Mathematical genius at Peking University returned to secular life and became the leader of the "Buddha Department". Future plans are expected

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Mathematical genius at Peking University returned to secular life and became the leader of the "Buddha Department". Future plans are expected

I don't see his shadow in life, but I can always hear "legends" about him. Nowadays, many students and migrant workers feel that they are under a lot of pressure, and they really want to pursue nothing and live a "Buddhist" life. And 12 years ago, before the word "Buddha" appeared, someone had already experienced the real "monkship". How is he doing now?

Peking University math genius "returned to the world", what has he experienced in these years?

Many people are unfamiliar with the name Liu Zhiyu, but when it comes to the story of his "renunciation", people are always filled with emotion. He was recommended to Peking University, the dream of many people, received a full scholarship from MIT, and won the gold medal in the Olympiad in mathematics. He is a genius in people's mouths. However, after graduating from college, the 22-year-old genius gave up the opportunity to study abroad and chose to become a monk, which caused a sensation. Geniuses also have troubles. Liu Zhiyu is not in good health and suffers from eye diseases. During his studies at Peking University, he was very confused. Even with a talent for mathematics, he has not been able to go too far on this road. After a lapse of 12 years, he has returned to the secular world. Goodbye Liu Zhiyu, he has become more mature and stable, and his face has a little more vicissitudes. There is a big gap between the life in Longquan Temple and his imagination. He cooks and builds a house every day, and the interpersonal relationship is more complicated than before. After 8 years, he has not even learned the basics of knocking wooden fish.

Failed to leave the temple due to an accident, and the math genius had a hard time for a few years

During Liu Zhiyu's stay in the temple, Zeng Shen took the initiative to ask the general manager for " During the final revision and publication of Nanshan's Laws and Interpretations, he traveled to many places. The helpless high-intensity task made his body's ability to withstand it, which was not very good, to the limit. When working, his body always trembled, and even lying on the table could not be relieved. It was not until later that Longquan Temple suffered a huge change, Liu Zhiyu went out and continued to find other temples, but the road was bumpy, almost reaching the state of wandering on the streets, and his physical condition also deteriorated. Fortunately, someone was willing to stay with him in the end, so he could be considered a long-term place to live and settle down. Liu Zhiyu yearns for a Buddhist life, but does not want to do nothing. Over the years, he has focused on psychological counseling, and has also established a Buddhist psychological service team. It was also during this period that he thought about his original choice, and the idea of ​​returning to secular life became stronger and stronger, and he took this step firmly.

The math genius became the leader of the "Buddhist system" after returning to the secular world, causing controversy over future plans

Although Liu Zhiyu is back in the secular world, he He still lives a Buddhist life. After working in a psychological consulting company, he took the initiative to ask for a "salary reduction". He did not ask the team to clock in and out of get off work, nor urged them to work, nor did he want the team to work overtime. Everyone thinks that he is not like a leader, but under the loose management, the people in the team are tacit and self-conscious. Now Liu Zhiyu still has the habit of monks, greeting with folded hands and keeping vegetarian. The life before and after returning to secular life doesn't seem to have changed much, but the burden is gone, and my heart is much more relaxed. Regarding future plans, Liu Zhiyu not only has no idea of ​​buying a house or a car, but also does not want to have children. Some people think that he wasted his great youth, it is better to continue studying and then go to work, and even accuse him of wasting educational resources. More people feel that he is sorry for his parents, because his mother was seriously ill and his father felt very helpless, but Liu Zhiyu never wavered. Now that he is still vulgar, he has also thought about the decision to become a monk. He has no regrets, but enjoys the present life more.

Liu Zhiyu's plans for the future are as expected

, but he has no interest in RVs and wages. , I don't even want to have children in the future, I don't know what his family thinks about this, but this is what netizens expected. Maybe Liu Zhiyu has been a child with "no desires and no desires" since he was a child. He likes and is good at mathematics, and is willing to cooperate with him to participate in competitions, but he is not interested in winning awards and gold medals. He once said bluntly to the principal of the First Affiliated High School of China Normal University: "I don't need a medal to prove myself, the school needs it". Everyone's eyes are focused on his talent, but few people care about what kind of life he wants to live and what kind of person he wants to be. For Liu Zhiyu, perhaps taking the path that others think is right will be extremely depressed and unable to shine in the field that everyone expects. On the contrary, in the field of psychological counseling, you can find your own value and find the joy of life. And with these, he is very satisfied, and the plan of not wanting children is not unexpected. Liu Zhiyu has reconciled with his parents, and his relationship with his parents is getting better and better. The monthly salary of 20,000 is not low, and I try to get in touch with the Internet. Everything is developing in a better direction. Candy's mother said in her heart: Since he and his family have let go of the past and accepted the present life, netizens don't have to hold on to it anymore. Liu Zhiyu's experience tells us that it is good for children to be excellent, but they cannot be less concerned. Otherwise, when the child's pursuit cannot be achieved and is not valued, it is easy to make extreme and impulsive choices. [Today's topic] What do you think of Liu Zhiyu, a math genius at Peking University? #Peking University math genius Liu Zhiyu went down the mountain to return to the vulgar#
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