Why is my baby's poop green?

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Why is my baby's poop green?

Many parents are very interested in the baby's stool, and they are always looking for abnormal places. Everyone also thinks that a baby's stool can only be golden yellow, and that green stool is "definitely" abnormal. Is that so? Let's take a look at why babies poop green


Every newborn has a Dark green or dark green stools for several days, then gradually lighten to yellow. Fetus is a phenomenon in which the amniotic fluid swallowed by a baby in the womb passes through the digestive tract.

Baby's diet

When babies eat green vegetables, such as spinach, they may have green stools, even breastfeeding mothers. Babies who eat green vegetables also have green stools.

Imbalance between foremilk and hindmilk

Foremilk is rich in lactose and hindmilk is rich in fat, when babies drink too much foremilk Without enough hindmilk, the body's lactase enzyme may not be able to digest too much lactose at once, resulting in green stools.


This is just an observed phenomenon with no scientific basis, maybe it is caused by swallowing too much saliva appeared in response to stimuli.

Intestinal infections

Viral gastroenteritis, such as rotavirus, may cause loose green stools.


Allergic reactions

< h1 class="pgc-h-decimal" data-index="08">jaundiceThe most common cause of jaundice is liver problems. If your child has green stools and yellow eyes, seek medical attention immediately. It can be seen that the vast majority of green stools are nothing to worry about. Seek medical attention if your child has green, watery stools with a fever, or persistent green stools.
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