"The Beast Returns to the Cage" delights the parents, jumping up and down to send the baby, child: So will love disappear?

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"The Beast Returns to the Cage" delights the parents, jumping up and down to send the baby, child: So will love disappear?

China Youth Daily conducted a survey of 2013 parents of primary school students, and the results showed that only 68.3% of parents could spend more time with their children during the holidays. The school season is here, Tang Mom sees that the parents in the circle of friends seem to be in a good mood, and sighs: finally liberated. After a long summer vacation, many parents and children have begun to "get tired of seeing each other for life". Finally, when the "God Beast Returns to the Cage", the parent's mood became obvious.

Parents jump up and down to send their children to kindergarten without any intention of staying

When the kindergarten opens every year, there will be two states parents. After the parents of the new students reluctantly send their children away, they will cling to the school door or window to observe their children, worrying that the children will keep crying and looking for them. On the contrary, the parents of the "old students" were very happy when they sent their children in. After handing the children to the teacher, they turned around and left quickly without any intention of stopping. In a kindergarten in Yulin, Guangxi, a male parent trotted in carrying his child, delivered the child safely, bowed to the teacher, and trotted away. Another parent held the baby in one hand and carried the luggage in the other. After entering the kindergarten, he threw the luggage directly, "threw" the child out gently, and ran away without looking back. People who don't have kids may feel that these parents don't love their kids because it's too much of a pose. People with children understand this kind of mood, it is more like a joke between parents and children. How can parents not want their children? It's just that most parents have jobs and their children are naughty at home than in kindergartens and schools, so they look forward to their children starting school.

The return of the beast to the cage is bad for parents. Why do children perform better at school than at home?

When the child is in kindergarten, can he hold back from running around, eat by himself very happily, and after getting used to it, he will not cry and make trouble often, but when he is at home on vacation, he will be mischievous and become another person? The main reasons are as follows. 1. The school has strict study and rest time. Children are more free at home, but in school, they must strictly observe the class time and rest time. Failure to observe discipline may be criticized and punished. When you are at home during the holidays, your work and rest time and meal time become random. If you don't go to school every day, your child will completely relax, which is bound to be different from the performance in school. 2. There are many classmates in the school, and the atmosphere is in place. Children are easily driven by the behavior of other children in a collective environment. When I see everyone eating deliciously, I have an appetite; when I see a good student being praised by the teacher, I will become more proactive. During the holidays, children are alone at home, and they can't do anything without the atmosphere. Without fun, they may become obsessed with mobile phones or computers. However, all jokes are jokes. Children's better performance in kindergarten is also related to psychological factors. Mo's jokes hurt children.

Children are happily sent to school by parents: so is love gone?

Children not only do well in school, but also seem to become obedient and pay attention to their actions when facing strangers and unfamiliar environments when they are not around their parents. In fact, it is because the child's heart does not have a 100% sense of security that he restrains his behavior. He is subconsciously sure that even if his parents criticize him when he is naughty, he will not abandon him, but he does not have such confidence in front of others. For a child who is outgoing and often jokes with his parents, he may feel that it is a particularly happy thing to be sent to school by his parents. But for sensitive children, there may be a feeling of being abandoned and disliked, and will feel sad and afraid of the parent's behavior. Therefore, parents should pay attention to the scale of jokes, otherwise the child's inner thoughts will become: "So, will love disappear"? I even questioned that my parents didn't love me anymore. Whether new or old, going from vacation mode to happy mode, there will be some discomfort. If the joke is over on the day of school, it will cause children to resist kindergarten.

The love for the children will not disappear after the school starts, and the sense of the ceremony of picking up the baby cannot be missed

After many years, I recall that the children are at home on vacation. A period of time is a rare time for parents and children to get along, often in a state of tiredness and happiness. As a parent, Sugar Mom fully understands that everyone may be tossed by their children during this holiday, but thinking about how their children are criticized every day, life is not easy. It is best to keep a regular schedule and eating habits with your baby during the holidays. It is not only a good habit for the child, but also beneficial to the body, and it is easier for parents to bring it. After school starts, when you show that you are very excited about your child going to school, you should also tell your child that his parents will wait for him to leave school at home, and the sense of ceremony for picking up the child cannot be missed. Candy's mother said in her heart: There have been many separations between parents and children, and going to kindergarten is the beginning of the most formal separation. Parents are indeed relieved after school starts, but it will not disappear for their children. [Today's topic] How do you feel when your children start school?
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