A 2000-word letter written by a father to a rebellious child after school starts (please read it to the child)

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A 2000-word letter written by a father to a rebellious child after school starts (please read it to the child)

Author: Uncle Fan

Source: Dushu Youfan (ID: dushu259)

To my favorite child: Finally, school starts . Dad thought about it for a long time and wrote you this letter. There are three reasons: 1. Now is the key point of your growth, and it is the best time for you to start to understand the world and make rapid progress. 2. I don't want you to be a nerd who only focuses on grades, and I don't want you to be a scumbag who only cares about having fun, not making progress, and accomplishing nothing. 3. No one will take the initiative to tell you these words except your parents. About learning to learn is painful, but it is worth enjoying. Doing a good job in academic performance is actually only the most basic part of learning. If you hate it, it is because you are afraid of the loss of each grade, because of the gap after comparing with your classmates. So please believe that the best way to overcome this disgust is definitely not to escape and exclude. Instead, do your best to prepare and wait for the next exam to prove yourself. Your current grade is determined by your previous efforts, and your current efforts are for the next grade. But in addition to academic performance, we also hope that you will read more classics and popular science dry goods other than textbooks. Dad bought you a lot of books, and if you need anything else, I can provide you with them, but only if you're actually reading them. My child, I hope you enjoy studying without being afraid of the pain it brings. I hope you pay attention to every test, but you are not limited to the high and low scores. Read more books, master more knowledge, and become a learned person, this is what you are most proud of. I have always liked a saying about play: learn to learn, and play to play. You don't have to be distracted when you study, and you don't have to be so burdened when you play. I don't exclude you from playing games, but I hate you playing games all the time. Occasional entertainment is normal. We all need to relax and rest at the right time, but when you take playing games and watching TV shows as the main theme of your study and life, it is too much. Let's make an agreement: everyone must finish their studies and work before they can play mobile phones, watch TV, and play games, and at most half an hour a day, weekends and holidays can be extended appropriately. Mom and Dad take the lead, you have to follow. Regarding rebellion, my father doesn't want you to be an obedient and good boy, even if you are not obedient, my mother and I have a terrible headache. I know that children of your age will more or less want to rebel against their parents, sometimes with a reason, and sometimes without a reason. Children, we don't want to use parental authority to oppress you. That's not necessary. Instead, it will make you feel more aggrieved, want to resist, and make it easier to do things that make us worry. You are not too young, and you should know what you can and cannot do. If your purpose is just to make your parents worry and worry, it's really unnecessary. Because if something happens to you, we must be more scared, more anxious, and more self-blaming than you might guess. So, baby, if you have any objections to us, you are welcome to raise them, and my mother and I will try our best to meet reasonable needs. Regarding the evaluator who has always lived in the evaluation of others, we are, and so are you. Whoever doesn't talk about it later, whoever doesn't talk about it before, don't be afraid of those gossips and unthinking evaluations. No matter whether you say you are good or bad, you don't need to care. Instead, you can find friends who really have the same frequency as you from these evaluations. You should listen to objective and rational advice, and good advice is good for your deeds. Some words, no matter how unpleasant they are, should not be too ostracized as long as they are helpful to your growth. Hypocritical praise and contemptuous derogation will go with the wind. Those words are all rubbish. You can have no dreams about goals, but you must have goals. Goals lead you to progress and guide you forward. For now, your main goal is to get good grades and get into a good school with more resources. All other secondary goals must be carried out on the premise of completing the main goal, such as falling in love, such as playing games, and let’s put them aside for the time being. At each stage, set a small goal for yourself and achieve it again and again. Don't be afraid of hard work, too much homework, and great pressure. There is no easy road to the goal, but only the bad road is the uphill road. About making friends is like investing. If your friends are always accustomed to asking for something from you, and seldom give it, please break up with them. Why are you always advised to associate with great people, because no matter how far your friendship is, you can learn something from each other. As the saying goes, those who are close to ink are black and those who are close to Zhu are red. This is the truth. But the premise of all this is that you also have values ​​that are worthy of being paid and approached by others, such as your excellent strength, your unique personality, and your sincere way of dealing with others. Before making friends, choose your friends carefully. After making friends, don’t just abandon your friends because they are worthless, and don’t deliberately flatter your friends because they are excellent. Handle the relationship between you equally, and you must help when it’s time to help. Bottom line on life on the bottom line: Don't overspend. Mom and Dad's money is not blown by the wind. Coveting the vanity brought by famous brands does not prove how good you are, but looks childish and tacky. The bottom line of being a human being: don't overdo it when you are kind. Saying good to everyone is not the good guy, but the coward. Have the courage to refuse those who ask you again and again, and the courage to fight back against those who have made progress. Bottom line on your body: Don't give anyone the chance to hurt you, including yourself. Protect your body, cherish the one-time life, and always be the first. It is normal for family members to be together and bump into each other. Maybe we sometimes scold you for being ruthless, forcing you to study hard all day long. But child, the only people in this world who can give unconditionally to you are your parents, and there is no one else who can reason with you. All our accusations, helplessness, persecution, and education are for the purpose of making you grow up healthy. Maybe there's something wrong with the way, but you're a first-time child, and we're also first-time parents, and no one is professional. As long as you remember, your family will always be your most indestructible backing. We love you for no reason. Crying, laughing, tired, annoyed, and wronged, all remember to go home. ——Love Your Dad Author: Uncle Fan. Source: Reading Youfan (ID: dushu259), a beautiful morning light, accompany you to read. There are books published with authorization, please contact the author for reprinting.
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