Mother-in-law has no time to wait for the confinement, and gave 4 catties of "gold bars" as a gift, daughter-in-law: This is throwing money at me

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Mother-in-law has no time to wait for the confinement, and gave 4 catties of "gold bars" as a gift, daughter-in-law: This is throwing money at me

The survey found that 30% to 40% of confinement feuds are caused by food problems. If you could choose, who would you like to be by your side to serve the confinement? Most families still rely on the mother-in-law to serve the confinement model, which seems to be the conventional choice. It's just that during this process, daughter-in-law may feel wronged, and mother-in-law is not easy to do, and many mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have forged confinement feuds because of this. Isn't there a better solution? Because the mother-in-law used "gifts" to solve the problem perfectly, which attracted everyone's envy.

Mother-in-law said she had no time to wait for the confinement, and gave 4 kilograms of "gold bars" as a gift to her daughter-in-law

An expecting mother in Changchun, Jilin was lying down Playing with her phone in bed, her husband brought her a gift when he came home. The mother-in-law was unable to serve the confinement due to something, and the gift was regarded as compensation. The mother-to-be didn't seem interested at first, and didn't even look up at her husband. Her husband teased her: "I don't want to talk to prove that you don't want it. If you don't want it, then I want it." Only then did the mother-to-be look at the gift in her husband's hand, and when she found out that it was a gold bar, her eyes instantly lit up, and she reached out and took the gift. When I got it, I found that the gold bar weighed a full 1 kilogram, and my husband had one in his hand, weighing a total of 2 kilograms. Sighing that her mother-in-law was too open, her husband smiled and said, "I can't do anything without it." Don't look at the expectant mother, but she was relatively calm at the time. Later, she sat on the sofa alone, holding a gold bar from morning to night, smiling and wiping the dust with a cloth and loving it.

Own 4 catties of gold bars all at once. Pregnant mother: Mother-in-law is hitting me with money

Some netizens are preliminary according to the recent gold price Calculated, the two gold bars together weighed 4 catties, and the value was nearly 796,000 yuan. Some netizens saw this price and jokingly said, not to mention that the mother-in-law does not come to serve the confinement, it is just enough to allow herself to serve the mother-in-law during the confinement. The mother-to-be laughed and said that her mother-in-law was throwing money at her, and she was evaluated as a "little money fan". But her husband said that it would be nice for him and his mother to see his wife happy, and this gift was meant for her. For this mother-in-law's effortless but "give money" approach, many people's comments are approval. In life, many mothers-in-law do not work hard on money or help, but they point to the mother who is confinement. The confinement is not caused by one or two things. The causes of many conflicts are not big, but they have not been well resolved.

Pregnant mothers get gold bars and become "sensible" in seconds, and confinement problems are actually very easy to solve

Sugar mothers have seen some The mother-to-be was unhappy because her mother-in-law could not serve the confinement, but the mother-to-be did not complain at all, and became extraordinarily "sensible". Ask her husband to visit her mother-in-law more often, so that her mother-in-law is not alone at home. Some people say that there is no confinement feud that gold bars can't solve, and if there are, give two. The mother-in-law's arrogant gift of gold bars solved her daughter-in-law's unhappiness, but the key point was not the value of the gold bars, but the attitude of the expectant mother's husband and mother-in-law. The mother-in-law also wanted to come, but she had something to do, so she explained it in advance considering the emotions of her daughter-in-law. The husband also played a mediating role in the middle, and everyone was happy with the ending. On the contrary, some old people said directly: "I have no obligation to you to serve the confinement." The husband also took the same attitude as the mother-in-law, and even blamed the wife. The confinement period is only a short month, but it has made many mothers have a lifetime of confinement feuds, which is really not worth it.

Mother-in-law does not have time to wait for confinement, so it is not a problem of confinement

After giving birth to a baby, about 80% of women, I want to go to the Confinement Center to "Confinement". Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law need to understand each other. The mother-in-law needs someone to take care of her after giving birth. The mother-in-law may be busy or in poor health, and there is no way to do it. But this is not the only problem, in addition to the mother-in-law serving the confinement, there are also the following solutions. The mother-in-law is not the only candidate. The experience of inviting others is not necessarily bad. The mother-in-law is just a conventional candidate. If the husband has time to take care of the confinement, the mother's care will be more relaxed. It is best to discuss the issue of who will serve the confinement when you are preparing for pregnancy and when you are just pregnant, and save money to ask for a confinement sister-in-law to prepare both hands. The mother-in-law is only more in line with serving the confinement in her identity, but there are situations in which the way is outdated or incompatible with the mother's personality. Forcing her to serve the confinement is unhappy. No matter who is serving the confinement, one must pay attention to the way that confinement is not unique between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Many treasure mothers serve the confinement, and there will be some contradictions. The key problem is that there is a generation gap between the two generations, different ways of taking care of the baby, and inconsistent views on diet or habits during confinement. If you want to avoid conflicts during the confinement period, no matter who is serving the confinement period, you should discuss the method during pregnancy. The old man changed his past thoughts a little, and he liked the child while taking into account the feelings of the mother; the mother did not have to worry too much. Candy's mother said in her heart: She said that she has been watching her mother-in-law for ten years and her daughter-in-law. [Today's topic] Do you think that your mother-in-law must serve you during confinement?
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