The new type of PUA on campus is emerging, parents should pay attention to it in time to avoid harm to children

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The new type of PUA on campus is emerging, parents should pay attention to it in time to avoid harm to children

Introduction: The word PUA is believed to be familiar to everyone in recent years. This kind of situation often occurs among adults. Nowadays, it appears more and more everywhere in life, even in elementary school campuses. No exception, but some parents do not know what this means for their children. Tian Tian is a primary school student in the first grade. He usually studies well in school and is excellent in both character and study. He is the top student in the eyes of teachers. But recently, Tian Tian's mother found that the child was very unhappy. Every day I come back from school with a drooping face. Tian Tian’s mother carefully noticed this change in her child. Because she was worried that her child would be bullied at school, Tian Tian’s mother had a good communication with the child after he left school. In the end, I told her every day that he felt lonely in the class. There were groups of children around him, but no one wanted to play with him. Tiantian's mother believed that her child was isolated by the children in the class. If this continued, she was afraid that the child's mental health would be affected, so she went to the child's teacher to communicate. Fortunately, things have gradually eased since then, and I am happy every day. To put it another way, the situation of being deliberately isolated by others in the class like Tiantian is actually a campus PUA. Nowadays, there are more and more situations like this, and teachers may also find out, but there is no way to discipline them. What exactly is a PUA?

Several typical performances of campus PUA

PUA was originally an acronym for Pick-up Artist, which means street in America In recent years, under the deliberate distortion of some people, the definition of the art of picking up a conversation between men and women has become the use of brainwashing, threats, coercion, enticement and other means, thereby affecting a person's consciousness, and then manipulating other people's behavior. The new type of campus PUA has several typical manifestations, and parents can understand it in advance to prevent their children from being affected by it. 1. Being excluded by others. Don’t look at the fact that there is no intrigue among elementary school students like adults, but in fact, on campus, students also form gangs. They have a group consciousness, and sometimes they will gather together to attack those who watch them Disjointed classmates. For example, the personality is too introverted, the dress is too plain or too high-profile, the outstanding academics are envied by others, etc. Under such psychological influence, these alternative classmates will be excluded and isolated by others. Over time, these excluded children will suffer physical and mental blows, and sometimes even fall into self-denial and self-doubt, and their personalities will also change. 2. Being squeezed by classmates in the campus, although teachers are all advocating helpfulness, but some children have a wrong perception, they think it is natural for others to help themselves, so they use various reasons to ask others for help . For children who are relatively introverted, they often do not know how to refuse when others ask for help. They may not want to help them in their hearts, but they agree on the surface. In the repeated oppression, the child did not have the courage to refuse. 3. It has been denied by the teacher that each teacher has his own teaching method. Some teachers really like to use a negative attitude to motivate students and want them to study harder. But sometimes these verbal denials become harm to the child, and then evolve into verbal violence. The teacher's excessive verbal behavior will damage the student's self-confidence and enthusiasm, and destroy the student invisibly.

To prevent children from being poisoned, parents need to do the following three points

These new school PUAs cause great harm to children, so parents should promptly Understand and prevent these situations from occurring in a timely manner. 1. Let children learn to recognize self-worth. Parents should let children learn to recognize their own value in ordinary education. Children with a high sense of self-worth will also be more confident in life, otherwise they will become more and more self-abasement. Parents should tell their children not to deny themselves because of other people’s ridicule or evaluation, but to let their children know that value comes from their own achievements, and cannot be changed by someone else’s words or two. 2. Let children learn to refuse bullying in today's school. There are more and more cases of bullying on campus, and there is even a trend of younger age. When facing the strong attitude or bullying of others, parents should let their children learn to refuse. For things they don't want to do, they should refuse. Just refuse, don't hold back. Otherwise, there will be countless times after the first compromise. If the struggle fails, seek help from parents or teachers in time to get rid of campus PUA. 3. Provide more companionship and communication to children In normal times, parents should also provide more company to their children, so that children can grow up in an environment full of love and security, so that children will be more confident and confident in doing things outside. At the same time, it is necessary to do a good job in communicating with children. Some children do not know it after suffering from PUA. It is necessary to communicate with the child every day to keep abreast of the situation of the child at school. Once the child is found to be PUA, stop it in time to avoid developing in a more serious direction. Conclusion: In fact, most of the PUAs that appear on campus are caused by the educational negligence of teachers and parents. If they are not stopped, children may take a more wrong path, or even have more serious consequences. Children are still young, and they cannot precisely justify which behaviors are PUAs. Therefore, a larger part still needs the careful observation of parents and teachers, so as to avoid more tragedies. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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