Before the age of one, parents grasp the five critical periods of their children to make the baby's brain develop faster

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Before the age of one, parents grasp the five critical periods of their children to make the baby's brain develop faster

Wen|Mother Ying Many mothers are very impressed by the first time their child turns over, sits up for the first time, stands up for the first time, learns to walk for the first time, and calls their father or mother for the first time. This is indeed the child's growth. The different milestones that development goes through! But for the children's big movements, the development of language is a relatively visual critical period, parents have observed. In fact, the child still has some hidden critical periods, these critical periods imply the development of the child's brain! #讀 Zero Zero Plan# If parents seize these critical periods of their children's brain development, they can better stimulate their children's brains, which will help their children's brains develop better and more mature, and make their children's IQs higher!

Before the child is one year old, keep in mind the 5 key periods, homeopathic exercise to stimulate the child's IQ

0~3 months: light During the critical period, many parents like to close the curtains tightly when the child is sleeping. In fact, the child's eyes have already experienced light in the fetal period. Because we have a prenatal education called light in the fetal period, the flashlight shines through the mother's belly into the womb, and some children will respond. So the child's eyesight can feel the light. When the child is 0 to 3 months old, do not let the child stay in a gray room all day long! It is recommended that children open the curtains slightly when they sleep during the day, so that the children can feel the natural light. The light is very helpful for the stimulation of children's vision and brain stimulation. Taking children out to play more during the day and seeing the color of objects under natural light is also a good stimulus for children. It can also create a pink-blue, pink-green, and pink gradient environment for children, which is more conducive to children's understanding of light and the development of children's brains. ★4~8 months: In the sensitive period of taste, the child starts to secrete saliva at about three months. By the age of 4 months, the secretion of saliva is very large, and the child often drools. This is actually because the child's salivary glands begin to develop, and the child's taste buds become sensitive. At this time, some children are already very excited about the scene of their parents eating, and even start to grab their mother's food to eat. It is recommended that the best period for children to add complementary food is 4 to 8 months, the earliest is no earlier than 4 months, and the latest is no later than 8 months. That's because this time is the sensitive period of the child's taste buds. This is the best time to add new food to the child. If it is added too early, the child will not be interested in the food, he is unwilling to eat it, and the child's stomach will be aggravated. burden. If it is added too late, it will miss the sensitive period of the child's taste buds, which will affect the addition of complementary foods to the child, resulting in the child's picky eating and anorexia. 4~12 months: During the critical period of oral development, many parents will find that after the child reaches 4 months, he especially likes to eat hands, and when he gets tired of eating with his hands, he will eat his own little feet, or even the ones his parents give him. Any kind of toy, he can put it in his mouth to chew. That's because this is the sensitive period of the child's oral cavity. His oral cavity is very sensitive. He can feel the world through his mouth. What kind of taste can he feel when he bites something in his mouth, is it soft or hard? And is it big or small? That kind of feeling is transmitted to his brain, so that his brain can analyze what shape the object is. This is actually an important way for children to understand the world. Therefore, when the child is in the oral sensitive period, the little fingers, little feet and toys that the parents give the child to eat only need to be washed and let the child eat casually. If parents prevent their children from eating, they will not only miss the opportunity to stimulate the brain during this sensitive period, but also cause the children to start chewing their fingers when the parents have no way to stop them in adulthood. So be sure to let your child eat happily and eat enough. Moreover, the complementary foods prepared for children should also be from soft to hard, from one to many, which can better stimulate the child's mouth. ★0~12 months: Why is it recommended to give birth naturally during the critical period of tactile development? Not only because natural birth is the most natural way of production, but also because the natural birth of a child, his whole body skin can be squeezed by the birth canal, which can actually greatly satisfy the child's sense of security and help the development of the child's sense of touch. After the child is born, it is recommended that the mother can touch the child every day. The mother looks at the child while touching, and has eye contact and language communication with the child, so as to better help the child develop his sense of touch. When the child is young, parents should hug and touch the child more, which can develop the child's sense of touch and promote the child's sense of security. ★6~12 months: The critical period for the development of upper arm movement. Most children start to learn to sit at 5 months, and they can sit upright at 6 months. When the child can sit upright, his upper arm will be very flexible. For example, a child likes to throw things and hit people with his hands. This is actually his upper arm exercise. Parents can let the child play with more toys. The child should not scold the child for throwing the toy, but let the child throw the toy back into the box. . This actually allows the child's upper arm to be exercised. The child's upper arm is well exercised, his major movements develop better, and his hand-eye coordination ability is also stronger, which is helpful for brain development. Many parents think that children should eat enough, drink enough, and sleep well before the age of one. In fact, there are still 5 sensitive periods before the child is one year old. Seizing these 5 sensitive periods can better guide, better stimulate the child's brain, and make the child smarter. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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