After the child is one year old, parents should keep in mind "7 more and 2 avoid", which will help the baby's brain development

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After the child is one year old, parents should keep in mind "7 more and 2 avoid", which will help the baby's brain development

Wen|Jing Ma Many parents will find that their children will be more sensible after the age of one. That is because the child's brain development has reached a new level. When the weight of his brain reaches a certain level, there will be more neuron connections between the brains. Therefore, parents should give their children more brain stimulation, give them a sense of security, and let their children learn in a stable, safe and educational process.

If you want your children to be smarter and raise them after the age of one, you must keep in mind the "seven more than two avoidance"

First, talk to your children more Playing with toys, such as some building blocks, can exercise children's hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and sense of achievement. This is very important for children's brain stimulation, which can avoid children's sensory integration problems and widen children's brain channels. And when playing with blocks or other toys, it can also improve children's creativity. 2. Hug the child more Some parents feel that the child is sensible when he is one year old, so he can't be sticky. In fact, a child over one year old still needs his mother's arms. When he falls while walking, when he encounters terrible things, he will come back to his mother's arms as soon as possible. For him, the mother's embrace is his warmest harbor. At this time, the mother often hugs and kisses the child, which can help the child establish a sense of security and happiness. 3. Chat more. Most children start to learn to speak some simple words after they are one year old, and in the process of learning to speak, children need a lot of language stimulation, so that the part of the child's brain that learns language can remember more languages. learn to speak more. At this time, it is even suggested that if there are multiple languages ​​in the home, you can chat with the child at the same time. The child's language learning ability is particularly strong, and he can accept the stimulation of different languages. For example, the grandmother speaks Chaoshan dialect, the mother speaks Mandarin, and the father speaks English to the child. Although the child speaks slower than other children, when the child goes to kindergarten, he will be very proficient in mastering these three languages. 4. More reading can be the mother reading picture books with the children. Picture books are mainly books that help stimulate the children's brains and teach children the truth. The pictures in these picture books are a kind of stimulation to the child's brain, and can also exercise the child's sense of beauty, and the simple words can also be remembered by the child and listened to with relish. Five, more music The child is over one year old, you can let the child listen to some gentle and beautiful music. Because children who are more than one year old have weak emotional control ability, listening to some calm music for children will help children learn to control their emotions, and also allow children to learn better with stable emotions. Six. Guiding children who are more than one year old is ignorant and needs parental guidance in all aspects. For example, when a child wants to play with a knife, tell him that the knife is very sharp and can easily scratch the skin. You can choose a knife that is not too sharp for the child, let the child cut vegetables with the parents, and let the child feel the effect of the knife . When children see fire, tell them that fire can burn us, and give them some corresponding safety education. At the same time, when the child is crying and sad, guide the child to express their feelings more. Parents should not beat and scold their children lightly, but should always give guidance to their children and teach them the rules. Seven, more fixed children more than one year old, to help him develop good habits, children eat, sleep, rest time at night is best fixed. This is conducive to the establishment of a stable biological clock for the child, and also makes the child's brain more active when playing, and the brain gets enough rest when sleeping, which is conducive to the child's brain development.

In addition to the above "more than 7", parents should do two things to avoid and make their children healthier

The first : Avoid using food as an encouragement Now many children like to eat snacks, parents often use food to encourage their children in order to increase their enthusiasm. This is not conducive to the development of the child's brain, nor to the health of the child's body. Instead, it is recommended to use verbal praise and hugs as encouragement for the child's good behavior. No. 2: Avoid bad childhood experiences in children. For example, parents quarreling in front of their children, or parents quarreling in front of their children, will lead to bad experiences in children's childhood, which will cause children's mental pressure to stimulate the child's brain, which is not conducive to the child's brain. development. After the child is one year old, parents should keep in mind "seven more than two avoidance" in order to make the child smarter. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete) For more exciting content, please click: Children who watch TV and do not watch TV since childhood, do not need 7 years, the gap in these 7 aspects is getting bigger and bigger Twin brothers love to drink breakfast Milk, one loves to drink pure milk, the gap becomes bigger after 6 years old
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