How to make children adapt to kindergarten quickly in the school season? These 4 skills must be mastered

time:2022-11-27 author:Diet
How to make children adapt to kindergarten quickly in the school season? These 4 skills must be mastered

The picture comes from the Internet. It is the beginning of the school year again. A group of young people have entered their ideal university, a group of teenagers have entered their dream middle school, a group of children have started their primary school careers, and a group of dolls have entered ignorantly. own kindergarten. Maybe some parents breathe a sigh of relief, raise their children for three or two years, get along day and night, never leave an inch, and now they can finally leave it to the teacher to make themselves a little cleaner; maybe some parents feel inseparable from their hearts, this has not been with them for a long time The separated little baby has now stepped into his own little world; perhaps some parents have begun to worry about whether their children can adapt to kindergarten, whether they have enough interpersonal skills, whether they can be recognized and praised by teachers... In short, It is true that the mother is worried about the child traveling a thousand miles. In fact, the moment the little baby leaves the mother's side, the parents can't help but worry about it. The picture comes from the Internet When babies start their kindergarten career, it is also the first time they need to spend their day independently, which is a new starting point and a new test for the children themselves; Speaking of which, this time is not the time to “spread”, and children need more attention and support from their parents.

1. Teach your child certain communication skills in advance

If you want your child to quickly adapt to kindergarten, your child's communication skills are indispensable. How to communicate with teachers and how to communicate with children will be urgent problems. If handled well, children will have children as playmates and teachers as protection, how can they not adapt to kindergarten quickly? Therefore, before children enter kindergarten, parents must help their children learn to establish correct relationships with a purpose. For example, how to play with children, how to learn to share, how to protect themselves... Then in places where children gather, parents should learn to let go properly and let children try to communicate, try to communicate, and try to feel the success or failure, the child will It will gradually deepen the impression of "socialization", so that in unfamiliar places, you can quickly meet new friends and spend it with ease. The picture comes from the Internet

2. Communicate with children in a timely manner on a day in kindergarten

This kind of communication is not the first time parents pick up their children, just ask: " How is it in kindergarten? Is someone bullying you? Is the teacher fierce? Is the food delicious?" Instead, parents must actively guide them so that children can quickly accept kindergarten and like to go to kindergarten. The key to this is "praise and encouragement". Timely praise the child's progress in kindergarten, such as learning a song, learning a dance, learning to be the teacher's little assistant, and even not crying today when he was sent to the kindergarten... This is the child's Progress, parents should vigorously praise and encourage. In particular, it is necessary to communicate with the teacher in a timely manner, through the teacher to have a more in-depth understanding of the child's progress in the kindergarten, and praise the child in a targeted manner. The picture comes from the Internet

3. ​​Guide children to respect their teachers and like their kindergarten

In cultivating children, teachers and parents The goals are the same, so as a parent, don't distrust your child's teacher. I feel that the teacher is young and has no teaching experience; I feel that the teacher is biased and I am worried that it will be unfair; I feel that the teacher is strict, for fear of reprimanding the child; . Even kindergarten teachers have to go through strict audits and learn professional knowledge and skills before they can join the job. At least, when parents choose this kindergarten and hand over their dear baby to this teacher, parents must first learn to trust. At the same time, in front of children, parents should pay more attention to their words and deeds, and try to maintain the image of teachers as much as possible, so as to consolidate the status of teachers in children's hearts and establish children's sense of security in kindergarten. Only in this way can they quickly adapt to kindergarten! If you are really confused about some of the teacher's practices, you might as well communicate with the teacher in private first, express your opinions and doubts frankly, and give the teacher enough understanding. The picture comes from the Internet

4. Cherish every home building activity

In order to help the baby quickly adapt to the kindergarten, the kindergarten also Will come up with many ways and means to help children. One of the essential is the home building activities. Some parents may regard home-building activities in kindergartens as a burden due to their busy work schedules. In fact, only by actively interacting with teachers through home-building activities can we guide children to quickly adapt to the new environment. At the same time, at the beginning of entering the kindergarten, preferably about a month after entering the kindergarten, when the child gradually adapts to the kindergarten and the teacher gradually gets to know the child, parents can make an appointment with the teacher alone for effective communication, or through mobile phone messages, etc. Introduce your baby's personality characteristics, living habits, etc. to the teacher, and at the same time communicate with the teacher about the child's emotions, performance and changes at home after entering the kindergarten, so that the teacher will have a more realistic understanding of the child, In this way, children can be approached more effectively and a close teacher-student relationship can be established. The picture comes from the Internet. Only when families and kindergartens cooperate with each other, and parents and teachers cooperate effectively, can children grow healthily and quickly adapt to kindergarten. Wish our kindergarten babies grow up healthy, enter the kindergarten happily, and have a happy day!
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