The boy was crying on the street in the early morning, but his mother was eating supper 20 kilometers away? Child sleeping ≠ safety

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The boy was crying on the street in the early morning, but his mother was eating supper 20 kilometers away? Child sleeping ≠ safety

Accidental injury has become the number one "killer" for the death of children aged 0-14. What do you like to do when your child falls asleep? Like most of my friends, Sugar Mom will clean up the house, do laundry, and prepare the ingredients for the next morning. If the housework ends early, I will reward myself for a while, lying on the sofa to catch up on the drama. Some parents may go out while their children are asleep, and the distance is not normal, which makes the police feel angry.

After the child fell asleep, the mother drove 20 kilometers away for a late-night snack

at 1 am, on the streets of Wuhan, Hubei in the early morning, A 4-year-old boy stood alone crying, and some well-wishers found the child looking for his mother and immediately called the police. According to the boy's account, he woke up from his sleep and found that his mother was not at home, so he went outside to find his mother and got lost. Not only did I not see my mother, but I couldn't find my way home, so I cried on the street. The police helped the boy find his home, but found that the home was empty and his mother's phone could never be reached. After finally contacting the boy's mother, the police were very angry with the other party's remarks, and netizens also expressed that the mother is really big-hearted. When the phone was connected, the boy's mother said that she was eating supper outside in Wangjiawan, 20 kilometers away from her home. The police were shocked by this and questioned on the phone: "I believe in your evil"!

Mother was criticized for leaving her child for supper late at night, and was criticized for being irresponsible

The police did not worry about letting the little boy at home by himself, so he took the The boy was taken to the police station. After half an hour, the mother rushed to the police station from outside to pick up the boy. The boy's father went back to his hometown to run errands. After putting the child to sleep that night, Bao's mother received an invitation to a friend's party, so she drove quietly while the child was asleep, thinking that the child would not wake up. It can only be said that this little boy was lucky, he met a kind person on the street in the early morning, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous. It is not uncommon for parents to leave their children alone at home. There was a pair of novice parents who left their 2-month-old baby at home, went downstairs to eat barbecue, and broadcast the process live online. They think that they can see the baby's every move from the monitor, and if there is any problem, just rush home. In fact, the danger may occur in just one second. The pair of novice parents who broadcasted the live broadcast to everyone later realized that their behavior was inappropriate and corrected it, but I wonder if the treasured mother who went out to the party realized her inappropriate behavior.

Can parents go out after child is asleep? Painful experience teaches lessons

There is a rule abroad that parents cannot leave children under the age of 12 at home alone. Some time ago, Nanjing also planned to stipulate that children under the age of 6 cannot be left alone at home and in the car. Even if the child falls asleep, he cannot be left at home alone. The following dangers have all happened, but these painful lessons have not made some parents nervous. 1) Falling from the building is the most likely accident. The little boy in front of him ran out of the house. Many parents will lock the door when they go out after the child is asleep. As a result, children cannot open the door from the inside, so they look for other exits. The younger the children, the less aware of the risk of falling from high altitudes. They think that they can find their parents as long as they go out of the house, and it is very easy to fall. Some parents even just cook in the kitchen and the child rolls out the window. Not to mention that it is 20 kilometers away, even if you are around the child, you may not have time to hold him. 2) Traffic Accidents May Happen Many children wake up to find their parents not home and go out looking like little boys. There are cars coming and going on the road, and the child's body is relatively small, and it is easy to enter the blind spot of the car and cause an accident. Coupled with the fact that many children don't know the road at all and don't know how to obey traffic rules, every second on the road is dangerous for them. 3) Accidental touch, accidental ingestion and drowning. Every year, some babies will stay in the room obediently, but during this process, they will rummage at home out of curiosity. Every summer, the hospital receives a batch of small patients, who may have been scalded, scratched, and drowned in the water storage container at home. There are also some children who accidentally swallowed household cleaners and even pesticides. Everything should not be underestimated, ranging from injuries to fatalities.

Don't leave sleeping children alone, even small babies are at risk

Many adults have been Stayed at home, luckily everyone grew up safely. Sugar Mom wants to say that don't watch the children sleep soundly, that is, when there are parents around, even the little baby will wake up late at night without feeling that the parents are around. In addition, don't think that the baby can't roll over yet, and it's safe to put it at home. Babies are also very powerful, and they may roll over, or roll over to the edge of the bed. Whether it's nose or mouth touching the bed, breathing difficulties, or rolling off the bed to the ground, it's a disservice to them. Even if parents monitor their children's every move, they can't pick them up in time, don't try to be relaxed and free for a while and let their children suffer. If there is someone at home to look after the children, couples can take turns taking each person out to relax once. But when there is only one person in the family with the child, the child is the most important thing. Candy's mother said in her heart: If she is really a good friend, she will not call her out for dinner in the middle of the night considering the situation of Baoma taking care of her child at home alone. Even if the friend did not pay attention to this matter, the mother should refuse rationally. After all, no one can pay for the safety and life of children. [Today's topic] Have you ever left a sleeping child alone at home? #headline creation challenge#
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