"New type of marriage" is quietly popular in the city, no dowry is required, and the second child takes the mother's surname

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"New type of marriage" is quietly popular in the city, no dowry is required, and the second child takes the mother's surname

Text|Jing Ma 01 Jing Ma has a cousin who is very keen to be a matchmaker for others, because now the money for matchmakers in rural areas has reached 10,000 yuan. You must know that if you go to the county to do some odd jobs, it is 1,000 or 2,000 yuan a month. , so 10,000 yuan is indeed a lot! And the bride price in the countryside has been given 30,000 or even 50,000, but there are still many bachelors in the countryside! On this side, the bride price is getting higher and higher in the countryside, while in the city on the other side, the bride price is gradually becoming less popular. 02 Some time ago, I talked with a friend that she doesn't ask the man to give much dowry when she gets married, and she doesn't want to give the dowry, but asks the man's income to be slightly higher than her own, and requires the man's job to be more expensive. Promising. After all, the bride price and dowry are one-off, and this man's work is long-term. Moreover, she said that many colleagues and girlfriends around her have this idea. Talking about the bride price can easily hurt feelings, so don't talk about it at all. Since there is no dowry, then after marriage, the two couples can work together to provide for the house, and both of them can use the money in one place, or how much each person should give each month for their household, mainly AA, and the rest can be used by themselves. The most important thing is that after marriage, you can consider having two children, the first with the father's surname and the second with the mother's surname, so that everyone is equivalent to getting married and living together, and there is no concept of "who will marry whom". It is still very popular in big cities now. After all, there are many people in big cities who are only children themselves. If they are only daughters, they also hope that the children have the same surname as themselves. Such a "new type of marriage" is not uncommon in big cities! But in fact, I don't think it's a bad habit to ask for a dowry. Because the relationship between men and women will not be too equal, women need to undertake a very important task after marriage, that is, to have children. It is necessary to know that pregnancy is a great burden on women's bodies.

What does pregnancy and childbirth mean to mothers? Born to know how to be grateful

  • All kinds of physical discomfort during pregnancy
Early pregnancy vomiting, unable to eat, and some severe vomiting , Even drinking water will vomit. Originally pregnant should gain weight, but many pregnant mothers lose weight in the first trimester. During pregnancy, mothers may also experience back pain, inability to eat, sleep well, frequent urination, hemorrhoids, sensitive nose, inconvenient walking and other pregnancy discomforts. When a mother is pregnant, all nutrients will be given priority to the child. When the nutrition she takes in is not enough, for example, the calcium supplement is not enough, it will be given priority to the fetus, and the mother will have cramps, backache, etc. Happening.
  • Uncomfortable delivery
Whether it is a natural birth or a cesarean section, it is a torment for mothers. The pain of vaginal opening is like breaking 10 of your ribs at the same time, and the pain is getting more and more painful! Even if it is said that there is painless childbirth now, but painless childbirth is not completely painless, but the pain is slightly relieved. Although the caesarean section did not feel pain at first with anesthesia, it will be very painful after giving birth. These easy movements such as getting out of bed and toilet will be extremely painful for postpartum mothers.
  • The embarrassment of pregnancy and childbirth
When you are pregnant, you are in a meeting and you have to urinate and raise your hand to go to the toilet, or the leader is talking and asks you When you agree, suddenly you can't help but fart, which is really embarrassing. During childbirth, the nurse will check the degree of cervix opening, such as two or three fingers. This requires an internal examination. Although this process is not very painful, it is indeed embarrassing. Before giving birth, skin preparation is required, and anesthesia is administered during childbirth. It is very likely that the anesthesiologist is a male doctor. Mothers who give birth naturally may also experience things like urinating and urinating first, and then the baby follows, each of which is extremely embarrassing to carry. So every man should cherish his wife and love the one who bears children for you. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete) For more exciting content, please click: "Before it's too late, have a second child!" Improve the welfare of the second child in many places, and you can enjoy the release of the second child for four years when preparing for pregnancy. The three gaps between "second child" and "single-child" families are becoming more and more obvious
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