him to stabilize. In fact, for children who are particularly energetic, proper exercise is also possible. Today's stone arm wrestling can beat the coach, and even his father is not his opponent. The changes brought by sports can be seen with the naked eye.

15-year-old stone is strong and strong, and the changes brought by exercise to children are not only in the body

Appropriate exercise and exercise are beneficial to children The good thing is that many parents around Tang Mom attach great importance to their children's learning and artistic development, but don't care about physical exercise. In fact, the changes brought by sports to children are not only the superficial phenomenon of good body, but also the following aspects. First of all, "sense of strength" is a condition for children not to be bullied. School violence hurts children's physical and mental health, and violence is often the strong against the weak. If the child is like a small rock, even if he has no muscles, he has a sense of strength, and his classmates will not dare to bully him. Secondly, exercise makes children more focused and self-disciplined. It is natural for children to be unable to sit still. The way to make them focus is not to force them to sit in one place, but to consume some of their extremely strong energy and physical strength. Exercise can help children relieve stress, and children's concentration will improve after exercise. For those children who are inattentive and on the move as soon as they do their homework, parents can try to let them play after school and then do their homework. Maintaining self-discipline after exercise will improve unconsciously, and this good habit will also be brought to life and study by children, enhancing "inner drive". Exercise enhances children's willpower and resilience. Many people feel that today's children have never experienced hardships, do not need to do any housework at home, and are well cared for in life. Parents don't have to deliberately let their children suffer in life, but they can strengthen their children's will through exercise. The fatigue during exercise can persist, and the ability to resist setbacks is quietly improving.

Guo Tao's son's fitness achievements are obvious, but parents should not blindly take their children to exercise

Generally speaking, both boys and girls do not need to be too early Fitness, building muscles. Do not build muscle earlier than the age of 12, otherwise it may hinder physical development. 1) Do not carry out weight-bearing exercise too early. Take your child for physical training after he is 4 to 5 years old, such as running and simple dance exercises. But it should be noted that, except for professional athletes, "weight-bearing sports" must wait at least after the age of 16. Carrying sandbags, lifting barbells and other weights will put pressure on the child's bones and delay growing. 2) Do not do strenuous and high-pressure exercise, and take children to exercise gradually, from 5 minutes, 10 minutes, to about 20 minutes each time, but it is not recommended to exceed 30 to 40 minutes each time. Before exercising, make sure your child's heart and other parts of the body are healthy and free of discomfort. Avoid strenuous exercise, and set standards that are too high to stress your child. Candy mother's heart: If you want to take your child to exercise and exercise, try to do it under the guidance of professionals. When the children of celebrities are exercising, most of them have teachers and coaches by their side, and so does Guo Tao's son. It's not because there is more money to find someone to guide, but it can achieve better exercise results and let the child get professional protection. [Today's topic] How do you evaluate the 15-year-old stone?
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