The culprit of the child's "mouth full of rotten teeth" is not sugar, but eating the wrong fruit

time:2023-02-07 author:Cry
The culprit of the child's "mouth full of rotten teeth" is not sugar, but eating the wrong fruit

Text | Ying's mother has a two-year-old boy in Wuhan who is always favored by his grandmother, and has been feeding him soft and rotten rice paste and porridge. Therefore, when eating apples and pears, which are slightly harder fruits, the children do not like to eat them, because they are afraid of trouble, and the family is afraid that the children will be malnourished. You can only eat 1/4 of the fruit, but if you make it into juice, you can eat one or even two fruit juice. Grandma is also very happy and makes juice for the child every day. Slowly, the parents found that the child's teeth seemed to be a little darker. The parents thought that the child's teeth were not brushed cleanly, because they did not usually give the child candy, and felt that the child's diet was very careful. Later, when he was more than two years old, the child complained of a toothache, so he took the child to the stomatology department of Wuhan No. 1 Hospital to see it. Rong Gang, director of the Department of Stomatology, learned that the child does not usually have the habit of eating sugar, but drinking fruit juice every day found the culprit of the child's mouth full of rotten teeth, mainly because of drinking fruit juice. You must know that the dietary guidelines for Chinese residents recommend that children eat vegetables and fruits every day. Fruits are also nutritious foods for children, because fruits also contain a lot of vitamins and dietary fiber. Vitamins are indispensable for children's growth and development, and dietary fiber can prevent children from constipation. It is indeed an indispensable food, but many parents do not give their children the right kind of food. I feel that the child is too young and the teeth are not sharp enough, chewing the fruit too slowly or eating too little, so I want to make the fruit into juice for the child to drink. I don’t know that such an action will destroy the nutrition of the fruit, but it will also damage the child’s teeth. .

Fruits turned into juices are not good for children's health, parents should not take it seriously

★ Fruits turned into juices lead to sugars into free sugars After the fruit is squeezed into juice, the cell walls surrounding the sugar are destroyed, and the fructose and glucose in the fruit will be released, so eating the fruit does not feel sweet, but when we drink the juice, it will feel very sweet, because the sugar inside is released. And free sugars are more likely to damage your child's teeth. ★Fruit turns into juice, which causes the dietary fiber to be destroyed. The dietary fiber in the fruit will not be destroyed if we chew it with our teeth, but the cell wall will be destroyed by the wall-breaking machine, and the dietary fiber inside will also be destroyed. Eating fruit can prevent constipation, but drinking fruit juice has no such effect, unless you drink too much and cause diarrhea. ★Fruit becomes fruit juice. Vitamin C will be destroyed. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin. It is easy to be destroyed when fruit is turned into fruit juice, and the water-soluble vitamins in it are also easily lost. After the fruit turns into juice, the sugar increases, the vitamins decrease, and the dietary fiber decreases. Drinking fruit juice often can easily damage the child's teeth, because the sugar will provide nutrients to the bacteria in the teeth after contacting the child's teeth, resulting in the rapid growth of bacteria. Large numbers of bacteria release acidic substances that cause the pH of the teeth to drop, which can lead to dental caries.

Giving fruit juice to children will not only cause dental caries, but also have these hazards

★You have to give your children to be obese If you eat apples alone, he may only eat 1/4, but if you squeeze apples into juice for your child, then maybe the child can only eat the juice caused by two apples, and his fructose intake will increase invisibly. Increased fructose can lead to obesity in children. Obesity is not a good thing for children, it will affect the child's mobility, and also affect the child's endocrine, resulting in precocious puberty and height growth. ★Causes children to be picky eaters and anorexia. Fruits have high sugar content. Some families even add some white sugar, so fruit juice is really delicious. Children who drink too much will feel that they don’t want to eat because there is a lot of water and sugar in fruit juice, which is easy to cause The child's picky eater and anorexia affect the child's intake of other foods, which is not conducive to the child's health. ★Drinking too much fruit can lead to gout. Recently, there was a 14-year-old boy in Zhengzhou who liked to drink freshly squeezed juice. He suddenly found that his feet were painful, his left thumb was red and itchy, and he couldn't even walk. Later, he went to the hospital and found that he was Gout, after a doctor's examination, found that it was due to drinking fruit juice. Therefore, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children should not drink fruit juice before the age of one. If children from one to six years old want to drink freshly squeezed fruit juice, it is enough to control 120 ml per day.
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