"Competing" with children on trivial things that are not right or wrong is the failure of parents

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"Competing" with children on trivial things that are not right or wrong is the failure of parents

The picture comes from the Internet and Xiaobao participated in a parent-child activity together. The content of the activity is very simple, that is, let the children make "fluid bears" by themselves, that is, to paint a white toy with beautiful colors according to the children's wishes. , parents can help, or they can just watch from the side. Of course I chose to watch from the side, watching Xiaobao cheerfully choose a Spider-Man model, and watching Xiaobao cheerfully take a bunch of paint ready to paint, I signaled to him, he reacted, and cheerfully I asked the teacher for a small apron and put it on by myself, and then started my "masterpiece" with full attention. The picture comes from a child of the same age sitting next to Xiaobao on the Internet. The child's mother is the opposite of me. She is next to the child, with a gentle voice and a smile. When the child chose a model, she first told the child that she could choose whatever she liked. When the child took a car, the mother suggested that the child should choose a bigger one, which was convenient for painting; the child went to pick up a teddy bear. , the mother said that there are many bears in the house, so let's change it; the child went to get a little princess, and the mother immediately teased that you are a little boy, how can you choose a girl's toy? In the end, the child stared blankly at the mother who chose a big lucky cat. The picture came from the Internet. Then the mother carefully put on disposable gloves and a small apron on the child, and took a few photos from different angles before starting to apply paint. Unsurprisingly, whenever the child chooses a color, the mother will have different suggestions. The cat's eyes must not be black, but blue is beautiful; the cat's skin must be golden, and the yellow can be lucky... During the whole process, the mother was gentle and used a suggested tone, but I still saw the child's lack of interest: "Mom, when are we going? I don't want to play anymore, it's boring." The picture is actually from the Internet. As a parent, on the principled issue of right and wrong, we really have to stick to it and not give in the slightest. This is to make our children grow up better and healthier. But there is no need to "compete" with children on some trivial things that are not right or wrong, and have to let children follow their parents' preferences or the public's aesthetic views. This kind of "competition" makes children's spiritual world always tense and suppressed. They cannot release their true self, and their personal will cannot develop normally. The picture is from the Internet

Parents' love for their children is not manifested in the fact that they always try to reason gently.

The most common result of always being reasonable is that parents feel "frustrated": look at this child, he doesn't listen to him, he is really mad at me! And the child feels "impatient": if you look at your parents, you know that nagging nagging nagging is really boring! The picture comes from the Internet

Parents' love for their children should be the first thing they should show is "respect".

Respect the child's wishes, understand the child's feelings, and accept the child's choice; even if the child may make more hardships and efforts for their own decision, it is their own growth in life. If parents want to have a child who is independent and grateful, then don't try to control the child's mind and make decisions for the child. In fact, parents who want to control their children are more because they do not have enough sense of security in their hearts. When it comes to parenting, they are always worried about their children, always worrying about them, and worrying everywhere, but the children do not appreciate it. The picture comes from the Internet Parents should believe that every child has all the abilities needed to make him have a successful and happy life, and the responsibility of parents is to help them release these abilities effectively, so as to develop more potential and let Children's lives are happier and more fulfilling, instead of always trying to escape from their parents and their original family.
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