What can a 2 year old do? To cultivate according to interests and hobbies, the potential of children is infinite

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What can a 2 year old do? To cultivate according to interests and hobbies, the potential of children is infinite

The picture came from the Internet. In the past two days, a pair of small hands dominated the screen in the circle of friends. A 2-year-old cute baby has watched her father pack courier services since she was a child. Under the influence of her ears, she tried it herself and the faster the package, she even became obsessed with it. She didn't want to go out to play, but also packaged the courier at home. Such a skillful child has really brought out the huge potential of a 2-year-old! The picture is from the Internet. It seems that some time ago, I also saw a child who was only about 3 or 4 years old, very skilled in cooking. From washing vegetables, cutting vegetables to cooking, everything is done in one go, and it is even better than that of me, a housewife who has been cooking for many years. The pictures are from the Internet. Thinking about it carefully, there are really many "genius" children around - some children like to screw screws and unload furniture at home, like to "dismantle" and mess with all kinds of things. So far; some children like dolls, there are various kinds of dolls in the house, and they can be named accurately; some children like Ultraman, there are many kinds of Ultraman that make others dazzled, and some children Able to say their names and different characteristics in one breath; some children like to play with cars, there are car models everywhere in the family, all kinds of car models running on the road, the little guy can also open his mouth and speak eloquently; some Children like model aircraft, repeatedly observe various types of model aircraft on the market, and compare them, and list the performance of various models... The pictures are from the Internet. See, not without commonalities.

1. Hobbies

Children are changeable, and most children's preferences may be difficult to follow, always three I like this one today, I like that one tomorrow... In fact, although this is the inherent performance of children at a certain age, it is also the beginning of children's curiosity about everything in the world. However, this is not the real hobby of children. In fact, what many children can persevere in is their "hobby" from the bottom of their hearts, and it is also their "hobby" that children can achieve something and show it quickly. The picture comes from the Internet

2, hobbies come from guidance

Children like, it is only a basis for them to adhere to "hobbies", and it can make them from ignorant A liking, turning into a real liking, must come from guidance. Who will guide and how to guide them is the key to whether children can persevere and achieve in their favorite fields. Who guides the pictures from the Internet? Of course, it should be guided by the person closest to the child and the person that the child trusts the most. When children are young, their parents are the best candidates; as children grow up, it will be more effective to guide them from people who have achieved achievements in their hobbies. How to guide the picture from the Internet? Continuous recognition, affirmation, and encouragement for children, and let them continue to gain and achieve a sense of achievement, this is the guiding method that can make children stick to it. A child's transition from an initial hobby to a willingness to study hard is not an easy process. Like we want to do something, how can it be smooth sailing? Who is not forging ahead? Children are more than what we have, that is, they are still young, have infinite possibilities in the future, are not afraid of falling over and start over, and have the courage of a newborn calf to not be afraid of tigers. Therefore, let children be affirmed in praise, find direction in setbacks, and stay awake when they achieve something, so that their hobbies and hobbies can be completely persevered. This is also the focus of guiding children. The picture comes from the Internet

3. Persistence

It must be amazing to be able to persevere. But not being able to hold on is normal. As a parent, you often ask your children to stick to certain hobbies. You might as well ask yourself what is the reason for sticking to it? Is the child really talented in this area? Or because you pay a lot of money and time for your hobby? Is it a pity that the child climbed halfway up the mountain and gave up? Or is it just because I think the child is halfway up the mountain and stick to it? Parenting is also self-cultivation. If you understand these problems, the question of whether the child can persist, or whether to persist, will be easily solved. The pictures are from the Internet. Therefore, it is the first step to cultivate extraordinary children and find their hobbies; to stimulate their potential is the second step; to persist or to give up, or to take a break in the middle is the third step. Step; through such a time and again, the child will eventually usher in the glory! However, life is long, and who can be sure that the extraordinary is success, and the ordinary is failure? As a parent, you can only correct your mentality, don't be anxious, and slowly accompany your child to go step by step! Don’t lose your original intention, and don’t forget your original intention. While cultivating children, don’t give up on yourself!
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