Brain research has confirmed that it is true that the more children scold, the more stupid they become! Some parents' education is "toxic"

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Brain research has confirmed that it is true that the more children scold, the more stupid they become! Some parents' education is "toxic"

Professor Martin A. Teicher has studied children's brain development. He found that children who have been attacked by their parents' language for a long time have a gray matter volume of 14% in the left superior temporal gyrus of the brain in adulthood, making it difficult for them to reach normal language and intelligence levels. Many habits of pre-primary children have not yet been formed, which may be the stage when their parents are most frequently scolded. Parents hope to use their own harshness and criticism in exchange for their children to become excellent, and even want to "scold" their children sober, but they find that the more anxious the parents are, the more unsatisfactory the children are.

Children are often scolded, and parents complain about his "not long-term memory"

Sugar mother sends her child to school, she can always wait for the school bus I heard some parents yelling at their children, and what they said was a bit ugly. "You are the most dawdling in a day. Everyone else has gone out and you haven't finished eating. It's not ashamed." "Are you stupid? You can wear your clothes upside down. You can't do such a simple thing well when you go to elementary school, and it's useless." There are even more nasty things that Sugar Mom will not narrate. Every time I listen to it next to me, I feel very stressed, but observing the children being scolded is calm. A parent and I once complained about her son. The little boy didn’t have a long memory when he was scolded every day. Nowadays, most parents do not beat their children, but there is still an obvious misunderstanding in the way of education - yelling at and scolding children. Children's brains are constantly developing. Improper parental education is "toxic" to the children's brains. Most children are not "unforgettable" after being scolded, but the more stupid they become.

It's true that children "swear more and more stupid"! Parents, don't believe

Dr. Yang Yuankui, School of Biological Sciences and Medical Engineering, Southeast University, has conducted research on the emotional development of children and adolescents through long-term brain science, psychology and education. The results of the study confirmed that improper education methods are "toxic" to the brains of children, and children may indeed be "the more scolded the more stupid". Many parents are prone to anger and excitement when disciplining their children, and suddenly their voices rise several times and shout out. Parents think that this can better remind the child that it actually constitutes a "fear stimulus" for the child. Stimulation does not allow children to respond quickly to execute commands, and the response of the prefrontal lobe is stimulated, but instead makes children show 3 very "stupid" behaviors. The first is fighting behavior. When the child is scolded or yelled at, he loses his temper, weeps, or even acts aggressively. Parents often feel that the child is confused and beat and scold in a more violent way. The second is the avoidance behavior. Children know that they are not as powerful as their parents, so they simply choose to avoid them, and selectively “silence” the parents’ unpleasant words. The third situation is being "frightened" when the parent suddenly raises the volume and yells at the child, or scolds the child in the face, and the child's brain is likely to go blank after being stimulated. At this time, he may not really hear what the parents are saying. Parents will feel very angry when they experience these situations, but in the final analysis, these are the child's stress response after being stimulated, and it is also his way of self-protection.

How can I prevent my child from scolding and becoming stupid? Pay attention to the following ways

The prefrontal lobe is the intellectual brain of the child and affects planning, judgment and decision-making. When the child is subjected to "fear stimulation", the self-protection mechanism of the frontal lobe will cause it to be in a short-term "dead state". Occasionally one or two times will not affect the child. If the frontal lobe of the child's brain is in a state of "fear stimulation" for a long time, a series of abilities will inevitably be affected, causing them to become more and more stupid. To prevent children from becoming more and more stupid, parents play a very important role. Pay attention to the following things in order to communicate effectively with children. 1) The "instructions" given to the children are simple and clear. The common instruction methods of parents are vague and send multiple instructions at a time. Sometimes the children do not listen, but do not understand or do not know how to do it. For example: Be good, be quiet, the child can't master the degree of whispering; "Wash your hands after putting away the toys, and then prepare for dinner. The child is confused by this kind of instruction, unable to do it, and simply gives up. With superfluous criticism, it is more efficient to disassemble a series of instructions and tell the children one by one, and the cooperation between the children and us is better. 2) Reasonably arrange the time and wait for the child's "current task" to end. The child is not disobedient, but It's because they are more likely to focus on one thing, and they don't want to be interrupted if they don't finish. Little Candy likes to draw, and every time she doesn't finish drawing, she won't eat. Parents can help children plan a reasonable time slowly , if there is no urgent matter, wait for the child to complete the current "task" before letting him do the next one.

Don't It is not too late to educate children about "toxic".

Someone interviewed 216 elementary school students, and 76.8% of them were interested in learning. It can be seen that the proportion of children who do not like learning is not He is very young, but this does not mean that he has no future in the future. Parents' anxiety and irritability often come from comparison and impatience. They do not want their children to be compared at the beginning, and hope that their children will grow up and progress quickly. But every child has Your own growth rhythm, parents' requirements are often considered from the perspective of adults. What adults think is simple may be very difficult for children. All parents' evaluations of their children can easily trigger the "label effect", and the more they scold their children. The more timid and stupid children approach this label. Coupled with the dual role of the frontal lobe of the brain, there will be a phenomenon of more and more scolding, and the child is not as bad as the parents see it. When grasping the child's shortcomings, It is also necessary to be good at discovering the bright spots in children, and let the children themselves grow and progress as a reference. The candy mother said in her heart: If you always scold your children and yell at them before, it is too late to make changes now. Opening the above "toxic" education to children's brains, ensuring that children have a regular diet, balanced nutrition, and good sleep in life are all conducive to brain development and prevent children from becoming more and more stupid. [Today's topic] There are people who often scold children around them. Parents? How did the children react?
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