When a 3-year-old baby is constipated, these 8 kinds of foods should not be eaten.

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When a 3-year-old baby is constipated, these 8 kinds of foods should not be eaten.

When your baby starts solid food, constipation follows them like a cold, always around them. Many parents, due to lack of parenting experience, think that there is a problem with what they eat when they see constipation. In fact, there are many reasons for children's constipation, and eating is only one of them. Although diet is only one of the many factors that cause constipation, the baby must pay attention to the diet during the constipation period. Unsuitable food will aggravate the child's constipation problem, causing the child to eat more and more and not come out.

3 common causes of constipation in babies before the age of 3

Studies found that constipation in babies is closely related to intestinal discomfort,9 Babies with constipation are related to diet and psychological factors, and 10% are related to diseases. Here we only cover factors related to psychology and diet. 1. The 6-month-old baby who drinks less water will start to eat complementary food, and the amount of milk will be reduced accordingly. If the baby is not hydrated in time at this time, it will cause the baby's body to lack water, which will easily cause intestinal dryness, Peristalsis fatigue, constipation occurs. When mothers make complementary foods for their babies, they must pay attention to the addition of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, especially vegetables, sweet potatoes, kiwis and other ingredients. 2. Quitting diapers When quitting diapers, many babies are too sensitive, nervous, afraid of being scolded by their parents, and they dare not talk when they want to go to the toilet. They gradually develop the bad habit of holding back stools, which can also lead to constipation. Parents should not be too strict when weaning their children from diapers. They should use a gradual method to guide and relieve children's nervous and fearful emotions, which is very beneficial to relieve constipation. 3. When the child is just entering the kindergarten or entering the school, because of the change of work and rest time, he has to face new classmates and new teachers, and the baby is nervous and fearful. In addition to the unfamiliar environment, the child's lack of self-care ability, inability or daring to go to the toilet will also make the child develop the bad habit of holding back the stool, so entering the kindergarten and school is also another peak of the child's constipation.

8 kinds of foods that children must not eat when they are constipated

1. White rice When children are constipated, they can eat brown rice, but not white rice. This is because the dietary fiber content of the two types of rice is very different. A cup of brown rice contains 8g of dietary fiber, while white rice has only 4g. Eating too much white rice can cause your child's stool to lack water and become dry, hard, and difficult to pass. 2. White bread White bread, like white rice, is a processed food. In the process of making white flour, wheat first removes the bran and germ containing dietary fiber, so it also increases the risk of constipation in children. 3. Burgers The fast food we eat every day not only does not contain dietary fiber, but also contains a lot of fat and sodium, which can easily aggravate the problem of constipation in children, especially the hamburgers, hot dogs, and processed cooked foods that children love to eat. 4. Candy Children love to eat candy, but they don’t know that candy has no dietary fiber at all, and also contains high sugar content, which will lead to excessive stomach acid in children, prolong the digestion time of food, and reduce the speed of intestinal peristalsis. aggravate the problem of constipation. 5. Cheese Pizza and pasta that children love to eat contain a lot of cheese, which contains a lot of calcium and protein, and does not contain dietary fiber, which is harmful to the improvement of children's constipation. 6. Ice cream Similar to candy, ice cream is also one of the foods with high sugar and no dietary fiber. It cannot help children's gastrointestinal motility and improve digestion. Therefore, children with constipation problems should not eat ice cream. 7. Fried chicken French fries and fried chicken are one of children's favorite foods. Little do they know that fried foods contain higher fat, salt and sugar, and less dietary fiber, which is extremely difficult to digest. If a child with constipation often eats fried foods, it will not only affect digestion, but also increase the risk of constipation and overweight. 8. Bananas When a child is constipated, many parents will let their children eat bananas, because we all know that bananas have a laxative effect. In fact, not all bananas have such miraculous effects, only ripe bananas. If children eat underripe bananas, the tannic acid in green bananas will inhibit gastric acid secretion and aggravate the problem of constipation.
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