Don't be such a parent again, you hurt your child and don't even know it

time:2022-11-27 author:Baby bones
Don't be such a parent again, you hurt your child and don't even know it

Before starting a job, you need to obtain an employment certificate, and you need to read the manual before using the product. You can do everything in life with preparation, but raising children cannot be repeated. Some parents have worked hard for their children, and have no complaints at all for their children's hardships. They thought that this was good for their children, but they never thought that what the children wanted was far from these, and the parents' sacrifices to the children were "not appreciative" at all. And the child pointed at the nose and said "how can I have parents like you". Cui Cui's family was not particularly wealthy, but his parents worked hard to make Cui Cui live a good life. Parents even work day and night upside down in order to make more money. Although Cui Cui lives with his parents, he rarely sees his parents, and he lives with his grandparents more often. Cui Cui also expressed his feelings to his parents, he wanted to be with him, he didn't want the toys bought by his parents, and he didn't want to keep his parents busy all day. But Mom and Dad were all about life, and they didn't care about Cui Cui's voice at all. Gradually, Cui Cui got used to this kind of life. He suffered grievances and digested them alone. He completed his own affairs alone. Because Cui Cui felt that his parents didn't care about him at all. With the accumulation of time, Cui Cui has grown up, and the work of his parents has also changed. Now the living conditions are better, and my parents can also meet Cui Cui's requirements. However, the relationship between Cui Cui and his parents was extremely tense, and he often "fighted" over trivial matters. Mom and Dad were both soft and hard to Cui Cui, but Cui Cui didn't buy it at all. It was obvious that Cui Cui was full of resentment towards her parents, and it was very deep. Many parents feel that as long as they give their children a good life and let their children achieve financial freedom, it is love for their children. But parents ignore that when children are young, children don't know what money is at all? Compared with the so-called "good life" of parents, children need the company of parents more.

Can money make up for the lack of parental affection for their children?

When a child is young, it is the most critical period for parents to establish a relationship with their child. However, many parents feel that their children are young and ignorant anyway, and ignore this most critical period. Parents think that when their children grow up, as long as they give their children a good material life, the relationship between the children and their parents is as close. But this is not the case. The growth of children requires parental care, and money and toys have no temperature. And when the child is young, the child does not know what money is? There is no requirement for money. Parents should not always use money to measure their children's dependence on their parents. After the child grows up, the lack of emotion, the lack of character, as well as the values ​​and worldview developed by the child as a child, no amount of money parents can make up for it.

Is the child really ignorant? Is it possible without the company of parents?

I don't know what some parents think. They feel that the child has no memory when he is young, and the child is the same with everyone. When the children are young, let the children "stay behind", and some even let the children "remain under the fence". Parents who are not with their children will never know what their children are going through. When a child is not in a relationship with himself, parents should not blame the child, let alone kidnap them with morality. More should be considered, when the child needs his own, whether he has timely companionship. When the child encounters difficulties, do you have timely help? When the child needs guidance, do you guide yourself in time? Don't blame your child if you don't do it yourself! Children are small, but they have feelings. Parents are the closest people on a child's growth path. When you see that others are accompanied by their parents, and you are alone, maybe the child has already made up his mind at that time. My parents don't want me, and I don't want you either! Although the love of parents is great and selfless, it must be used in the right place. Don't let yourself become such a parent: 1. Only give money and not accompany many parents' love for their children is relatively narrow, and I failed to live a good life when I was a child. , a lifetime of suffering for money. Parents continue this feeling to their children, determined not to let their children worry about money. The child's demands are all solved with money, thinking that money can solve everything. In today's society, there are really many parents like this, and they let their children live a life of fine clothes and food, but the children never feel the slightest warmth, because in the children's life, apart from money, there is no other intersection with their parents. It is this kind of life that makes children lose themselves, and it is also because of money that they become enemies with their parents. Money is the spice of life. Having money can improve the quality of life, but money is not the whole of life. Parents should let money add luster to life, instead of making themselves and their children slaves to money. 2. Only complaining and not reflecting on the child's problems, parents are more complaining and blaming. When the child does not listen to the parent's advice, the parent will say: "Why are you like this child, I am doing this for your own good, I really don't know what to do." When children disagree with their parents, the parents will say: "I have traveled more than you have eaten, so where are you going? If you don't obey, you will suffer sooner or later." Parents always think of themselves, but never really put themselves in their shoes to think, why does the child become like this? Is it really a child's problem? If parents also learn to reflect, I believe that the relationship between children and parents will not be so rigid. As the saying goes, "there are no parents who don't love their children" and also "there are no children who don't love their parents". 3. Only material but not emotion. Always use material to measure emotion. The child cried and wanted parents to comfort them. Parents bought toys for the child. The child is in trouble and wants to be hugged by the parents, and the parents buy food for the child. The child won the prize and wanted to share the joy with the parents. The parents gave the child monetary rewards. Parents do not use material to interact with their children all the time, and never give their children emotional comfort. Gradually, the child also adapted, so that when the parent wanted to talk to the child about their emotions, the child also treated the parent in the same way. Conclusion: In the new era, parents can no longer use their previous ideas to educate their children. The educational concept of parents should also be updated in the progress of the times. Children are not afraid that their parents will update slowly, but they are afraid that their parents will remain the same. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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