In the autumn school season, pediatricians reminded to prepare at 10 o'clock to make children less sick

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In the autumn school season, pediatricians reminded to prepare at 10 o'clock to make children less sick

Text|Jingma pediatrician Jiang Huanhuan mentioned: After school starts every autumn, it is the busiest season for their pediatric clinic! Many children are sick to see the doctor, because the weather is dry in autumn, children are prone to respiratory problems, and autumn diarrhea may also occur in autumn! And Dr. Jiang believes that in fact, as long as parents use more snacks in nursing, they can prevent their children from getting sick less often in autumn! He also mentioned 10 precautions to avoid children getting sick less often in the fall.

In the fall school season, the pediatrician reminds: parents should be prepared at 10 o'clock to make their children less sick

Point 1: wear it when going out Since 2020, wearing a mask when going out has become standard. Not wearing a mask seems to be doing something less. Wearing a mask can block more than 90% of pathogens and allergens! Some children have allergic rhinitis, and the dry weather in autumn is more likely to cause allergies. Wearing a mask when going out can greatly reduce the probability of children's allergies. Point 2: Drink more water The water molecules in the air in the fall also seem to be evaporated, and the indoor humidity will be relatively low, so we need to drink more water! It is suggested that parents can make Tremella lily Sydney soup for their children twice a week, put Tremella lily Sydney in it, add water, stew for about half an hour and then add a small amount of rock sugar. This kind of soup is very nourishing and moisturizing. It can make the child's respiratory tract more humid, and the more moist inside the respiratory tract can adhere to the bacteria and viruses that come in from the respiratory tract, preventing the child from getting sick. Point 3: There are a lot of germs in the environment around the hands and nose. There are a lot of germs on the elevator handrails or door handles that we touch, so children must wash their hands first when they go out and wash their hands with hand sanitizer! If the child has rhinitis, it is recommended to wash the nose with saline to keep the nasopharynx moist. When the weather is not too cold, you can suggest that children wash their face and nose with cold water, so that the child's nose can adapt to the cold feeling, and it is not easy to get sick when the weather is cold. Point 4: Pay attention to adding or removing clothes, especially in the north. If the sun is shining during the day, it will be hotter, and sooner or later, it will be cooler. When children go to school, they should have a small coat in their schoolbag, which can be added when it is cold and can be taken off when it is hot. . In particular, the child's feet, abdomen and back should not catch cold. In autumn, you can put on longer socks and longer clothes for your children to avoid catching cold in three places. Point 5: Always keep tissue in your child's schoolbag. Teach your child to use a tissue when sneezing or having a runny nose! This can prevent bacteria and viruses from flying around and infecting others. Point 6: Learn to use eyes scientifically. The weather is dry in autumn. Many children will feel dry eyes, which is related to overuse of eyes. Therefore, children watch less TV, mobile phones, and tablets. Every time they read a book or do homework for half an hour, they have to look into the distance. Give your child more fruits and vegetables and eat animal liver twice a week! 7th point: Go to bed early and get up early to ensure adequate sleep It is recommended that children go to bed before 10:00 every day and get up at 7:00 in the morning, which can ensure that children sleep 9 hours at night, and sleep for more than an hour at noon, and have 10 hours of sleep every day . Point 8: Children's breakfast is nutritionally balanced. Children's breakfast should include meat, protein and fat, dairy or soy milk, protein and calcium, vegetables to provide vitamins, dietary fiber, and carbohydrates for staple food. For example, when cooking noodles for children, add eggs, meat, and vegetables. Point 9: Moderate exercise In the morning and evening in autumn, you can take your child to outdoor activities. More activities in the fall can stimulate the growth of the child's bones and strengthen the child's physique. Point 10: Keep the child in a good mood. Children can eat well and sleep well when they are in a good mood. Therefore, when parents educate their children, they must avoid yelling, beating and scolding children, be friends with children, understand their children, and be children A guiding light on the way forward! In the autumn school season, parents can achieve the above 10 points, so that your child will be less sick, and you can study more at school and get better grades! (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete) For more exciting content, please click: Baby diarrhea, do you want to go to the hospital? If you have these six symptoms when you have diarrhea, it is recommended to send it to the hospital immediately. To refute the rumor, the child has a cold, diarrhea, and constipation because of milk powder? The reason is not so simple
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