Children withdrew after one failure, poor resistance to setbacks restricts life development, parents should pay attention to the cultivation of adversity quotient

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Children withdrew after one failure, poor resistance to setbacks restricts life development, parents should pay attention to the cultivation of adversity quotient

Ms. Wang signed up a lot of interest classes for her daughter who is in elementary school, but unfortunately, the little guy has not even cultivated a hobby. At first, Ms. Wang thought, "Children's talents and potentials need to be tapped. Only by letting them try more can they be able to give full play to themselves." But what Ms. Wang didn't expect was that her daughter has all the interests and hobbies. Showing "three minutes of enthusiasm", once the course of study increases some difficulty, the little guy becomes less interested. After communicating with the teacher of the interest class, Ms. Wang decided to go home and have a good talk with her daughter. "Are you not interested in the courses of the interest class, or do you feel that the courses are too difficult to study?" Ms. Wang asked her daughter a question in her heart. The little guy hesitated for a moment and said aggrievedly, "I originally thought that the course of the interest class was easy, but it becomes difficult to learn it. I'm afraid you will criticize me! If you still can't learn it in the end, it's better not to learn it at the beginning. That's it!" After listening to her daughter's words, Ms. Wang had mixed feelings in her heart. Obviously, the road to success is full of thorns, and if you shy away from the slightest obstacle, your child will never experience success. After much deliberation, Ms. Wang followed the advice of the teacher of the interest class. She chose one of the courses that her child was most interested in, and planned to accompany her to learn it together. Ms. Wang said to her daughter emotionally, "There will be setbacks in learning anything. As long as we work hard to cross these thresholds, we will naturally gain something. Mom will accompany you to overcome these difficulties in learning. If you have confidence, you should also have confidence in yourself!" The process of growing up a child is a process of trial and error, if parents neglect the cultivation of resilience in their children, it will easily lead to their inner weakness and inability to correct Consider your own ability level. Paying attention to the cultivation of children's inverse quotient can help them face up to setbacks and difficulties, and quickly withdraw from depression and negative emotions, which also makes children more competitive in the fierce social competition.

Why do children want to back down when they fail?

Children's minds are not yet mature, and they are prone to encounter some difficulties and setbacks in life without life experience. After hitting a wall, children are prone to frustration, and the frustration and loss brought about by failure make it easy for children to be swept up in negative emotions. In the fear of difficulties, children with poor resistance to setbacks are under enormous psychological pressure, which also makes them instinctively want to escape and withdraw. In the process of children growing up, if parents give them overprotection, it makes them easy to lack the tempering of difficulties and setbacks, which also makes them more vulnerable when they encounter failure. They lack failure experience, which invisibly magnifies the negative impact of failure, and they have poor resistance to setbacks and cannot accumulate experience from failure.

Poor resistance to setbacks restricts children's life development, high adversity quotient creates success

Children with resistance to setbacks are more resilient in their inner temperament, In the face of difficulties and setbacks, it is more able to have a stronger psychological endurance. In the fierce competition, children with poor resistance to setbacks are more likely to achieve counterattacks. Even when they are at a disadvantage, they can still have the possibility of a Jedi counterattack. It is impossible for a child's life to be smooth all the time. Parents pay attention to their adversarial quotient training earlier, which means they have mastered the key to improving their ability to resist setbacks. Nowadays, children grow up in better living conditions, which makes it easier for them to lose the courage and confidence to overcome setbacks and failures in a comfortable environment. High adversarial quotient gives children more possibilities for life choices, and also gives them more opportunities to realize their true self-worth. The super ability to resist setbacks gives children the confidence to achieve themselves, and also allows them to bounce back when they experience the bottom of the valley.

When children fail, how can parents seize the opportunity to cultivate inverse quotient?

1. Guide children to think rationally about winning and losing. There are many children who have a strong desire to win or lose in life, and they are more persistent in winning and losing. In fact, it is human nature to want to win, but a rational view of winning or losing will allow children to override the outcome of winning or losing. Correctly look at your performance when dealing with problems, evaluate your own ability level calmly and rationally, check for deficiencies in mistakes, and sharpen your temperament in failures. The correct concept of winning and losing is not only about winning. 2. Parents have a normal mind. Nowadays, the phenomenon of education involution is more common, which also makes parents easily disturbed by the psychology of education anxiety. If parents exaggerate the impact of winning and losing on their children, it will also cause children to shy away from failure and setbacks. Therefore, parents should be good role models and demonstrations for their children, and maintain a normal educational attitude in order to make their children become more and more courageous. 3. Help children find solutions after controlling their emotions. When children are coerced by negative emotions, no matter how much parents preach, they may fall on deaf ears. Therefore, parents should master the methods to guide their children to control their emotions, help children quickly get rid of negative emotions, and then find appropriate solutions to problems. It is normal for children to have a feeling of fear in their hearts, but if they can have the awareness of finding a solution, it will also be a breakthrough for their growth. In today's fierce social competition, even the best people will encounter countless setbacks and difficulties. Therefore, parents and children should not be perfectionists, and realizing self-transformation in the face of setbacks and failures is a life choice with high adversarial quotient. Conclusion: Adverse quotient determines the height of children's life in a sense, and children can have a broader life pattern without being limited by the setbacks and failures in front of them. When helping children build an immune system against setbacks, parents should also remain calm and not rush for success, cherish every opportunity to conduct adversarial quotient education, and believe that both parents and children will gain something. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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