Are the first women in Sheung Wan okay now? More than 30 years later, some people forget to take the ring

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Are the first women in Sheung Wan okay now? More than 30 years later, some people forget to take the ring

Going back more than 30 years, that was the era when family planning was set as a national policy. What is different from today's era is that most families in China had to practice birth control. Now the country has opened the two-child policy. The difference is that in those days, there was a fine for having too many births. After family planning was set as a national policy at that time, it can be said that it is semi-mandatory for the majority of women to use contraception. Although there are various methods of contraception, people have found that the birth control ring is more efficient, convenient, economical and reversible. . Compared with male sterilization, the reversibility of the birth control ring has become a common method of birth control for rural families. Relevant surveys show that 87% of women wear birth control rings. People are no longer passively going on the birth control ring because of policies. Now, 30 years have passed, how are those women in Sheung Wan now? Grandma Zhang, a 65-year-old in Guangdong, was one of the women who took the initiative to go to Sheung Wan 30 years ago. In response to the national policy, she remembered the experience of going to Sheung Wan in the village health center with her neighbors. Now she has not taken the ring for so many years. , I seem to have forgotten that there is an IUD in my body after all these years. Until one day, the postmenopausal woman discovered that her lower body was bleeding suddenly and her stomach was in severe pain. After she went to the hospital for an examination, she found out that the birth control ring she was wearing had grown into her flesh. Now it has to be taken out through surgery. Grandma Zhang has always been very strong until now, and she has never done a single operation. But I didn't expect to have surgery because of the birth control ring 30 years ago. And the doctor also said that the difficulty rate of removing the contraceptive ring has greatly increased for those who have been menopausal for more than two years. This operation is bound to be a very painful process. Grandma Zhang was very scared, but the birth control ring had to be taken out. Many women didn't tell them when they were wearing the ring, and they had to take the ring out. It was not until they got old and some discomfort symptoms appeared on the body that they found out that it was related to the birth control ring they were wearing. This made many women feel very painful.

What happened to the first women uploaded 30 years ago?

In those days, in response to national policies, they took the initiative to get on the ring, but women's health was never really taken seriously. At the expense of their bodies, although the fertility rate is controlled, it hurts the hearts of this generation of women. Some people's mothers work in formal units and undergo annual physical examinations, and can remove the sterilization rings they have worn within the specified time. These mothers are very lucky, they will find the birth control ring in their body before they feel discomfort. However, many mothers still found that when the sterilization ring was taken out, the ring was already stuck to the meat, and the process of taking it out was also very painful. In the previous era, there were not many literate people. Most of their mothers did not have jobs and were ordinary peasants. Since such women did not have relevant hygiene and health knowledge, no one taught them about the removal of sterilization rings. Time, so, this part of the person's IUD still stays in the body. Some people did not go to the hospital to check out the birth control ring until they felt unwell. And some people are still enduring it even if they feel discomfort, such as low back pain. Some women are lucky. Although the sterilization ring stayed in their bodies, despite their old age, the sterilization ring did not respond to their bodies at all. Since everyone's body sensing ability is different, this situation is more reasonable. Since there is no bad condition in the body, maintaining the current state is the choice of most people.

IUDs are easy to cause harm to women's bodies

It is not unreasonable that the IUD stands out among many contraceptive methods, precisely because it is efficient and economical, and can be reversed into many family choice. However, everyone only pays attention to the benefits brought by the birth control ring to the whole family, but ignores the harm caused by the birth control ring as a foreign body to the female body. It can be said that the family planning in the past was supported at the expense of the female body. After wearing a sterilization ring, there must be many gynecological diseases. Many women wear birth control rings and often suffer from backache and backache. Those with sensitive constitutions are more likely to induce gynecological diseases. Foreign bodies are not as simple as we think. Women must take care of their bodies. There are many ways of contraception, and there is no need to choose a contraceptive method that causes harm to your body. Tips: Wearing an IUD can also damage the uterus. As the wearing age increases, the uterus begins to atrophy, causing the IUD to fall off easily and move around in the uterus with the movement of the body. The hard IUD is more likely to hit the fragile uterus and embed in the uterine wall, causing serious damage to the uterus.

Which contraceptive methods are more in line with human health and more scientific?

1. Condoms. Condoms are definitely a safe and widely used contraceptive method, and it is also a very popular contraceptive method in modern times. This contraceptive method has almost no harm and side effects on the female body, and can also protect against various bacterial infections. 2. Ligation. Male ligation is also a more healthy contraceptive method, but because this method is irreversible, you must be mentally prepared before ligation. The impact on the body of men after ligation is much less than the impact of the birth control ring on the body of women. If you really love your partner and don't want to have offspring, choosing sterilization is also a good choice. 3. Oral contraceptives. Oral contraceptives are also a very popular form of contraception, but contraceptives are hormones that are not suitable for long-term use. After all, it is a three-point drug, and women's oral contraceptives hurt their own bodies. This method does not have the above two methods, and is more in line with human health. Conclusion: Due to the uniqueness of the female body structure, all contraceptive methods cause great harm. Whatever the reason, contraception should be limited. Life is hard-won, and everyone is obliged to take good care of their own health and that of their partner. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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