What can a woman do without having children? Do men work harder to make money? Netizen: Pull to feel level 10 happiness

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What can a woman do without having children? Do men work harder to make money? Netizen: Pull to feel level 10 happiness

Text|Ying's mother had a special interview on the streets of Suzhou. She interviewed 5 boys on the street and asked them if it was hard for a woman to give birth to a child? The boys all agreed that it was hard for girls to have children, but the next sentence made many female netizens angry. Number 1: Wouldn't it be harder for me to take care of her? No. 2: We men work harder to make money! No. 3: Didn't I want to raise it when I was born! No. 4: What can girls do if they don't have children? Number 5: When the child grows up, he still has to be filial to her! The answers of these 5 boys really made netizens feel particularly angry. Some netizens said that it is no wonder that girls nowadays are reluctant to get married! Some netizens said angrily: Why are they alive? Some netizens say that they can interview normal men? A netizen's comment received 68,000 likes, and he said he pulled all of them to feel the happiness of level 10. That is, when a child is born naturally, it is like breaking 10 ribs at the same time, like a person throwing you from a height and falling down, like a person holding a big hammer and hitting the pain in your stomach. Netizens rated it as a level 10 pain. Most boys would never experience this kind of pain in their entire lives. Therefore, the pain of women giving birth has raised their tolerance for pain in women. I was injured before, and when I went to the emergency room for sutures, the nurse in the emergency room told me that in this emergency bed, men usually complained of pain, and those married women basically did not complain of pain. Because you have given birth to a child, you know that other pains are trivial. The interviews with these 5 boys are really infuriating!

What do you think of the five men's responses?

The first one: I take care of it is not more difficult. A woman is willing to bear children for you, willing to bear all kinds of physical discomfort during pregnancy, hormone changes lead to emotional changes, willing to endure level 10 pain for you child, or disemboweled to take out the child. Isn't it worth taking care of her like this? As a qualified man, you should not only take good care of your wife when you are pregnant, but also accompany your mother to go to the maternity check-up. You should also take care of your wife during the postpartum confinement period. At the same time, you should also pay attention to his wife's psychology and try to avoid her from appearing. Postpartum depression. No. 2: Boys work hard to make money. With the awakening of women's consciousness, the proportion of women in colleges is now nearly half, and women's higher education level can naturally find better jobs. Even if girls are not highly educated, they can bear hardships and stand hard work, and they can earn money to support themselves and even their children! Jin Ling is a friend of mine. She said that her auntie hired her to work three jobs by herself, so that her children could go to school and save the wedding gifts for the children, while her husband just grew some rice in the house and did not generate any income for the family. So sometimes women make more money than men, but having children is still a woman's responsibility! No. 3: Born to be raised by a man In fact, in most families, the child's caregiver is mainly the mother, whether the mother is a full-time mother or a working mother, most of the children are taken to the hospital by the mother, and the mother stays up late at night to take care of the child. child. If the father feels that he has given living expenses, he can try to use these living expenses. It is to hire a nanny to take care of his children, and see if his children are under the care of the nanny. Afford a good babysitter. Number 4: What can women do if they don't have children is indeed the most angered female netizen, so there are many single women now. They have a certain economic foundation and can afford to buy a house and a car by themselves. Marriage is optional. If they meet someone who is suitable for them, they can get married. They don't want to wrong themselves for getting married! Even some people with better economic conditions can have children without getting married. For example, going abroad to buy sperm for in vitro fertilization is like Ye Haiyang spent 500,000 to buy sperm from a mixed blood from five countries, and gave birth to a daughter of mixed blood. Had a second child. Therefore, women can work hard without having children, and they can still have children without getting married. No. 5: It is relatively normal for a boy to be filial to his mother when he grows up. Indeed, if a mother can educate her child well when she is young, the child will be more filial to her mother when she grows up, and most of the children will follow her Mother's feelings will be better, after all, mother brought her up since childhood. As a man, you should be grateful to your wife for giving birth to children. It is only natural for a man to support his family and love his wife, don't you think? (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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