The ex-husband transfers child support to the baby, and his attitude annoys Bao's mother, but the person who came over said "it would be good to give it"

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The ex-husband transfers child support to the baby, and his attitude annoys Bao's mother, but the person who came over said "it would be good to give it"

The standard of child support after divorce usually accounts for 20% to 30% of the non-supporter's fixed salary, and it can be appropriately increased for families with multiple births, but generally does not exceed 50% of the income. It is obvious to all to see how high the cost of raising a child is nowadays. It is very difficult for couples in many families to earn enough money to raise a child, not to mention single-parent families. During the divorce, the two parties negotiated how much alimony will be given to the child each month, in the belief that the life of the subsequent child will be guaranteed. In fact, many people with children receive little or no child support each month.

My ex-husband transferred 1,200 alimony, and was complained by Baoma as "disgusting"

A single mother in Jiangsu shared her The conversation with her ex-husband seemed normal at first, but her ex-husband's follow-up remarks made her feel a little "disgusting". At first, the ex-husband asked how much the son's school tuition was, and then transferred 1,200 yuan in the middle of the night, saying that he would transfer these first this month and make up the rest. It's still normal here, but the next words made Bao Mom very helpless. The ex-husband said that he should send him the receipt of the tuition fee, otherwise he would bear it himself. The money given is not enough to pay for the tuition, and the tone is so strong that many people express their incomprehension. Bao Ma was also very angry, even if there was no receipt, the living expenses should not be bad, but Bao Ma had already predicted and used to it. Bao Ma not only left the list of tuition fees, but also the receipts for daily shopping expenses, and saved several small bags. Bao's mother sent all the documents to her ex-husband as required, but the other party questioned that the documents belonged to her daughter, and the process was really bumpy.

The ex-husband angered the mother, but came over and said: It would be good if you can give it.

There is no standard for child support after divorce. The amount is usually determined according to the agreement at the time, the actual needs of the child, as well as the affordability and actual living standard of the party paying the child support. This single mother is raising two children by herself, and the cost will be relatively large. The ex-husband needs to pay more child support. Many people who come here are not surprised by the situation of this treasure mother. When Tang mother sees the attitude of most people, it will be good if you can give it. There are many single mothers and fathers who say that it is too common for ex-wife and ex-husband to give living expenses and less. Bao Ma has received at least 1,200 yuan this month. Many people find it difficult to get 500 yuan a month. Even some people have not received 1 cent of alimony for several years after their divorce.

Would it be nice to have money? Why some people are reluctant to pay child support after divorce

Netizens are not exaggerating. There are similar single-parent families around Tang Mom. Some not only do not pay child support, but also disappear at every turn. Not only are some men unwilling to pay child support, but some women who do not live with children also behave similarly, for the following reasons. It is true that there is no money, and it is difficult for them to survive. Some people pay little or no alimony. It is indeed because they have no money. I had no savings, and I lost my job and changed jobs over and over again, making it difficult for me to survive. Usually in this case, the person with the child will not chase too hard and is willing to give the other person some time, unless it is too long or deliberately withheld. Those who are rich but don’t want to be responsible are the most irritating people. Their conditions are not bad, but they don’t want to give their children a penny more. To put it bluntly, they just don’t want to be responsible. They didn't want children when they divorced, and they were even more unwilling to fulfill their parenting obligations after divorce, making the person who raised the child angry and helpless. People who "worry" too much when giving child support don't give too little living expenses, but they don't give too much, because they are worried that the money they give, their ex-husbands and ex-wives may spend on others. In addition, there is another kind of psychology that feels that oneself is more "at a disadvantage". Divorce may mean that the children will not be able to support themselves in the future, so they are reluctant to pay too much alimony. Having said that, after all the calculations and concerns between adults, the final result must be borne by the children, and child support must be guaranteed.

It is an obligation to transfer child support, how can I be more secure?

Few people will go to court with their ex-wife and ex-husband because of child support. Most of them are like the previous treasure mother, when the other party does not exist at all, but there can be more effective ways. For those who have concerns, you can ask him to send the child's tuition fees directly to the school, and be careful not to pull back and forth and delay to make the teacher embarrassed. In addition, alimony can be paid in one lump sum up to the age of adulthood, or it can be paid in one lump sum for one year, three months, etc., according to the actual situation. For exes who evade responsibility and refuse to pay support, they can take up legal weapons to protect themselves and their children, and children cannot be allowed to pay for the divorce of adults. Candy's mother said in her heart: since she gave birth to a child, she should be responsible for him, and the adult divorced, but the obligation to raise the child still exists. "It's good to give it" is not a standard, but a helpless move. Just because the one who raises the child is not noisy or has low demands, there is a fluke mentality. [Today's topic] What do you think of this treasure mother's ex-husband's approach? #headline creation challenge#
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