Post-90s mother and baby store manager: Three types of mother and baby products are very popular, but I usually don’t use them for babies

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Post-90s mother and baby store manager: Three types of mother and baby products are very popular, but I usually don’t use them for babies

After having a baby, many pregnant mothers will start to buy mother and baby products to prepare for the arrival of the child. But at this time, we have no experience in parenting, and we don’t know what to buy. When we arrive at the mother and baby store, we will look for the mother and baby store staff to recommend them. If they think the child needs it, we will buy it. As a result, many things bought during pregnancy are not used once when the child grows up; some are only used once or twice, which makes mothers feel very wasteful. My friend Xiaoya also stocked up on a lot of maternal and baby products during her pregnancy. When Xiao Ya was pregnant, because her physical fitness was not very good, the doctor advised Xiao Ya to rest at home and not go to work. Due to the overwhelming maternal love during pregnancy, coupled with Xiaoya who has no job and has nothing to do, she started to stock up on mother and baby supplies. It happened that there was a maternity and baby products store in the mall, and Xiaoya went shopping every day, and accidentally stocked up a lot of things at home. After the baby was born, Xiaoya found that more than 70% of the things she bought during pregnancy were basically useless, which can be said to be the IQ tax. Xiaoya had no time to regret it. She wanted to take it back and return it, but the time for returning it had passed, so she could only grit her teeth and eat this dumb loss. Xiaoya also quarreled with her husband because of this. After all, most of the children's things are not cheap, and her husband felt a lot of pressure because of this. Many people will start to stock up on mother and baby products during pregnancy, but the following three types of mother and baby products are not used by many mother and baby store clerks for their own children, but they will be recommended to us. Everyone must remember. According to the post-90s mother and baby store clerk, none of the following three mother and baby products will be used by our own children.

These three maternal and infant products are not used by mother and infant shop assistants

A post-90s mother and infant shop manager admitted frankly , There are three kinds of mother and baby products, which seem to be very popular, but she will not use them for babies. 1. I believe that many pregnant mothers have entered the mother and child store, and many mother and child store clerks will recommend one thing to them, that is talcum powder. They will tell pregnant mothers: after the child is born, the most used thing is talcum powder, this kind of thing is good for the child, and the child will not develop prickly heat if they use this kind of thing more. Many mothers will listen to their words and apply a lot of talcum powder, and finally find this kind of thing, and doctors do not recommend it to their children. Because it will affect the growth of the child's lungs. At the same time, it can also cause skin diseases, which is not good for the growth of children. 2. Gaojing stroller I wonder if mothers have fantasized about their children lying in the stroller during pregnancy? I'm sure many moms have fantasies about it. The clerk of the mother and baby store also knows the psychology of pregnant mothers, so after no mother enters the store, they will strongly recommend high-view strollers to them. Most of them don't use this kind of high-view stroller for their children, because this kind of stroller pushes the child out, it will only make the child smell the exhaust gas of the car, and when the child grows up, this kind of stroller will generally be idle. , the price is more expensive. 3. Pregnant mothers with baby walkers will fantasize about their children starting to learn to walk. When you see the baby walker in the mother and baby store, you will imagine the situation of the child using this baby walker. At this time, the clerk of the mother and baby store will also start recommending to mothers. At this time, mothers will not be able to resist the temptation and stock up on baby walkers in advance. It turned out that when the child reached the age of learning to walk, this thing could not be used at all. Moreover, the baby walker is easy to cause safety accidents, which is even more detrimental to the growth of children.

After having a baby, these things are just needed supplies

Mother and baby stores also have their own unspoken rules, and pregnant mothers should keep their eyes open. Let's take a look at the following unspoken rules, so as to avoid stepping on the thunder after entering the mother and baby shop. Just need one: diapers If the baby consumes the most after birth, it is nothing more than diapers. After all, after the baby is born, he will not control his own bowels and urine, nor will he tell us our needs. At this time, we need the help of diapers, but the size of diapers used by the baby at each stage is different. Although this kind of thing is just needed, don't just stock up on one size. Just need 2: Sweat absorbent baby is a creature that is afraid of heat and not cold. Many people have found that even in winter, babies are prone to sweating profusely. At this time, you need the help of sweat towels, which is also a just-needed item. With the help of the sweat-absorbent towel, the sweat will soak through the sweat-absorbent towel when the baby is sweating. At this time, their clothes will not be soaked, and they will not have to be changed frequently, and the baby will not catch a cold. Just need three: baby tableware The baby will enter the complementary feeding period after 6 months. At this time, the utensils they use should be their own, not adult utensils. Because adult tableware also carries a lot of germs, which is not good for baby's growth. Giving babies their own utensils can also add a sense of ritual and get them interested in eating. After the baby is born, although we need to buy a lot of things, we must have our own judgment and do not buy blindly before we can buy what the baby needs. Conclusion: Pregnancy can be said to be the period when most pregnant mothers are full of maternal love. At this time, we will start to give the baby some small clothes and pants, imagining what the baby will look like after wearing it. When everyone arrives at the mother and baby store, we must refuse the things that the clerk strongly recommends. We also have our own judgments. For maternal and infant products, we also have a list in our hearts. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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