The first batch of DINK has already retired. If you have money and spare time, you don't need to take children. The days are really cool.

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The first batch of DINK has already retired. If you have money and spare time, you don't need to take children. The days are really cool.

Wen|Mother Ying had a street interview before, and interviewed a Dink who just retired after 60! She mentioned that she belongs to the first batch of DINK family in China. Now that she is retired, she often drives with her husband to travel, and it takes ten or twenty days to go out. Because I don't work now, and my family is relatively well-off, I really feel comfortable. When I was young, I was busy with work, but now I have time to learn the piano, write and dance. She said that when she was young, because the husband and wife were busy with work, some relatives said to help them carry a child, but they did not agree. She felt that having a child was a kind of happiness, but not having a child Dink was also a kind of happiness! It is true that DINK was introduced to China in the 1980s, probably in the 1950s and 1960s, people began to accept the term "DINK". "Dink" refers to a family with two incomes, but no children!

The first batch of DINKs have retired in their 60s, how are they doing?

★Most of those who have the money to accept DINK and execute DINK belong to high intellectuals with good income, such as some college professors, or some corporate executives. They were busy with work when they were young, and they didn't particularly like children. They also had relatively independent personalities and economics, so they could accept not having children, and they could also convince their families that they would not have children. So they retire, in fact, the economy is still relatively well-off. But it is unrealistic to not have children in rural areas, the economy is backward, and only if you have children can you have a labor force. If you have children, you will not have a pension when you get old, so that someone can give you a bite to eat, and only when you are sick can someone send you to the hospital. Those who can really do DINK are actually those who are financially better off. ★The reason why I worked as a DINK before I had time was because some people didn't like children, and some people felt that it didn't matter whether they had children or not, and they were busy with work. For example, professional brokers or reporters, etc., these people often work overtime, they have nothing to do with children, and because they are busy with work, they simply do not have children. And after retirement, they don't have to take children when they are free, so their time is very ample. But if it wasn't for Dink, if he gave birth to a child until he retired, it is very likely that his grandson or granddaughter had already been born. In order to help ease the burden on the family of his son and daughter, he would have to help his son and daughter take care of the child at this time, which is very important. Difficult to relax. ★A relatively young person can do DINK first. In fact, the economy is not bad, and he also has a certain awareness of maintenance. In addition, without having a child, you don't have to suffer from pregnancy, you don't have to bear the pain of staying up late and worrying about raising your child, and you don't have to tutor your child for homework, so you don't have to suffer from mood swings because of tutoring. This seems to be relative. young.

Have the financial foundation and time, and the physical condition is not bad, so Dink usually does these things after retirement

1 , Do some elegant things, such as learning to play the piano, to learn to dance, to learn to draw, or to learn calligraphy, these relatively elegant things. After all, those who can do DINK have a certain degree of cultural accomplishment, so after retirement, they also have a certain artistic pursuit, and they will do these relatively elegant things. 2. Those who travel often can really go wherever they want. In fact, those people who are retired and financially sound are the ones who drive and stop and go, or even have the money to buy an RV, and just go wherever they want. Where to go, it is also good for the two couples to accompany and chat together. 3. Sports and fitness Some people like sports and fitness. Because they are DINKs, no children naturally need to take care of their bodies, so they will choose to exercise, go to fitness, such as square dancing, or go to the gym to exercise. Of course, the first batch of DINK has just retired. He is in good physical condition in his 60s and looks quite handsome. However, when they are in their 70s and 80s, the drawbacks of DINK will come out. For those who go to nursing homes for the elderly, the nurses may not be very attentive in their care, and when their self-care ability at home decreases, this is the biggest problem. Is there a Dink beside you? How are you doing? (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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