Why doesn't the baby hold revenge after being yelled at? If you know the reason, you don't want to yell anymore

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Why doesn't the baby hold revenge after being yelled at? If you know the reason, you don't want to yell anymore

Introduction: Many parents lose their temper with their children, but they actually regard the baby as a trash can for their own emotions. Obviously, they have accumulated too many grievances and dissatisfaction in their work and life. By criticizing the child's pretext, all the bad emotions are vented on the child. Once when I was tutoring Dabao with homework, he would make me drink water and go to the bathroom again. At this time, Erbao came over and asked me to tell the story of the picture book. I yelled at Erbao angrily and tore up Dabao's workbook. The two children were scared to tears. Er Bao cried and stretched out his hands and said aggrievedly, "Mother hugs me." Seeing the state of the two children, I feel very guilty. I was in a bad mood after a busy day, and I shouldn't let my children out. I stretched out my hands and hugged the two children, and I couldn't help but shed tears. Many mothers have encountered such a situation. After yelling at the child, the baby cried and begged to be hugged by the mother, and the old mother felt very regretful. Sometimes parents are really tired, just when the children come to make trouble again and cause trouble. Of course the old mother would be angry. Taking this opportunity to reprimand the child, adults cannot control their emotions, and innocent children become recipients of bad emotions. The child has just been yelled at by his mother, why does he ask his mother to hug him? Is it because babies don't hold grudges?

Children love their mothers more than they think

It's not that children don't hold grudges, they cry after being yelled at by their mothers He stretched out his hand and begged his mother to hug him. Because in the hearts of children, the mother is the person who can give them a sense of security. Mothers are the whole world of children. They will tell their mothers everything they have. Whether they are happy or sad, children will keep talking to their mothers every day. Especially children before the age of 6 are full of trust and dependence on their mothers. When the children are reprimanded by their parents, they are very panicked in their hearts, and they are afraid of losing their dear mother, so they will ask their mother to hug them at the first time.

The older the child, the further away he is from his parents

Many parent-child relationships become more and more nuanced as they age, especially those entering adolescence Children do not want to communicate with their parents. Because at an early age, the roar of the parents slowly pushed the baby away. A colleague said that his heart is very distant from his mother, because he grew up with his mother's reprimands. Even when he grew up, he felt a shadow in his heart and was not so close to his mother. Now that she is a mother herself, in the process of parenting, she will communicate with the baby in a rational way. For example, the number of snacks every time, sleep on time every day, the child is very obedient and obedient, and he has not become a mother who only uses violence to suppress the child. Many adolescent children are particularly rebellious and do not like to communicate with adults. Most of the reasons are because parents often use violence to control violence since childhood, so the distance between children and their parents is alienated when they grow up.

Parents should not always lose their temper with their children, they should learn to control their emotions

Yu Minhong said that parents can control their emotions and communicate rationally with their children, so that children can develop Peace of mind, calm in the face of difficulties and setbacks. A mother said that her eldest treasure was just 4 years old and her second treasure was just over 3 months old. Every night when I went to bed, the boss cried and looked for his mother. The old mother has to take care of the second child and tell the eldest bedtime stories, even though she has said many things that children can understand. Dabao still has to stay by his mother's side and not go to see his grandma. Several times she angrily made Dabao cry, and she felt very regretful when she watched the child burst into tears. Parents should control themselves and not let their children take the trash can of adults' bad emotions. Parents should make changes, so-called yelling will not solve the problem. Every child has a different personality and should be taught in accordance with their aptitude. Parents should adjust their mentality and guide their children correctly. The way of punishment can be proposed by the children themselves. If the child makes a mistake, the parent's roar will only make things worse. On the surface, the child seems to be obedient and obedient, but this is a way to treat the symptoms and not the root cause. The best way to do this is to allow your child to bear the consequences of their mistakes. You should know what went wrong and how to correct it.

Families want to help take care of the children

My neighbor, Mrs. Wang, said that it was a lot of hard work for me to bring the baby by myself. I don't want to yell, but I've said it many times. Patiently reminding again and again, even taking half a day to talk to the child about one thing has no effect. We all know that you should be patient on the way to parenting, and you should not beat or scold your child, but no matter what you say, it is useless. Only by roaring or even beating can you make the child be honest and obedient. Raising children has never been a mother's job alone. The family should help take care of the baby more, especially the baby dad. If the children's grandparents, grandparents and grandparents have time to help take care of them, many times, the mother's pressure is too great, which will lead to emotional out of control. Especially Bao Dad always feels that he is under a lot of pressure to work hard every day, and he has no idea of ​​the hard work behind bringing a baby. Mothers have suffered a lot with their babies alone, shed a lot of tears, and even went to the bathroom to hold their babies. Dad should share more for Mom, pay attention to the growth of the child, and don't put the burden of parenting on Mom alone. Conclusion: Parents should learn to control their emotions. Roaring education may destroy a child. Don’t let the baby cry and beg for hugs. Let the baby greet every day with a bright smile. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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