Kindergarten teachers "return to parents in seconds", is it a manifestation of responsibility? There are other ways to communicate effectively

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Kindergarten teachers "return to parents in seconds", is it a manifestation of responsibility? There are other ways to communicate effectively

China Youth Daily conducted a survey of 1,995 parents of young children and found that about 84.7% of parents would consider the situation of kindergarten teachers when choosing kindergartens for their children. It is approaching the season of kindergarten for children. What criteria are parents considering when choosing a park for their children? The size of the park, the three meals, and the quality of teaching were the most common considerations for parents. With the proliferation of smartphones, parents have new standards in mind.

Parents want to change classes for kindergarten children on the grounds that teachers will "return in seconds" messages

The neighbors are busy with kindergarten during this time The child of the school changed classes, but was rejected by the principal on the grounds that the class was "full", and the communication was a bit unpleasant. The knowledge of kindergarten learning is not deep, and the teaching level of the teachers is similar. In fact, there is no need to change classes, which will make the children unable to adapt to the new class and resist going to kindergarten. After chatting with the neighbors, I learned that the reason why she wanted to change the child's class was because I heard that the teacher of another class would "return" to the parents in seconds, and also took many pictures of the child. Neighbors believe that such a teacher is more responsible, and she can keep abreast of the child's situation at any time. Helpless, the principal did not agree to her request, and the neighbors had no choice but to give up. Everyone's baby's teacher usually responds to messages in seconds, or is it relatively slow to reply to messages, and even wait until the child is out of school before replying to messages? Tang Mom wants to say, don't misunderstand the kindergarten teachers who are slow to reply to news, they and the kindergarten teachers who "return in seconds" have their own advantages.

Kindergarten teachers are responsible for "returning in seconds" messages? The truth is not so simple

Parents hope that their children can get the attention of teachers in school, but to judge the quality of a teacher, we cannot rely solely on the speed of replying messages. The reasons for the slow response to messages from teachers are as follows. Concentrate on class without being interrupted by news. Kindergarten does not learn complex knowledge, but it also teaches children some simple words, or takes interactive classes. Only when the teacher is attentive to teach children can children learn knowledge and maintain the habit of concentration. If the teacher is in class, he picks up his phone every few minutes to take pictures of the child and reply to the parent's message. Maybe he attaches great importance to children and respects parents, but it is not a good habit. Children in kindergarten who can't take care of their mobile phones need more care from teachers. Those who have children know that their children have weak safety awareness and are very naughty. If they can't see it for a second or two, accidents may occur. Teachers take their children outdoors and use their hands to protect the children. The teachers are serving meals for the children, and they have to coax the students to sleep during the lunch break. In fact, they don’t have much time to look at their mobile phones, and they don’t dare to look at them too much.

You don't have to take the "second reply" message to evaluate the teacher, the slow reply is also a kind of responsibility

The kindergarten teacher is patient in replying to the message quickly , not ignoring the parents' request is indeed very popular with parents, they are not right, but it does not mean that kindergarten teachers who are slow to reply to messages are bad. Teachers at Little Candy School are not allowed to bring mobile phones in class. If they want to reply to their parents’ messages, they can only take advantage of the 10 minutes between classes. If you are very busy at school during the day and can't touch your phone, you have to wait until after get off work to reply one by one. Therefore, the teacher told the parents that if there is an emergency, they can call her directly. Perhaps for parents, children's "eating and drinking" in kindergarten is a big deal. But if you think about it carefully, it would be very troublesome for teachers to ask the parents of dozens of children in a class. If the teacher does not have the time to reply to the parents' messages, he is conscientious in class, taking the children to play, and putting all his energy on the children, which is precisely the manifestation of responsibility. If the teacher is looking at his phone, he only takes pictures and responds to messages. It would be irresponsible to ignore the dangers that could happen in an instant. Parents don't have to worry about the speed of the teacher's response to messages. When changing classes or kindergartens, they may as well change the way they communicate with teachers.

Not all teachers can guarantee "second response" messages, parents communicate more efficiently in this way

Parents communicate with teachers, kindergarten It's unpleasant for a long time, and it's not easy for children to live in kindergarten. You don't need to care about speed. Effective communication is more important. Say things straight to the point, and communicate with the teacher if you don’t feel embarrassed. Don’t keep asking “Are you here?” “Are you busy?” If the matter is not very important, there is no need to keep urging the teacher to reply. In the first place, the teacher will not be embarrassed, and the teacher can help parents or children solve problems faster and avoid ineffective communication. It is more efficient to call and communicate on urgent matters. Teachers are sometimes so busy that they don’t have time to look at their mobile phones, so they can write down the teacher’s phone number. It is more direct and efficient to call in urgent matters, without delaying each other. Candy's mother said in her heart: You can't hear the tone of words, and you can't see the expressions on the phone. If you need to communicate with the teacher about more complicated things, it's not easy to cause misunderstandings in person. But remember not to go during the teacher's class time, delaying the teacher's work and the children's study and rest. [Today's topic] Does your baby's kindergarten teacher usually reply to messages in seconds?
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