Every bear child with a problem is actually asking his parents for help

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Every bear child with a problem is actually asking his parents for help

I saw a video on the Internet. A little girl mixed all the grains and beans in the supermarket when she was visiting the supermarket, which made the supermarket unable to sell them. She had to inform the parents to either separate the beans or buy them all. "Three words dominate the screen. As for the education of "bear children", many people will jump out a sentence: behind every bear child's parent, there is a pair of "bear parents". So, how did children who were originally like white paper become "bear children"?

You are the big one, let the small one

When two children are crying because of fighting over toys, most parents will say: "Brother (sister) ) is still young, you are so old and still ignorant, do you want to let the little one know?" But no matter how old the elder brother (sister) is, he is still a child, and every child has ownership of his own items, has the power to dominate, and forces When a child gives up to a younger brother (sister), it will cause psychological trauma to the child, thinking that the parents no longer love him (her), and the younger brother (sister) will also be pampered and arrogant. Over time, small children may really grow into a "bear child" when they use the trump card "a crying child has milk" proficiently. And the older one, perhaps in order to gain the attention of parents, took some extreme methods and became a "bear child". In the face of this situation, the adult should say: "This toy is yours, you decide whether to play with your brother (sister) or not."

Hurry up Eat, and then you will be late

Every morning of school, parents urge their children to go to school, but the more you urge and criticize, the more the children dawdled. Parents always think that this is for the good of their children. In fact, this will make the children have no sense of responsibility and not realize that it is their own business. Parents must watch everything when they get up and eat. In fact, the solution is very simple. If the child is late once and is punished by the school, he will definitely become the one who is urging you the next day.

I have enough toys at home, don’t buy and spend money every day

When I go to the supermarket, I often see children crying loudly because their demands are not met In order to avoid being in an embarrassing situation, the parents had to pay the bill and end it, but the next time the child did the same trick again. In fact, sometimes children say they want it, but they don’t really want to buy it and take it home. Maybe they just want to watch and play for a while. At this time, you can say to the child: "Do you like all these babies? Mom will help you take a picture with them. When you want to see them, you can open your phone and see them at any time. We will only choose one to take home with you. Oh you~"

Hurry up and pack up the toys, you troublemaker

just cleaned up the living room, the child will make it unrecognizable in a few minutes, many parents will meet The child yelled and ordered the child to clean up immediately. But often backfires, and your accusations will only fall on deaf ears. Parents must not "label" when their children are naughty, try saying to their children: "Yeah! Has our family been attacked by monsters? I need the help of Super Pan now, is there any Peter Pan here? Help me?" It should be noted that the characters mentioned here must be familiar to children, and I believe that there will be "Peter Pan" immediately to help organize.

My child is so introverted that no one even shouts

Take the child to the street to meet acquaintances, guests at home, children who are chatting on weekdays, and now Just like a saw-mouth gourd, it is mute and out of breath, embarrassing the parents. He always compares how polite and sweet-mouthed other children's children are with their own children. Every child has their own personality and emotions, parents should not let their children show face in front of others to gain face, but learn to guide their children: "Our children are slow and hot, and they need to play with everyone for a while, just get familiar with them. "

You are so smart

When a child takes the initiative to complete a task, such as helping with housework, reading a book, or solving a problem by himself, many parents will Compliment the child like this: "You are so smart! You are so capable!" In fact, such a compliment is a bowl of "poisonous chicken soup", which will make the child feel that he is very smart and does not need to work hard. In fact, praising children is a technical job, and parents should spend more time. For example, when a child takes the initiative to solve a problem, he can say: "Baby, mother is very happy! You found a solution through your own efforts, and mother likes you!" Finally, parents must remember that "parent bears" come first There are "bear children", and what kind of people they want their children to become, parents must first become what kind of people.
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