Bao mother dislikes the feeding method of the elderly, but the pediatrician said: breakfast is really hard, well done

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Bao mother dislikes the feeding method of the elderly, but the pediatrician said: breakfast is really hard, well done

Bao Ma Xiaoxin's daughter is 6 months old, and it is time to add complementary foods. When the baby has just entered the period of supplementary food, the mother will always be very excited, and can't wait to bring the most nutritious and delicious food in the world to the child. At work, Xiaoxin also kept telling her mother-in-law: The baby has just added complementary food, so she must eat nutritious food, and she must not save in this regard. The mother-in-law also agreed to Xiaoxin, but after Xiaoxin came home from get off work, she found that her mother-in-law was feeding the baby porridge. There is not much nutritious food added to these porridges, and the mother-in-law feeding her granddaughter porridge was also disliked by Xiaoxin. The neighbor happened to be a pediatrician and heard their argument. However, the pediatrician said: I checked the porridge carefully, it was very thin, and the rice had been crushed. This kind of breakfast is very good for babies who are new to complementary foods. After carefully listening to the pediatrician's words, she became silent. The doctor said: The baby has just been given complementary food, so it is not appropriate to eat too nutritious food all at once. It is not good for the development of the baby's stomach. better physical development. Nowadays, more and more young people dislike the feeding methods of the elderly, and they often have disputes with them because of such problems. Why is this?

There are clues behind the young people's dislike of the feeding methods of the elderly

Everyone grows up in a different environment and receives different parenting methods, so Their parenting perspectives also vary. For young people, they all want their children to have a better life. The elderly are more diligent and thrifty, and their education is also different. This also leads them to often dislike the feeding methods of the elderly and feel that they cannot approve the feeding methods of the elderly. Many inappropriate feeding methods of the elderly were also announced on the Internet, and their effects were also announced. Many parents could not help but break a cold sweat after seeing it. Many young parents are influenced by online public opinion because they often see these news on the Internet. When I see that the feeding method of the elderly is different from my own, I will immediately dislike the feeding method of the elderly. The reason why young people dislike old people and feeding methods is that they don't trust old people enough. This kind of thing often happens to daughters-in-law, because daughters-in-law were not brought up by their mother-in-law, nor did they grow up in such a growing environment. They still have grudges against their mother-in-law, and they also have vigilance. They are only forced to leave their children to the elderly to take care of them. When they see the elderly feeding their children, they will immediately dislike their feeding methods.

The elderly feed their babies like this, and young people should stop them

Although many people dislike the feeding methods of the elderly, not all feeding methods of the elderly are wrong. . If the elderly feed their children in the following ways, everyone should stop them. 1. Chasing and feeding the baby We can often see such a situation in the streets and alleys: the old man is holding a bowl behind him, panting chasing his grandson. After finally catching up with the grandson, the grandson was willing to eat a bite or two, and then continued to run. If this is the way of feeding, everyone should stop it after seeing it. Because this way of feeding is prone to accidents, it can also cause gastrointestinal indigestion in children. 2. Feeding the baby after passing the mouth When feeding a child, the elderly are worried that the child will be scalded and choked, so when feeding the child, they will first put the food into their mouth, chew it with their teeth, and then spit it out to feed the child. Adults have a lot of bacteria in their mouths. Passing the mouth like this before feeding the child will also bring bacteria to the child, which is not good for the child's physical development. When we see this situation, we should stop it. 3. Overfeeding the baby As an elderly person, they all experienced famine when they were young, and they all felt hungry. After having a grandson, I wish my grandson could eat more and stop feeling hungry. We can often see many elderly people who persuade their children to eat more. They will overfeed their children, but the overfed children will also be overweight, which will have a certain impact on their appearance, self-confidence, and physical health. Many people will disagree with the feeding methods of the elderly, but when there is a difference in feeding between us and the elderly, we can do this to avoid conflicts. After having children, we should deepen the parenting knowledge between ourselves and the elderly. We can read more to the elderly, some scientific parenting methods. In this way, they not only learn some professional parenting knowledge, but also update their parenting knowledge in time to avoid these bad parenting methods. Conclusion: It is inevitable that there will be differences in parenting methods between young people and the elderly. As long as we know how to solve them in the above ways, there will be no conflicts between the two. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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