Some bad habits during pregnancy, the baby may follow "stealing", and the prospective parents can change them in time

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Some bad habits during pregnancy, the baby may follow "stealing", and the prospective parents can change them in time

A survey of 1.3 million pregnant women around the world found that about 47% of expectant mothers gained too much weight, 23% gained too little weight, and only 30% of pregnant women gained weight up to the standard. Children not only inherit the looks of their parents, but some small habits are affected during the fetal period. Prospective parents think that the baby can't see anything in the womb, but in fact the fetus has a certain perception of the outside world. During pregnancy, the bad habits of expectant mothers and expectant fathers may be secretly learned by the fetus.

The expectant mother often cried during pregnancy, and the baby secretly learned it

My cousin gave birth to a baby some time ago, and the little guy is not good-looking Low, that is, crying at every turn, causing headaches for my cousin and husband. Since I was a child, I can see that I am impatient. I cry when I breastfeed slowly, cry when my diapers are dirty, and sometimes cry because of my own farts. What's more interesting is the way the baby's mouth twitches when crying, exactly the same as the cousin's cry. When her husband saw his daughter, he complained that the baby's cry was learned from his cousin during pregnancy. My cousin blamed herself a bit, but she was also very aggrieved. She didn't mean to cry and make trouble during pregnancy, but she really couldn't control herself. In fact, it is normal for newborns to cry. Part of the reason is indeed related to the mother's emotions during pregnancy. On the other hand, it is also due to improper care and untimely care. After understanding the baby's temper, the cousin usually prepares everything. When you find that the baby has a little hunger signal or discomfort, it will be resolved in time, and the baby will cry less frequently than before.

The baby will learn bad habits during pregnancy, don't take it too seriously

The so-called mother-child connection has a certain basis, the fetus During pregnancy, not only does he absorb nutrients to grow his body, but some bad habits from his parents are also easy to be learned by him. A mother-to-be is a picky eater, and a baby is also a picky eater. The British "Daily Mail" has announced the results of a study that found that pregnant women who eat a variety of diets during pregnancy are less likely to be picky eaters after birth. The taste of the amniotic fluid changes slightly when the expectant mother eats the food in her stomach. The fetus already has a sense of taste at about 3 months, and as he swallows the amniotic fluid, he will taste the taste. Babies have tasted all kinds of tastes in their stomachs, and they have a strong ability to accept the taste of food after birth. Therefore, it can be said that some babies' bad habits of picky eating are learned from their mothers during pregnancy. When the couple quarrels, the fetus is learning "bad mood". The fetus has gradually improved his hearing in about 6 months. He may not understand what the parents are arguing about, but he can feel the intense tone and quarrel. When a mother is angry or agitated, hormones in the body change and affect the fetus. During pregnancy, expectant parents often quarrel, and it is more difficult to bring the baby after birth, crying, being short-tempered and impatient.

Parents-to-be like to stay up late, and babies also fall asleep after birth

Some expectant mothers can't sleep at night because of discomfort, But part of it is because of too much rest during the day, resulting in no sleepiness at night, or simply staying up late to watch dramas and watch videos. Staying up all night has a double impact on the mother and the fetus. It will not only aggravate the mother's early pregnancy reaction, but also make the mother's mental health worse. The fetus has a strong sense of the movements of the mother's body. When the fetus is accustomed to the sound of the mother always beside her at night, or moving around, he will wake up at that time. After the baby is born, it is easy for the baby to fall asleep. It takes a period of time to adjust, and it will feel a little tormented. It's not that the baby doesn't sleep on purpose, but the bad habits during pregnancy that haven't been corrected for a while. Whether it's for yourself or your baby, you can't stay up late during pregnancy.

Avoid the bad habit of “stealing” the fetus during pregnancy, parents-to-be do this

Many people think that the fetus is in the mother’s womb , Bad habits are only related to the mother. In fact, during pregnancy, the performance of both husband and wife is very important. First of all, expectant fathers need to take care of expectant mothers’ emotions. After pregnancy, women’s mood changes are relatively large and sensitive due to changes in body hormones. Don't sneer at the mother-to-be because she is being hypocritical. Ask the mother-to-be about her physical and psychological needs, discuss things with her patiently, and don't quarrel. The mother-to-be is happy and stable, and the baby's personality is relatively mild after birth. Secondly, it is not necessary to take a fortification after pregnancy. When the pregnancy reaction is more serious in the first trimester, if you can’t eat too much, you don’t need to force a fortification. Expectant mothers not only have no appetite, but also gain weight quickly. During pregnancy, you can eat less and more meals, and have a balanced intake of fruits and vegetables, meat, eggs, milk, and staple foods. Second, pay attention to eating less sour and spicy food. It can not only protect the stomach of the expectant mother, but also allow the fetus to eat a rich taste, and it is not easy to be picky after birth. Candy's mother said: Nowadays, many parents say that they don't want their children to lose at the starting line, but they don't know that the baby is already different when it is in the pregnant belly. Self-regulation of expectant mothers is one aspect, and the care and understanding of husbands and family members is also very important. If pregnant women live well, babies will live well naturally. [Today's topic] Have you ever noticed the habit of taking your baby out of your pregnant belly? #headline creation challenge#
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