The 3-year-old child's crying on the high-speed train angered passengers: what solutions can solve the child's tragedy?

time:2022-11-27 author:Fever
The 3-year-old child's crying on the high-speed train angered passengers: what solutions can solve the child's tragedy?

#Children on the high-speed train is more noisy than passengers are reminded by parents #The sober teacher Zhang Wei once complained about the troubles of encountering bear children on the show. In fact, the teacher's reaction was just helpless ridicule, which is a normal reaction of an adult without children, while an adult with children is more understanding. Because everyone used to be a child who was so lively that the roof blew up, but not all the noisy children were bear children. It's just that you grow up earlier and become an adult who understands the rules and can be self-disciplined, but he was born later and is still a child who is by nature and will not restrain himself. Speaking of which, some friends may think that this is to clear the name of the bear children and bear parents. In fact, we are just telling the truth. The nature of children is to be lively, playful, playful, and always curious about the world. The reason why adults are adults is that they don't have the energy to play, play or go crazy. They just want to have a rest time and a quiet personal space. When a restless child and a serene adult collide with each other, if they are not handled well, they may meet in the light of the sword, but if they are handled well, they can both be well.

What is bad handling?

There is no effective communication, only knowing that the mouth is fragrant or even fighting is the most ineffective way to deal with it. Because it neither solves the fundamental problem, but also disrupts the normal order of the entire carriage. In addition, the swearing and scolding of adults also set a very bad example for children whose values ​​have not been established.

What is good handling?

The greatest magic weapon for dealing with interpersonal relationships is empathy and mutual understanding. Passengers should think about the people on the high-speed rail from the perspective of children. They are friends from all over the world. They don’t know each other, they have no grievances, and they all gather together because of their own circumstances to have a pleasant journey. Finally arrived at the destination safely. But in the journey, it is inevitable to encounter unexpected events. For example, meet an active child. At this time, as an adult, you should be kindly reminded, but you should also understand that young children's attention is limited. A large number of experiments have proved that: under normal circumstances, the average concentration time of children aged 3-4 is 10 minutes, and the average concentration time of children aged 4-6 can reach 15 minutes. Children's attention spans get longer and longer as they get older. That is to say, if there are no special circumstances, a child of about 3 years old with normal development can continue to be quiet for about 10 minutes. With the support of data, adults should understand the nature of children. Instead of putting all children in the ranks of bear children. After all, I was 3 years old, and my 3-year-old self may be more naughty. If we can understand the nature of children, then we can make concessions. For example, listening to music with headphones, watching a movie, or simply sleeping, etc. Passengers should also understand the difficulty of parents. I am a mother of two children. If it is not particularly necessary, I don’t really want to take my children to travel by train, because it is too hard. Because you not only want to take good care of the children, don't let them lose, but also carry food and drink to ensure the normal expenses of the family. It is also necessary to ensure that the energetic child is quiet and does not disturb others. This is a test of physical strength, intelligence and ability, and it is really hard work. Especially when something uncontrollable happens. For example, a child who is quiet one second will make some big moves that adults can't think of in the next. At this time, being a parent can be very stressful. It is not easy to ensure that the child is soothed without disturbing others. After all, children's thinking is completely different from that of adults. For example, if you try to cover his mouth, he thinks you are playing games with him, and then he will react more; if you are harsh at him, he may be quiet for three or five minutes, and then quickly forget. Therefore, in many cases, it is not that the parents do not manage their children, but that they are out of whack. Parents of children should also be more considerate of other passengers. Other passengers are not very demanding and just want to rest in peace. Therefore, what parents need to do is to communicate with the child in advance, tell him not to make a noise in public to affect others, and prepare some fun toys, beautiful animations, interesting books, etc. for the child to attract the child's attention, Let them play quietly. If a child disturbs others, the parent should stop it as soon as possible. If the restraint doesn't work, take the child to a common area, give him some reasoning, let him vent his energy, and then return to his seat. If the child is still noisy, it means that the child may not be suitable for taking the high-speed rail, then don't be hard on yourself, the child and others, just drive a private car. This is convenient and does not disturb others, and parents don't have to be careful, killing three birds with one stone. Relevant departments should be more considerate of the needs of different passengers, and formulate corresponding solutions. High-speed rail does facilitate everyone's travel, but everyone does not consider children. With the development of the economy, this service should be gradually improved. For example, a dedicated children's compartment can be set up. The children's box is set up with reading area, TV area, toy area, etc. to meet the needs of children. In this way, families with children can be reasonably distinguished from people who want to be quiet. And let the children have something to do, and the long journey will not be so boring that the children can't stay. In fact, the road to parenting is really not easy. It does not have standard answers or standard procedures for reference. Everyone is a parent for the first time. Be considerate and help each other to grow together.
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