Leukemia "targets" rural children, doctors: environmental pollution and junk food to blame

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Leukemia "targets" rural children, doctors: environmental pollution and junk food to blame

Text | Mother Ying "I'm sorry, Mom, I'm sick or leukemia. They say that the harder you work, the happier you will be. I thought you could get closer to happiness if you go to university or graduate school, but it turns out that my hard work has brought this family. There are only hardships and despair!" This is a letter from Li Zhen, the protagonist of the second season of "Letters Like a Face", to his mother. He is very hardworking and talented, but he got leukemia before he can report back to his mother. The "National Children's Cancer Surveillance Annual Report 2020" shows that the proportion of leukemia cases in children with tumors monitored is the highest, as high as 57.21%. Ying's mother has a classmate's cousin who works in the oncology department of the Southern Hospital. He mentioned that working in their hospital is very depressing. Many parents bring their children here to see a doctor. a lot of money. Originally, some leukemias could be cured slowly through treatment, but the family was too poor and did not have so much money. After a course of treatment, they went home. And many of these people are rural people! And he found that there are more children with leukemia in rural areas. Journal "China Oncology": Gansu Province has done a related survey and found that the incidence of leukemia in rural areas is 1.52 times that in urban areas! The cousin of the classmate is also a rural person. He mentioned that in fact, the pollution in the countryside is too serious. In addition, most of the snacks in the canteen are fake and shoddy products. These are all harmful to the child's body, all of which are leukemia. etiology.

Why does leukemia target rural children? These reasons are very realistic and helpless.

The first reason: Pesticide pollution The New England Journal of Medicine proposed a new disease name "rural leukemia" for the increasing incidence of leukemia caused by pesticides. Studies have found that 40% to 45% of leukemia patients in rural areas are caused by pesticides. After spraying pesticides, many people in rural areas wash pesticide bottles directly in the river, or throw discarded pesticide bottles directly into the river. Many rural people drink water from underground rivers, and these pesticides will also enter the water they drink. Pesticide residues have a certain impact on physiological activity, as well as on the nervous system and blood system. It will also reduce the body's immunity. ability. Some studies have found that the benzene derivatives in some pesticides have a significant destructive effect on the human hematopoietic system, affecting the proliferation of white blood cells, causing mutations and causing leukemia. Moreover, many farmers also use a lot of highly toxic pesticides, such as glyphosate, as well as various promoters, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers, in order to pursue high yield and save trouble. These will affect the environment and indirectly affect human health. Health, and the child's immune system is relatively weak, it will be more likely to affect the child. The second reason: there are many counterfeit and shoddy products in the commissary. The snacks in the commissary in rural areas are all additives and snacks with more pigments. There are also many fake and shoddy products! In 2014, Peng Yala, an associate professor at the School of Agriculture and Rural Development of Renmin University of China, conducted a three-year follow-up study on the nutrition and food safety of rural children. It was found that in Jiangxi, Hunan, Hebei, Sichuan and other rural areas, there are many low-quality snacks, the manufacturer's address, and telephone information are false, and the proportion is as high as 30%. For example, "Big White Rabbit Toffee", you may see a "Little White Rabbit Toffee" in the countryside. "Snickers" You may see a "golden bar" or a "nick bar" in the countryside. "Master Kang instant noodles" may be what you see is "Kang Shuaifu". These fake and shoddy products often contain a lot of additives. Experts analyzed the spicy strips that children like to eat and found that some products contain as many as 22 kinds of chemical additives, and many products have excessive sodium and even bacteria. Too many food additives can also stimulate the child's immune system, affecting the blood system and causing leukemia. There are also more livestock such as chickens, ducks, geese and cattle in rural areas, as well as small creatures such as mice and cockroaches. They will carry disease-causing viruses and may cause leukemia. When rural people build houses, the building materials used are generally cheaper, and after the house is built, there may be no ventilation and air, so they go in and live. The formaldehyde exceeds the standard and the benzene exceeds the standard, which can also lead to leukemia. In addition, the medical conditions in rural areas are relatively poor, and it is difficult to see the reason for the child's discomfort when he goes to the hospital.

So what?

As a rural area, we must also protect the environment, and the pesticides used must be safe and degradable by the state. For snacks for children, it is best to go to the big supermarket in the county to buy them, and you can't let your children eat them, you can eat some occasionally. Although leukemia is not an incurable disease, it can really lead to family bankruptcy when treated, and every family should pay attention. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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