Qi Wei announced that she will retire from the entertainment industry and know how to "divide labor and cooperate", which is the little secret of the happiness of husband and wife

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Qi Wei announced that she will retire from the entertainment industry and know how to "divide labor and cooperate", which is the little secret of the happiness of husband and wife

It seems that people's default marriage model is the male lead outside the female lead, but some couples break through this traditional model, and they can also live happily after marriage. Qi Wei, who has many "outsiders" after marriage, still has a lot of work to live broadcast and bring goods after she is pregnant with a second child. For a long time, everyone was persuading her not to work too hard and take good care of the baby. A few days ago, she announced in the live broadcast room that "I will quit the entertainment industry right now", and all the partners next to her were frightened for a while.

Qi Wei temporarily retired from the entertainment industry to raise a baby and "change the guard" with her husband Lee Seung-hyun

Qi Wei's popularity has been very strong in recent years , may not be as good as the top, but for a female star, she can be regarded as a double harvest for her career and family, and has been developing steadily. The arrival of her second child brought some changes to her life. Everyone knows that getting married and having children is something that many female stars are more afraid of, and it has a particularly great impact on work and audience relationships. Many female stars are working until they are about to give birth, and can't wait to return to work after confinement. On the other hand, Qi was relatively calm, and joked that he and Lee Seung-hyun were "changing the guard" and would come back when he lost 90 pounds. And the confidence that can make her feel at ease to raise a baby is not how many fans she has, but her husband who has been silently supporting and accompanying her behind her. Qi Wei used the word "changing of the guard" to describe it very aptly. After giving birth to her first child, Qi Wei stood on the "post" where she worked to earn money, and Li Chengxuan stood on the "post" with her baby. Now the two may have to change.

Qi Wei temporarily withdraws from the circle and re-"divides and cooperates" with Lee Seung-hyun

Lee Seung-hyun took care of the baby at home, and Qi Wei worked hard for these years, The most evaluation of Lee Seung-hyun on the Internet is "soft rice man" and incompetent. In many families, if the wife has been working hard to make money outside, the husband will be looked down upon by neighbors, relatives and friends. Even if Lee Seung-hyun has some star halo, he will inevitably be controversial. Therefore, after the couple announced the "change of the guard", many people suggested that Lee Seung-hyun should come back, do more business, and not return to the family. I'm used to seeing Qi Wei active in front of the screen, and some fans think it's a pity for her to retire temporarily. In fact, Qi Wei herself doesn't feel anything wrong. She said that she and her husband "divide labor and cooperate", and she can also take care of the baby. The cooperation with Lee Seung-hyun is that whoever is busy outside will be busy, and whoever can take care of the family will do things within the family. The two of them cooperate tacitly, one is the pillar and the other is the person behind, so that the family can be perfectly supported.

The little secret of the happiness of husband and wife is inseparable from the tacit "division of labor and cooperation"

In fact, Qi Wei and Li Chengxuan "change the guard" this time , has long been foreseen. He had taken a break from his own affairs to take care of the children, revolved around the family and not let his wife's career be hindered. It was also controversial and even depressed, and he couldn't help but get angry at his daughter, but soon he was able to adjust himself. Because he is in the entertainment industry, he knows that the "prime time" of female stars is different from that of male stars. He wants to let his wife Qi Wei work hard in her prime time as much as possible, and his age limit is relatively small, so he can wait a while. Lee Seung-hyun never cared about other people's evaluations, until he had the opportunity to show himself, everyone discovered that he not only has good looks, but is also an idol who can sing and dance well. More importantly, people who have come into contact with him can hardly pick out any shortcomings in him, and their evaluations are unanimously very high. Outsiders find the marriage model of Li Chengxuan and Qi Wei unacceptable. In fact, this "division and cooperation" regardless of gender is precisely the secret of their happy marriage. It's just that many couples are reluctant to make changes and try because of face and traditional fixed ideas. Celebrity couples throw away their halo, and finally return to diesel, rice, oil and salt. It is really important to understand the division of labor and cooperation.

Qi Wei has the confidence to "retire" from the entertainment industry, and it is the couple's mutual achievements

Some people think that without Qi Wei, many people would not Knowing Lee Seung-hyun, Lee Seung-hyun will not be as popular as he is today. But on second thought, the reason why Qi Wei's career is so smooth is also because Li Chengxuan is at home. Husbands and wives should not care about who has done more and who has done less, and there is no need to emphasize who is sacrificing for whom. The real happiness is mutual achievement, division of labor and cooperation. If one of the two people must give up work, then for the sake of the family, the party with a stable job and a high income keeps the job, in order to improve the quality of life and have enough money to raise children. More importantly, the husband and wife should understand each other while dividing and cooperating. The person who makes the money can't look down on the other person arrogantly because the person who cares for the family has no income. Because it is not easy to do every little thing at home well. The person at home, understand that working away from home is stressful and exhausting. Candy's mother's heart: every family has a different marriage model, learn from the way happy couples get along, blame less and care more. Two people adjust the mode of "division of labor and cooperation" according to the situation of life and work, and the life will be happier and happier. [Today's topic] Can you accept the marriage model of the female protagonist outside the male protagonist?
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