Free "broken phone"? Eye-catching reminders posted on the door of the school are deterrent but questioned as a waste of money

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Free "broken phone"? Eye-catching reminders posted on the door of the school are deterrent but questioned as a waste of money

There was once a high school that distributed 4,500 questionnaires to students. After anonymous feedback from 3,580 students, it was found that about 52.9% of the students brought mobile phones into the campus. In the past, when there was something in the school, the child would tell the child and call the parents. Now, as long as you say something in the parent group, you can solve the problem in time. However, while mobile phones are convenient for home-school communication, they also pose a certain threat to children's learning. Many schools explicitly prohibit the use of mobile phones, but they cannot prevent students from sneaking in. How to tell students how to be more deterrent? A school posted a notice at the school gate, causing a lot of discussion.

Bright notice posted at the school gate: Free broken phone!

Every school season, when Tang Mom passed by the gates of various schools, she could see them pulling out banners or putting up reminders. Most of the content is to welcome freshmen to school, or to post a topographic map of the campus, etc., but some schools have taken a different approach and posted tips that arouse doubts. In a school in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province, on the table placed at the entrance of the school, a notice to "smash mobile phones for free" was posted, and a large hammer was placed. Netizens felt that this was a bit violent, and the school then responded. The school staff said that if students did not report to the teacher in advance, they brought their mobile phones into the school, and if they were found, the mobile phones would be smashed. However, the school will compensate parents for the mobile phone according to the price. This method is mainly to deter students and prevent them from indulging in playing mobile games and affecting their learning. If students need to contact their parents, they can bring their mobile phones into the school after reporting, and then hand them over to the teacher, which is allowed when needed. Regarding the smashing of mobile phones, the school said that it had communicated with parents and obtained their consent, but many people still felt that it was inappropriate.

Smashing mobile phones to remind students, is it a deterrent or a waste of money?

In the above-mentioned problem of high school students with mobile phones, 25.12% of them put their mobile phones in the dormitory, 20.75% of them turn them off and bring them to class, and a small number of students turn them on and carry them with them. This school has a good starting point for children, and it is indeed very deterrent. It can largely solve the situation of students sneaking and using mobile phones. But at the same time, the method of directly smashing the mobile phone is also regarded as a bit extreme by netizens, which easily hurts the self-esteem of children and arouses the rebellious psychology of adolescent children. Moreover, today's mobile phones can cost thousands of dollars at every turn, and there may be many meaningful photos of students stored in them. If it is directly smashed, even if the parents are compensated according to the price, they will not be able to get the original things back, and they cannot afford to waste money like this. School education has a great impact on children, and the incident of smashing mobile phones will definitely leave a deep impression on students. For the good of students, they may also do bad things with good intentions.

Smashing a phone will deter students? The cooperation between home and school and children is more effective.

Some students do not bring their mobile phones to play. They need to use mobile phones to communicate with family or friends when they go to school, especially when they live in school dormitories. If the school explicitly prohibits students from bringing mobile phones, and there is a penalty system. Then there should be enough public telephones on campus to meet the normal needs of students. Allow parents to communicate with teachers at any time if they have any questions, and send their children to school with confidence. Otherwise, when they find it is particularly troublesome to not have a mobile phone, they will still try their best to use the mobile phone secretly. In addition, parents must cooperate with the school. Tang Mom has received many similar private messages, and the content is roughly the same. The school does not recommend bringing a mobile phone, but you still want to give your child a mobile phone, worried that it will spoil him? Some parents even tell their children that they are not afraid of being confiscated, and they will buy new ones if they are confiscated. It can be seen that some students ignore the school's regulations and take the risk of bringing their mobile phones into the school, with parents "supporting" behind them. This is not loving children, it is cheating children.

Don't waste money to buy lessons, avoid mobile phones from affecting children's learning, you can do this

No matter how the school prohibits, no matter how parents manage, in the end It comes back to the question of child self-discipline. University use of mobile phones is more casual, mainly for middle and high school students. There are many ways to release stress. Do some exercise, listen to the class earnestly and efficiently, and take a good rest during the rest time. Playing games to relieve stress is not a reason to relax. In the classroom, if you play with your mobile phone for a few seconds, you will miss many knowledge points. Staying up late to play games is hard and uncomfortable the next day. In the end, the result was a decline, and the cost of playing mobile phones was a bit high. Self-discipline is the driving force and factor for progress. Even without the supervision of teachers and parents, you must control where and when you play your mobile phone. If the school allows mobile phones to be brought into the dormitory, it can be equipped with an older computer with less functions, or a mobile phone for students only to make calls and send messages, so as to avoid indulging in games. Even if you are allowed to bring your smartphone into school, you must self-monitor not to stay up late to play with your phone, not to use your phone in class, not just to follow the rules, but for your own good. Candy's mother said in her heart: The school's ban on students using mobile phones is actually well-intentioned, but they must also pay attention to the method and provide convenience for the students. Students do not have to complain that the school is too strict, it is also a responsible way. Schools, families and students should understand and cooperate with each other, and do not let mobile phones become a stumbling block on the way to learning. [Today's topic] Do you think it is necessary to ban students from bringing mobile phones to school?
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