Why is it difficult for babies under 3 months to fall asleep? "5S coaxing sleep method", easily unlock coaxing skills

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Why is it difficult for babies under 3 months to fall asleep? "5S coaxing sleep method", easily unlock coaxing skills

Introduction: After the baby is born, the novice mothers who have been given a new identity will inevitably be in a bit of a hurry. Although the little people in their arms look soft and cute, they all need to be taken care of by their mothers when they eat, drink, and sleep. Really very worrying thing! Compared with eating and drinking, the "technical difficulty" of coaxing to sleep is obviously higher. Especially in the middle of the night, a crying baby who refuses to sleep will easily destroy the good sleep of the mother. It has to be said that there are many novice mothers who are "coaxed to sleep" to overdraw their sleep time and are in good health. Ms. Wang's daughter is 2 months old. The little guy is white, fat and cute, but Ms. Wang, who has given birth to the baby, looks haggard. "Everyone says breastfeeding is difficult, but I think coaxing a baby to sleep is much harder than breastfeeding." Looking at the little guy in her arms, Ms. Wang really had mixed feelings. In order to avoid conflicts and disagreements with the elderly in parenting, Ms. Wang declined the help of her mother-in-law and mother after the baby was born. But what she didn't expect was that she endured the hardship of breastfeeding and the discomfort of changing diapers, but was finally defeated by "coaxing to sleep". "Every time I'm so sleepy that I can't open my eyes, but the child in my arms is crying and refusing to sleep! I feel like my whole body is about to collapse." Although complaining is no longer a complaint, the sense of responsibility of being a first-time mother still forces Wang The lady couldn't help but give the child to the old man. Once, while coaxing the baby to sleep, my mother-in-law happened to make a video call, and all the grievances broke out the moment the call was connected. Ms. Wang cried and said, "I'm so stupid, I can't even handle a baby!" Seeing her daughter-in-law breaking down and crying, her mother-in-law comforted her heartily, "Every new mother comes here like this, not you. Too stupid, it is difficult to coax a baby from Yue Keli." Finally, Ms. Wang accepted her mother-in-law's suggestion to come and stay for a few days, and her mother-in-law said sincerely, "I will help you sleep at night, and wait until you find the experience of coaxing sleep. Now, I'll go home again!"

Why is it difficult for newborn babies under 3 months to sleep?

Some pediatric experts call the 0-3 month neonatal stage the fourth trimester. Usually during pregnancy, pregnant women will go through the three stages of early pregnancy, second trimester and third trimester, but also because in the 3 months after the baby is born, they still maintain the state of life in the mother's womb every day, continuing With the life rhythm of "eat and sleep, sleep and eat", this is also the origin of the saying "fourth pregnancy". However, the environment after the baby is born is very different from the mother's uterus, which will also cause the baby to "not adapt". For example, in the mother's body, the baby's sleeping environment will shake slightly under the floating of the amniotic fluid, so compared with the stable cot, the baby's slightly swaying embrace is more favored by the baby. The difficulty of coaxing the baby to sleep within 3 months is not an isolated case. For babies, it is actually a process of them slowly adapting to the new sleeping environment. If the mother can simulate a sleep environment similar to that in the womb, it is not difficult for the baby to fall asleep obediently.

Mastering the 5S coaxing sleep method, novice mothers can also become "sleep coax masters"

Swaddle (swaddling method): The swaddling method refers to the The way of swaddling helps the baby get the same wrapping feeling as the mother's womb. In addition, the swaddling method can also reduce the interference of the Moro reflex on the baby's sleep state to a certain extent. It is worth mentioning that when wrapping the swaddle, the mother must master the thickness of the swaddle, and do not let the baby feel overheated. Side or stomach position: Babies are naturally resistant to sleeping on their backs, which makes their nerves tense and prevents a relaxed and comfortable sleep experience. Therefore, the mother guides the baby to sleep on the side or on the stomach, and it is not too late to switch to the back sleep after the baby is completely asleep. Shush: This is a way to help your baby fall asleep by creating a white noise sleep environment. In fact, while in the mother's womb, the fetuses receive different sound stimuli each day, even while they are asleep. Therefore, a suitable white noise environment is easier to fall asleep than a pure quiet environment. Swing: Shaking properly can help your baby to calm down and gradually enter a state of sleep. However, mothers need to master the degree of shaking, too much shaking is likely to lead to shaking syndrome. Tips: The creators of the 5S sleep coax method describe the correct amount of shaking as "it's like shaking jelly on a plate". Suck (sucking): Use tools such as pacifiers to give your baby emotional stability during sucking, which will go a long way in coaxing sleep. From the perspective of reducing the pressure of coaxing mothers to sleep, pacifiers are more suitable than sucking breasts directly. In addition, proper use of a pacifier will not cause your baby to develop conditions that interfere with the normal development of teeth.

5S sleep coaxing method is not "one hundred percent", mothers should understand the "instructions" in advance

1. Use in combination with the baby's "sleep signal" if the baby is sleepy Proper sleep coaxing is easy to do if you like, but if your baby isn't sleepy, forcing them to sleep can be very difficult for an energetic baby. Therefore, in addition to mastering the 5S coaxing method, mothers should also detect the baby's sleep signals in time, such as rubbing the eyes and staring blankly. 2. The concept of intimate parenting does not exclude some mothers who think that with the swaddling package, the baby does not need to be cuddled or slept with milk, but in fact, the 5S coaxing method and the intimate parenting concept of cuddling and coaxing are not excluded. . For babies in the neonatal stage, there are also options for coaxing to sleep, and mothers don’t have to resist too much. 3. The 5S coaxing method can vary according to the baby. Although the 5S coaxing method provides 5 kinds of coaxing methods to choose from, it does not mean that the mother has to perform all 5 methods in order to coax her to sleep. In fact, if a wrapping swaddle can help your baby fall asleep quickly, then other sleep coaxing methods don't have to be tried. It is worth mentioning that although the 5S sleep coaxing method is more effective, the sleep coaxing object is a newborn baby within 3 months. For an older baby, this sleep coaxing method may not be effective. . When mothers use the 5S coaxing method, they should also make adjustments based on their own baby's specific situation. Conclusion: Sleep is no trivial matter, especially for newborn babies, parents should pay more attention. After mastering the correct methods of coaxing to sleep, it is also necessary to cultivate healthy sleeping habits for babies, such as rejecting black and white upside down. In addition, coaxing to sleep is not a matter for Baoma alone, especially when coaxing to sleep at night, parents can also moderately participate in it to reduce the pressure of coaxing mother. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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