The old man bathed his grandson with pesticides, and both of them were poisoned.

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The old man bathed his grandson with pesticides, and both of them were poisoned.

Some time ago, there was a news on the Internet that an old man bathed his grandson with trichlorfon in order to treat mosquito bites, and both of them were poisoned. Now, there are still many parents who will listen to some parenting remedies and rumors. Today, we will take stock of some cheating remedies to prevent parents from doing bad things with good intentions.

1. Vinegar for colds

It has always been said that vinegar can disinfect, sterilize and prevent colds. In some disease prevention books, the statement of fumigating vinegar is also mentioned. In fact, this is an exaggeration of the effect of vinegar. The vinegar we use in our daily life has a very low concentration of acetic acid, which cannot be disinfected or sterilized, nor can it play a role in preventing colds. On the contrary, the acid gas volatilized by smoked vinegar is irritating to the respiratory mucosa of the human body. If the concentration is too high and the time is too long, it will cause harm to the child's body. Therefore, the use of smoked vinegar to prevent colds is not worth the loss.

2. Raise your head when you have a nosebleed

When it comes to how to deal with a child's nosebleed, parents must say in unison: "Look up! Raise your head!" But parents What we don't know is that a child died of suffocation because he raised his head to stop a nosebleed! A 3-year-old child had a nosebleed, and the parents asked him to lift his head to stop the bleeding. As a result, the coagulated blood clot blocked the child's trachea, causing difficulty in breathing and suffocation! Nosebleeds in children are common clinical symptoms. Dry weather, nasal inflammation, allergies, and collisions can all cause nosebleeds. When the child has a nosebleed, the parent should first keep the child in the correct position, lean forward slightly, keep the head slightly lower, open the mouth, breathe through the mouth, and spit out the blood flowing to the throat at the same time. In addition, parents can also pinch the sides of the nose with their fingers, let the child breathe through the mouth, and press for about ten minutes. If the bleeding is heavy and the above methods cannot stop the bleeding, parents should send the child to the doctor immediately.

Three, silverware boiled water to reduce fever

Silverware boiled water, drink it to reduce fever! Did it subvert your cognition? Not to mention, there are really parents who have tried it for their children. A baby boy in Fujian who was not a month old suddenly had a fever, and his family even boiled water for the child to drink with a silver bracelet. As a result, the baby boy developed a lot of rashes, and the parents rushed to send the child to the doctor, but the child died unfortunately! Parents are ignorant, and it is innocent and immature children who pay the bill in the end. As a parent, it is necessary to know the correct way to deal with a child's fever:
  • When the child's body temperature exceeds 38°C and the mental state is good, parents can physically cool down, such as wearing less clothes and covering less quilt, and let the child naturally dissipate heat.
  • When your child has a fever and is lethargic, you can take antipyretics. If the fever persists within 12 hours, or if your hands and feet are cold, vomiting, or short of breath, seek medical attention immediately.
It is important to note that infants under 3 months should immediately seek medical attention if they have a fever.

Four. Rat boil oil and apply scald

Use mouse to boil oil to treat scald! I believe everyone will drop their jaws when they see the title. But at the end of last year, the grandmother of a child in Henan used mice to boil oil, mashed it into a meat paste, and then applied it to the child's scalded skin! As a result, the child became seriously infected and was admitted to the intensive care unit. Burns are a relatively common accident in life. If it is not a particularly serious burn, most people will choose to deal with it on their own instead of seeking medical attention immediately. The practice of applying toothpaste and soy sauce has also become a folk remedies passed down by word of mouth, but in fact, such practices will cause secondary damage to the skin. The correct emergency measures can be summarized as "one flush, two off, three caps and four deliveries", specifically:
  • One flush: Immediately after scalding, rinse the scalded area with running clean cold water for 20 minutes, usually tap water is sufficient. . If the pain is obvious, you can also add ice cubes to the cold water to soak.
  • Two off: Be careful to take off the clothing covering the wound. When it is not convenient to take off the whole piece, use scissors to cut the wound and the surrounding clothing.
  • Three covers: After completing the above steps, cover the wound with sterile gauze, or use a clean cotton cloth instead.
  • Four delivery: send to the doctor for further treatment.

Five, drink vinegar to soften the throat, or swallow the staple food

When the child gets stuck on the fishbone, many parents will drink vinegar for the child Or swallow the staple food, which is absolutely the wrong way to handle it. First of all, the time the vinegar stays in the throat is very short, and it has no effect on softening the fishbone at all. Secondly, the fishbone is stuck on the superficial mucosa of the throat. At this time, when the staple food is swallowed forcefully, the pressure is likely to make the fishbone pierce deeper and cause local mucosal swelling and bleeding. If a child is caught by a small fishbone, parents can try to remove it with tweezers or use the Heimlich maneuver. However, it should be noted that the Heimlich maneuver can only be applied to children over 1 year old. If it is a big fishbone or the location cannot be determined, parents should not hesitate and send to the doctor as soon as possible. There are many difficulties on the road to parenting. The problems of pitting babies are more than the above. The child's body is very delicate. When parents are at a loss, parents should not try some so-called home remedies, and must put science and safety first!
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