One of the two brothers loves watching TV and the other loves listening to stories. In less than 10 years, the gap is getting bigger and bigger.

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One of the two brothers loves watching TV and the other loves listening to stories. In less than 10 years, the gap is getting bigger and bigger.

Wen|Jing Ma Chen Han and Chen Hao are two brothers, their father is a soldier in the army, and their mother also does a small business. She is usually busy and doesn't have much time to manage the two brothers. When I was young, my grandmother helped me. Later, my grandmother got sick and went back to my hometown. My mother could only do business while taking the brothers with her. It is precisely because their parents are relatively busy that the two brothers were able to become independent very early. When they were young, their mother only prepared meals for them, and they played at home by themselves. #Childcare Office# Brother Chen Han especially likes to watch TV, while younger brother Chen Hao likes to listen to stories. My mother adjusted all the video platforms in the house to teenager mode in advance, and what my brother Chen Han could see was some interesting knowledge of teenagers. As for the younger brother Chen Hao, his mother bought him Uncle Kai's storytelling membership, and he can listen to many stories inside. #Knowledge audio is very popular in summer# The two brothers' hobbies and hobbies have not changed much, but as they grow up and go to elementary school, the changes of the two brothers are getting bigger and bigger.

One ​​of the two brothers watched TV and the other listened to stories when they were young, and the gap became bigger and bigger when they went to primary school

The first gap: Self-control brother Chen Han told him to stop playing mobile phones because he usually watched short videos. He still played secretly, and his self-control ability was relatively poor. After going to elementary school, he was more active. The teacher said that he was prone to inattention and weak self-control. Brother Chen Hao usually likes to listen to stories. Sometimes he falls asleep while listening to stories. He has a strong self-control ability. During class, the teacher said that he is more focused. The second gap: learning ability Brother Chen Hao usually likes to watch short videos on his mobile phone, so his brain can concentrate for a short time, and he is easily distracted when studying, so his learning ability will be weaker. As for the younger brother Chen Hao, because he mainly listened to stories when he was a child, his attention was not affected very much, his learning ability was also stronger, and his academic performance was better than his brother's. The third gap: vision condition. Brother Chen Hao put on glasses when he was in the third grade, while his younger brother was still in the fifth grade of primary school. During the physical examination, his vision was still 5.0, which was very good. Therefore, children often use their eyes to look at mobile phones, tablets, and TV, which will indeed damage children's eyesight. A study found that children who play mobile phones for 20 minutes continuously have an average visual acuity of 43.8 degrees of myopia; play an iPad for 20 minutes, and their visual acuity decreases by 41.7 degrees of myopia; In particular, mobile phones and tablets with small screens are more harmful to eyesight. The fourth gap: the child's language ability. When he was a child, his elder brother Chen Han preferred to talk, while his younger brother Chen Hao was more introverted and did not like to talk. Later, because my brother Chen Han was addicted to playing with mobile phones, he didn't like talking. As for the younger brother Chen Hao, because he listens to the story, he has the desire to retell the story for adults, so he likes to tell the story he heard to others. Slowly, the language ability of the younger brother Chen Hao is much stronger than that of the elder brother. When I was in the third grade of elementary school, when the teacher asked me to write a composition, my brother's composition score was better than my brother's. So now parents have no way to let their children leave their mobile phones, so they can consider letting their children listen to some rich audio programs on their mobile phones. The data from iiMedia Research also shows that in 2022, the online audio market will increase by 41.8% year-on-year, and listening to stories has become a way for many children to learn knowledge. Our child didn't like brushing his teeth before, but after listening to stories about brushing his teeth, he slowly accepted it. Sometimes we even see him sleepy and want to sleep, so we don't brush his teeth. When we put him on the bed, he wakes up and says, "Mom, I need to get up and brush my teeth, otherwise all my teeth will be bitten off by worms." Many children have learned to wash their hands before meals and after using the toilet through listening to stories. Such hygiene habits, such as "Uncle Kai's Story", "Ivy League Dad" and other audio programs, have a lot of content about children's learning. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete) For more exciting content, please click: "Grandma, I don't want to watch TV, I want to go out to play", children who love listening to stories have learned to protect their eyes "If you don't watch TV, I will always Cry!" Dad: Come on, don't stop crying! The child reacts
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