Psychologist: Dink's woman is heartless! Why? do you approve

time:2023-01-30 author:Diet
Psychologist: Dink's woman is heartless! Why? do you approve

Text|Li Qian, a psychological tutor of Jingma, mentioned DINK on her popular science platform, and specifically mentioned DINK women. She said that all DINK women are lacking in heart! Why does she say it so absolutely? Because she mainly focuses on marriage and family, love intimacy, she has seen many similar families!

Why is it said that Dink's women are heartless? Mainly for these reasons, which are very realistic.

The first one: the reproductive age of women is shorter than that of men. The reproductive age of women begins to decline at the age of 30, and after the age of 35, it shows a cliff-like decline, reaching the age of 45. , Some women have had menstrual disorders and have started menopause by the age of 50. After menopause, the body no longer ovulates, which means the loss of fertility. For men, he can give birth to 50 years old and 60 years old, and even some 80-year-old men can still have children. For example, the famous pianist Liu Shikun gave birth to a daughter at the age of 81, and the gambling king He Hongmiao gave birth to 17 children, and his youngest daughter He Chaoxin was born at the age of 78. That is, women dink when they are young, but when middle-aged men want to give birth, women will suffer very much! No. 2: Women pay more attention to relationships Most women focus on family after marriage, and most relationships end with one another, but men are naturally more attentive. When a woman is 50 years old, she is used to being with her husband, but at this time her husband wants to have a child. For the sake of a child, he may divorce you. At this time, women will be very hurt because they focus on feelings. So DINK is indeed a disadvantage for women! For example, the famous singer Alan Tam, who was not popular when he was young, later met his wife Yang Jiewei. For the sake of her husband's career, Yang Jiewei resigned to help her husband take care of it, and single-handedly made her husband popular, because Alan Tam was focused on his career, and the two couples decided not to have children as DINK. Later, Alan Alan met a younger and more beautiful fan Zhu Yongting, and even asked Zhu Yongting to give him a son, and his wife finally escaped. There is also director Er Dongsheng, who talked to his wife about Dink when he was young, but gave birth to a daughter when he was nearly 60 years old, and it was not his wife. Doctors in obstetrics and gynecology have the most say in Dink, because many couples in their 50s go to doctors in obstetrics and gynecology, hoping to have children. At this time, there is no problem for men, but for women, because of the decline of ovarian function, the endometrium is very thin, and there is no chance for even the test tube. Both husband and wife Dink, they are afraid that the man still wants to have a child, but the woman can't. So if the couple wants DINK, then the woman is more likely to suffer!

If women want DINK, then these preparations should be done well, don't wait for the final injury to regret it

First: the best Find someone older than you. For example, if you are 30 and find a 50-year-old, by the time you are 40, he will be 60, and basically his fertility has also declined. Second: if you have money, if you want a DINK, then don't think about relying on your husband's money. If your husband wants to have a child at that time, he will try his best to take the money away, and he will not leave you too much. So you must have the ability to earn money and save it yourself. Third: If you are in good health, go to the inpatient department of the hospital. You will find that most of the time it is the old lady who serves the grandfather. If the old grandfather served the old lady, he generally did not have much patience. So if you plan to DINK, then you should pay more attention to your body, check your body every year, keep exercising, keep a balanced nutrition, go to bed early and get up early, so that you can be in better physical condition and have less pain, then you can have less pain. Fourth: The mentality is better. If you have a DINK, many people may think that you can't give birth, or you are nagging in your ear every day. You must have a stable mentality and a firm DINK yourself. language and irritability. So female DINK will indeed suffer more! Are there any DINK women around you? (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete) For more exciting content, please click: CCTV has exposed: The heavy metals in the water flowing out of the water purifier exceed the standard! Will affect the child's intelligence The new book contains ingredients that lead to precocious puberty in children! TV has been exposed, parents should be careful
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