Doctor of Educational Management Mom: 8 Words to Tell Your Children When Going to School, Worth Learning from Parents

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Doctor of Educational Management Mom: 8 Words to Tell Your Children When Going to School, Worth Learning from Parents

Text | Jing Ma's annual school season, the entrance of the kindergarten is a piece of Aihong! The child was reluctant to go to school, and cried at the door to go home. When parents heard their child's cry, their eyes were red, and some parents even cried even more sadly than their children! But this is a process. As Long Yingtai wrote: The so-called father-daughter-mother-son just means that your fate with them is in this life and this world, watching his back gradually drift away, watching them disappear at the bend of the path, and They tell you with their backs: Don't chase! Parents need guidance and help during critical periods in their children's lives. A doctor of education management in Shandong has studied educational psychology and parent-child communication for 16 years. She told her son 8 sentences when he was in school! The short 8 sentences condensed the expectations of parents as a mother, a pedagogical practitioner, and a psychology practitioner for their children when they go to school. It also pointed out the right path for the children and reduced the children's confusion and helplessness when they went to school. .

A mother with a doctorate in education administration, 8 sentences for her children before going to school, which are worth learning by parents

Sentence 1: School is not At home, don't expect everyone to like you like your parents do, but you don't need to please others, just be yourself. This sentence tells children that parents' love for their children is unconditional love! And in a place where there are no parents at school, others are not obligated to treat you unconditionally. So when people don't like you, know that it's normal because they're not your parents. This sentence also tells the child that there is no need to please others because you want others to like them, this will make you very sad and unhappy, just be yourself! Avoid children from forming a "pleasant personality". The second sentence: Don't be stubborn. You can seek the help of teachers or classmates for things you can't do. No one can understand everything. They are invincible in the world. Everyone has their own weaknesses and strengths. After school, we are a group. If we can't do it ourselves, we can ask for the help of classmates or teachers. This actually allows us to form a group consciousness in kindergarten, so that children know what they can't do and can apply for help from others. Asking for help from others is not the behavior of the weak, but seeking truth from facts to make yourself better. The third sentence: You must thank others for helping you in time. Even if it is a small thing, you must have a grateful heart. Although some people have ordinary abilities, they can mix well in society. This is very likely It is because he has a grateful heart, and he is very grateful for some help from others, so he is more likely to meet noble people. A child with a grateful heart has a softer heart and is more able to get help from others. Children have a grateful and compassionate heart from kindergarten. When such children grow up, they are more likely to get help from others. Fourth sentence: If someone rejects you, don't be discouraged. Everyone has the right to reject what they don't want to do. It doesn't mean that he doesn't like your child's life as a group at school. For example, the child wants this toy, but Others also want to play, so they reject the child. At this time, if parents tell their children this sentence, the children will understand that it is very normal for others to reject them. In this way, the child's heart can be quickly calmed down, instead of going to the horns and feeling that the students don't like him, and the teacher doesn't like him. And can calmly accept the rejection of others, you can also reject others. Fifth sentence: It is important to obey the rules, but compared with your safety, it can be broken, nothing is more important than your safety. The pillar is about to fall, you should walk away immediately and report to the teacher. Tell your child to put life safety first! For example, when a child is participating in a competition, the teacher may ask the child to persevere to the end, but if the child is injured during the competition, the child should be told to give up, and the safety of life should be the first priority. The sixth sentence: Friends learn to appreciate praise, and others will make you many friends. Everyone wants to be praised by others, and if you want to be praised by others, then you should also use some beautiful words to praise others. So let children learn to praise classmates and teachers, such children are more likely to be welcomed and liked by others. Sentence 7: The books you study hard today are not for the sake of your parents, but for the sake of not compromising and getting what you want smoothly in the future. It is really hard work. Many children feel that they have to sit in class. It is really tiring to do homework after class without being able to move. Many times, parents pressure their children to go to school, but parents have to tell their children that reading is not for their parents, but for their own future. If you suffer from studying today, you will be able to suffer less in life in the future. Let your children know that reading is for their own sake, because there are decades in life, but the time you spend studying is only ten years. The investment in these ten years can make you not so hard in the next few decades, and you can get more respect, this is a very cost-effective investment. The eighth sentence: Respect the teacher, but the teacher is not absolutely correct. You can have your own ideas, you can study and verify carefully, and finally get the answer you want. The authority of the teacher is unshakable in the mind of the child, but the teacher It is also human, and human beings can make mistakes. Therefore, parents should also tell their children that it is necessary to respect the teacher, but if they feel that the teacher has done something wrong, they can come back to discuss with their parents, and also seek answers by themselves. Before the child goes to kindergarten and primary school, these 8 sentences tell the child that your child is more likely to be like a duck to water in school, more likely to be welcomed by teachers and classmates, and more likely to become a school master. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete) For more exciting content, please click: kindergarten lunch break, the teacher accidentally touched the child's pocket, after reporting to the principal: leave the kindergarten, baby 2 and a half and 3 years old go to kindergarten What's the difference? Visitors: 2 and a half years old can only leave the park
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