The "Top Ten Worst Snacks" list is released, soda, ice cream, and sausage are all on the list, which affects children's growth

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The "Top Ten Worst Snacks" list is released, soda, ice cream, and sausage are all on the list, which affects children's growth

Text | Jing Ma Snacks can be said to be an indispensable happiness for children's childhood! Eating the right snacks is good for children's health. After all, children's stomach capacity is relatively small, and three meals a day cannot meet children's nutritional needs. So add a little snack to him between meals to replenish calories, and if the snack is eaten correctly, it can also provide the child with high-quality protein. #Children grow taller like this# For example, give the child yogurt, drink milk, and eat some milk chips and cheese made of milk, which can supplement high-quality protein and calcium and help the child grow taller. Or give children some natural snacks such as corn and sweet potatoes, which can also supplement dietary fiber and calories. Eating some natural fruits, apples, grapes, etc. for children can supplement vitamins, and can also provide children with a certain amount of calories! But if you choose the wrong snacks for your child, it will hurt your child's spleen and stomach and affect your child's health! The nutrition department directors of 8 tertiary hospitals in Shanghai, Dalian, Beijing, Henan, Tianjin, Harbin and other places jointly selected the "Top 10 Worst Snacks!" The snacks that have an adverse effect on children's health and children grow taller Sorted, and these are the top 10 on this list.

The list of "Top Ten Worst Snacks" is released. French fries, ice cream, and sausages are all on the list.

The 1st: Potato chips French fries Although the raw material of French fries is potato, it is fried with oil, and because of the repeated use of these oils, it may contain the carcinogen "acrylamide". With fried potatoes, the heat is very high. No. 2: Sausage Sausages taste very fragrant after being roasted with fire or oil, but the real meat content is very small, and the salt content is very high, and even contains carcinogen nitrite. For children, we recommend eating a light diet. If the salt is too high, calcium and zinc will be brought out of our body when the sodium is excreted, which will affect the child's height and affect the child's gastrointestinal tract. No. 3: Fried chicken or chicken popcorn This is very common in fast food restaurants such as McDonald's and KFC. If parents take their children to eat this kind of junk food every day, the children will be prone to obesity, and they are prone to precocious puberty, causing long-term growth. Not a high risk! Because fried chicken, chicken popcorn is also a lot of fried food, high calorie and high fat, which can easily lead to obesity in children. No. 4: Egg yolk pie Egg yolk pie is considered a relatively healthy food by many parents because it is the egg yolk in the cake. In fact, egg yolk pie is a name for selling dog meat. The egg yolk contained in egg yolk pie is very small, mainly trans fatty acids, and a large amount of additives, which is not conducive to the health of children. In the latest "General Requirements for Children's Snacks", it is recommended that children's snacks should not contain trans fatty acids, which are harmful to children's health and affect their spleen and stomach health. No. 5: Soda, various carbonated beverages, Coca-Cola, these contain almost no nutrients, mainly sugar water, which is very high in calories and has many additives. Children eat it and it is easy to accelerate the loss of calcium, which is not conducive to growing taller. Moreover, these high-sugar beverages will make children not want to eat if they drink too much. Type 6: Durian Crisp Durian Crisp has a nice name, but it does not use fresh durian, but durian flavor, which is very high in sugar, high in fat, and very low in nutritional value. Children who often eat these kinds of snacks will make children unwilling to eat, affect the intake of nutrients, and affect the growth of children's height. Type 7: Ice Cream Most ice creams contain a lot of sugar, very high calories, and also contain fat and additives. Children are prone to obesity and poor appetite. No. 8: Pectin sugar, such as QQ sugar, the main raw material is actually glucose or fructose syrup. There are no other nutrients. Children who eat too much will easily damage their teeth and cause dental caries. , will affect the nutritional intake of children. Type 9: Jelly The main raw material of jelly is actually water, white sugar, and some sour agents, sweeteners, pigments, etc., that is, food without nutrition. Children feel delicious when they eat, but eating too much can easily damage their teeth, cause food accumulation, and affect height growth. No. 10: Although the main raw materials of plum, preserved fruit and candied fruit are fruits, but because they are dried fruits, the vitamins in them have disappeared, and a large amount of sugar and salt are mainly added, whether it is sugar or salt, which is harmful to children. The health benefits are not much. Therefore, if you want your child to grow taller with gastrointestinal health, the above 10 kinds of snacks should be avoided as much as possible, especially during the critical period of adolescence. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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