Why do boys "know" late? To understand the law of his brain development, in order to achieve the latter

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Why do boys "know" late? To understand the law of his brain development, in order to achieve the latter

Today's parents are very open-minded and don't want to compare their children, but they still find a headache in the process of raising children. Boys seem to be stupider than girls. Tang Mom has two babies, and it is obvious that Er Bao is not as smart as Candy when she was a child when she gets along with her family. Most of the mothers who have similar experiences with me think that boys are too stupid and frown every day. In fact, boys are not as bad as we think.

Mom felt that her son was not enlightened and worried about his poor future studies

My best friend's son and daughter were 2 years apart, she thought that her brother was there She can take care of her sister everywhere in her studies and life. When her two children grew up, her best friend found that her daughter seemed to be more powerful than her son. My daughter not only makes her family happy, but also learns things quickly. On the other hand, the elder brother will often lose his temper, learn things slower than the younger sister, and will not be able to communicate well. The school season in September will soon be approaching. My best friend was worried that her son would fall behind others in this state. After chatting with the parents, she was relieved. It turns out that she is not the only one who thinks that boys are not enlightened. Many parents of boys have encountered similar problems. It's just that parents who think their sons are stupid are often in the elementary school stage of their children. What's the law or the secret? Don't underestimate the boy who has a late awakening, this is the normal law of the child's growth and development. Boys behave similarly regardless of whether they are older brothers or younger brothers in the family.

Why do boys feel like they are too late? The following points are given by parents.

Saying that a boy wakes up late is a relatively general description. The reason why a boy will give people this impression is that he has many manifestations in life, which cause headaches for parents. First of all, the way boys deal with "contradiction" is a headache for parents. On the surface, boys are more naughty than girls, but if you look closely at boys, you can tell the difference from the way they play games. The hormone in the boy's body is mainly testosterone, which will make the boy naturally have a sense of "attack" and like to be a hero. When they play with children or have conflicts with this hormone, they like to exercise and interact with their bodies. When they get angry, they may directly fight, which makes parents very headache. Girls don't fight or be rude. When they play together, they enhance their friendship by sharing secrets and playing house. When conflicts arise, they don't fight easily, but they tend to form small groups to isolate each other. It seems that girls deal with conflict in a more gentle way, but watching boys is more straightforward and less critical. Secondly, boys' ability to manage emotions is not very strong. Boys' temper and emotions are often more difficult to control than girls. This is not a problem of their poor personality, but their brain development is different. The prefrontal cortex of the boy's brain develops later than that of the girl, and the ability to manage and control emotions is weak. When you are younger, you are more prone to impulsiveness and tantrums. In fact, the boy's heart is more fragile and sensitive, but the parents acquiesce that the boy should be strong, and their expectations are too high.

The most obvious feature of a boy's late awakening is that there is a gap between his academic performance and that of a girl.

If the parents are not concerned about the first two things I am very concerned and can solve it very well, so the parents are very anxious about the academic performance. In primary school, boys tend to be slower to learn new knowledge and perform less well than girls overall. However, what many people don't know is that boys' grades in junior high and high school will gradually be pushed up. And they are usually better at math and history than girls. But parents need to be clear that this does not mean that boys will suddenly become good at learning. The premise is that he has a good enough foundation, and a good learning attitude and habits before the "counter-attack". During primary school, boys study worse than girls, so parents don't need to worry. This is a normal phenomenon, you must have confidence in your child, make sure you are serious and work hard, and face difficulties with him.

What should parents do in the face of a boy who "has started" late?

Does the boy have to wait when he "recovers" late? Don't be too passive, usually guide them from the following aspects. 1) Change the way of communication and talk to the boy, the meaning and instructions should be clearer, and communicate directly with him in a simple and clear way. Even adult men are less able to comprehend the implied words. At the same time, you can use the boy's "hero" mentality to ask them to help parents in some small things. You will find that they will be as sensible and excellent as a little man. 2) Let the child have a correct learning attitude and affirm his every progress. Boys' progress is more suitable for "slow and steady". Don't compare him with girls of the same age, otherwise adults will be anxious and boys will be anxious. As long as you can keep up with the teacher's progress, let the children take the initiative to think about problems, and each time they make a little progress than the previous self, it is good. It's easy to figure out how their brains develop, and come later. Candy's mother said in her heart: Boys are also children. Like girls, he will cry because of fear and grievance, and he will also be timid because of his age. Parents try to lower their expectations for them, and it is not a problem to "know" late. [Today's topic] Do the boys around you have any "late awakening" performance?
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