In autumn, mothers do this to help the baby's health and to increase the height of the child.

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In autumn, mothers do this to help the baby's health and to increase the height of the child.

The picture comes from the Internet. Summer slips away quietly, and autumn comes quietly. The autumn is high and the weather is cool, and the scorching sun swept away some time ago, which also made our mood a lot happy. This time is also the back-to-school season for children. After two months of long vacation, the children carried heavy schoolbags on their backs and entered the school hall with great vigour again. It is always beautiful to meet again. Children who have not seen each other for two months greet each other happily, hug each other in a good relationship, and then suddenly find that the little friends have grown a lot taller without knowing it. The picture comes from the Internet. Some parents are anxious. Why are other people's children still other people's children? The academic performance is "other people's children", and the height is also "other people's children". How can I help and cheer for my own children? We all know that spring is the season of growth, and it is also the period of the year when the height of children grows the fastest. What about autumn? Just "lay flat" and let it develop? This kind of thinking is a big mistake. Parents who do this in autumn can still help their children's health and height. The picture comes from the Internet

1. In autumn, it is the basis for height growth to ensure that children do not get sick.

In autumn, it is easiest to find The child, and the most affecting child's height growth, is nothing more than diarrhea in autumn. Autumn is the active and high-incidence period of rotavirus, which causes gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea and vomiting in babies, and it often takes a long time to get rid of it. During this period, the child does not want to eat, how can he grow taller? In addition, autumn is dry, and the baby is prone to constipation, which leads to a loss of appetite and memory loss, which is also a health problem that has to be guarded against. In addition, in the autumn, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and there are many climate changes, which cause the baby to dress and undress at the same time, thus increasing the chance of cold and sickness, and it is also a high incidence period of asthma. The picture comes from the Internet. To solve this problem, parents must ensure that their children drink more water in autumn, which is plain water instead of beverages. Drinking plenty of water can keep the mucous membrane moist and become an important line of defense against bacteria. Eat more fruits and vegetables, especially citrus fruits rich in vitamin C, which can increase the number of phagocytes, strengthen the vitality of cells, and at the same time establish and maintain mucosal and collagenous tissues to help babies grow healthily. There are also some dark orange fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A, such as mangoes, carrots, etc., which can maintain the integrity of epithelial cells and mucosal tissues, promote the production of white blood cells, and reduce infection. In order to enhance the child's immunity, the food in autumn should be mainly high-quality protein, and appropriately increase the food with high calorie content to increase physical fitness. Starting from diet is far more beneficial to children's growth than simply relying on drugs. The picture comes from the Internet

2. Enhance nutrition and supplement in time to help children's growth

Children's nutrition is a major event that should be paid attention to throughout the year, but There will be a different leap in the fall. This is because in the summer just experienced, because of the hot weather, the children's appetite has been greatly reduced; the high temperature and heat also make the children's sleep not guaranteed, so the autumn is a process of gradual recovery of the children's body, and it is also a part of the year. The children are full of appetite and take the initiative to supplement the season. Therefore, grains (including rice and wheat products), eggs, animal meat, poultry, fish, beans or soy products, fresh vegetables and fruits, milk and other dairy products, etc., are arranged for children! It should be noted that do not force children to eat, and do not eat a full meal every day. The key is the right amount at the right time. The picture comes from the Internet

3. If you want your child to grow up healthily and grow taller, how can you do without the power of exercise?

Autumn is the season from warm to cold, which is the best time to exercise children's physique and enhance their ability to resist the cold. Through exercise, the child's own physique can be improved, and it is also beneficial to meet the coming winter cold, and at the same time, the baby's stomach and digestive system will gradually become stronger. In addition, studies have shown that children under the age of 13 who get along with older siblings or children in childcare institutions at a young age are less likely to suffer from asthma in the future. Outdoor activities are a good choice. By contacting other children and being exposed to the source of infection, it can stimulate the child's immune response, strengthen his immune system, and reduce asthma, asthma, etc. caused by reacting to allergens. The picture comes from the Internet

4. Cold resistance training, prepare for winter, and cheer for health

When the temperature changes slightly, immediately Clothes for children create a constant temperature environment. Without cold and cool exercise, it is easy for children to catch a cold. The child's body temperature is slightly higher than that of adults. The sun is strong and the activity is large. If you wear too thick, the baby will sweat. If you don't change into dry clothes in time, you won't get sick. Therefore, starting cold-resistant exercise at the beginning of autumn is an effective method to improve children's sensitivity to cold. Wash your hands and face with cold water first, then gradually wipe your body with a cold towel, and then try to take a shower with cold water. The time should be fast and the training should be moderate. When the child can't stand it, stop in time. Haste is not enough. The picture comes from the Internet. In a word, properly exercising the child's ability to keep warm, balanced nutrition, effective exercise, improving the child's physical fitness, and enhancing the child's natural immunity are an important part of the child's autumn health care, and it is also an important part of the child's health. High base.
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